Malik Kurdi: A Zealous Leader with an Innate Entrepreneurship Spirit

Malik Kurdi

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The dynamics of leadership have significantly changed over the past few years. The traditional definition of leadership, which is primarily encircled around managing the company and team, is slowly becoming obsolete with time. Today’s competitive business world demands leaders to be proactive while also keeping their eyes on the latest trends and opportunities.

Expressing his views on changing leadership styles, Malik Kurdi (Founder and CEO of Exemplary Marketing) says, “Leadership has changed over the years in a various amount of ways that being it has grown in ways where you have to make split-second decisions in a matter of seconds. If you are a leader, people look up to you and there is really no asking for help.” Malik is a dexterous leader who has been constantly striving for excellence and immensely contributing to the company’s growth.

Roots of Entrepreneurship

Since childhood, Malik always desired to operate his own business. After completing an associate degree in computer science, he decided to go on his own in the second year of his college. Realizing that college wasn’t for him, Malik took a risk and established Exemplary Marketing in 2015. With the establishment of the company, Malik desired to be in charge of his destiny and aims to provide a better life for his family.

A Troubleshooter Hub

Exemplary marketing is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency delivering a worldwide outstanding marketing solution. The company offers comprehensive solutions to various businesses around the globe. “Started in 2015 as a marketing agency, we gradually shifted over to the technological side of things,” says Malik.

Besides marketing solutions, Exemplary Marketing offers outstanding services like application design & development, blockchain development, kiosk development, etc.  The company’s team of experts is responsible for every provided solution’s security, reliability, and efficiency. Exemplary Marketing is more than a solution provider. It works as a troubleshooter hub for its clients’ every possible problem.

Multifaceted Services and Solutions

Exemplary Marketing’s services include every sort of social media strategies services. Alongside providing services and solutions, the company also focuses on optimizing its clients’ performance on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It also designs and develops eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing websites for its clients. From day-to-day social media management to advertising campaigns and website development, Exemplary Marketing is committed to helping its clients all the way through.

Here are some of the prominent services and solutions offered by the company.

  • Web Design:

The company creates unique UI/UX designs of websites that are attention-grabbing and have a user-friendly interface. The USP of these websites is that the interface is responsive and can be easily operated from any system.

  • SEO Services:

Exemplary Marketing provides tailor-made SEO services by analyzing the clients’ website content, mapping code, and keyword density to improve their presence on search engines.

  • Email Marketing:

The company creates engaging emails that entice the clients’ audience, ultimately helping them accelerate their sales cycle. It also designs newsletter and drip campaigns with compelling texts that prompt readers to click on the Add To Cart button.

  • App Development:

Exemplary Marketing provides its clients with the most competitive applications to meet all IT-related requirements. The company specializes in both iOS and Android based application development. Its experts work tirelessly to code and design a unique five-screen application to let the clients lead.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

The company has a team of AI experts who are well-versed in the area of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, etc. It shapes the clients’ business to an astute understanding of modern frameworks and business.

  • CRM:

Exemplary Marketing provides its clients with a fully integrated CRM that guarantees a future-proof digital transformation. The CRM lets them handle their customers more efficiently within a pocket-friendly offer.

  • SAAS:

The company delivers the clients with the most outstanding on-demand software to help their business grow. The clients get software that is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

A Robust Team

Exemplary Marketing has a team of skilled software developers, UX architects, designers, and QA engineers that are driven to produce impactful solutions for the clients’ business. The team has together delivered thousands of solutions for helping businesses expand at a rapid scale. The company understands the challenges of working with a remote team and thus it focuses on providing the employees with an experience that feels like home.

A successful team, however, is incomplete without a zealous leader. Alongside setting the company’s mission and vision, a leader must set an example by leading from the front. Exhibiting the ideal qualities of a modern leader, Malik helms the team of Exemplary Marketing. “As the CEO, my primary responsibility is ensuring the smooth running of all the operations from finance to workflow and marketing,” asserts Malik. For him, being a CEO is joyful and he really loves it.

Thriving amid Disruptions

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought several disruptions to the business world, thanks to the rapid shift towards remote operations and digital-based business strategies. While some companies were severely impacted by the shift, some managed to successfully adapt to the new normal and thrive. Exemplary Marketing was among the latter.

Unlike several other companies, the COVID-19 pandemic brought more business than ever for Exemplary Marketing. Thanks to people using their phones and computers extensively, the company witnessed more revenue and clients than in previous years. Heading into the pandemic, the company specialized in mobile application development and design. Enunciating the company’s current and future plans, Malik adds, “We are now getting into blockchain development and creating virtual reality.


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