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Cloud Computing is an incentive of modern technology and breakthrough innovations. Cloud has, therefore, become an integral part of IT companies and storage driven multinational businesses. It has credited companies with a competitive edge through cost effectiveness, mobility and apt utilization of resources. Companies all around the globe are using cloud based technologies to develop and grow at a rapid pace. One of the best applications of Cloud is in the test and development environment.

MageCloud is a web development company, specializing in Magento ecommerce development. Using own PaaS for open source e-commerce company; making Magento more accessible to businesses and developers.

Founded in 2014, MageCloud allows business owners to transcend the technological boundary, which prevents them from joining Magento – the best e-commerce platform. MageCloud tool also provides time conservation and easy management of solutions for developers, who do not want to waste their time on the mundane and repetitive task of setting up and managing Magento stores. The service is accompanied by a ton of useful features, like the 1-click install option, which allows anyone to add extensions to their Magento-based website in a matter of clicks.

Guiding Light & Leader

Paul Ryazanov is the CEO of MageCloud. Paul has been working with seed round and series A startups, business owners and brands in helping them to start and succeed with ideas and products for around 15 years. MageCloud was founded in 2014 by Paul and his friend and coworker, Magento Developer from QuartSoft, Yura Dolenko (currently CTO at MageCloud).

Prior to MageCloud, Paul was a founder and CEO of W3Rent, the company founded in 2005, starting small from $500 single project, which now works in 23 different countries around the world. Paul was also a Director of Marketing at web development company QuartSoft and was responsible for the company’s long-term marketing and business strategies as well as for cooperation and relations with major customers and partners. Since 2011, he was actively involved in the process of entering the U.S. market and planning operations for the American affiliate company. Later, he became the President of US based entity of QuartSoft Corp.

In his time, Paul was inspired by the speech of the legendary entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk who said, “All your ideas may be solid or even good. But you have to actually execute on them for them to matter.”

Client Satisfaction

MageCloud is a PaaS platform created by developers for developers that helps the users to create Magento stores within minutes. It is an amazing combination of simplicity in implementation and a strong backbone of robust development. MageCloud provides dedicated hosting to any merchant with control over how the site looks, what features it has and how it is managed from back end. The setup takes as little as several minutes. So in a few mouse clicks, an entire Magento store is created and hosted for any small or large business. With 100+ free themes and 3000+ extensions to choose from, it is pretty awesome to use MageCloud for e-commerce business needs.

For stores that are built on other e-commerce platforms than Magento, an easy migration to Magento is also available through MageCloud.

Figuratively speaking, in MageCloud’s easy installation process, the user’s productivity increases fivefold. In turn, developers have more time to focus on merchants’ custom needs or enhancements and this, in line, gives the merchants an edge over their competitors and allows them to focus on things that really matter to their clients.

Impressive Range of Cloud Solutions

MageCloud introduces PaaS e-commerce solutions. This Magento cloud service helps the store owners to launch e-commerce websites in less than ten minutes. With the aid of this platform, one can easily install themes and extensions, deploying everything within a convenient cloud hosting infrastructure. MageCloud offers the following features:

  • Dedicated Magento server with full access;
  • Free Magento hosting;
  • Automated server scaling;
  • Free Magento themes;
  • Extensions with One click installation;
  • Custom domain;
  • User friendly dashboard;
  • Full SSH/SFTP/Root access;
  • Professional support;
  • Custom code.

Factors behind the Success of MageCloud

The idea: The Magecloud product (PaaS) combines utilities that simplify the development process and makes configuring a new Magento store easy for anyone.

The leader: Everyone would agree that leadership is important in startups. Paul is a skilled and experienced leader who can turn even a weak idea into a successful one. He is the best in making high-level decisions effectively, setting the vision and inspiring the MageCloud team to work harder for driving company’s success.

The team: Forming the right core team is absolutely crucial. At MageCloud, the team believes in growing with the company.

The customer care services: The e-commerce company still uses MageCloud as an internal tool to follow the needs of their clients. The team treats the clients with respect and are always open and accessible. MageCloud is honest with the clients and responds to their needs in a timely manner. In turn, all of them highly appreciate it and most of them remain loyal.

Upcoming Challenges & Plans

The company has been on the market for years and has never been afraid of complicated and challenging projects, because they believe that defeating challenges is a great experience for their team.

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