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Today, the cybersecurity industry is at a crucial point. 2020—due to increased adoption of digital systems—witnessed an exponential rise in cyberattacks. Knowing remote workers require remote access to their company’s systems, hackers are finding ways to expose these vulnerabilities. Between increasingly complex hacking technologies and the pandemic driving even more businesses into the digital realm, cybersecurity has become a priority for almost every brand. However, there is an increasing gap between the demand and supply of professional cybersecurity services.

Incepted in 2019, Lucid Development Agency is bridging this gap with its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. The Canada-based firm was established by Sarah Morris (Co-founder) and her partner with a mission to make technology simple for its clients to fully utilize all digital tools to grow and propel their brand to the next level. Lucid strives to become the leading agency in design, SEO, cybersecurity, and digital marketing. The company is off to a great start as its clients have witnessed great results using its approaches.

Tailor-made Solutions

Lucid offers its clients the whole package for their digital offerings, from initial SEO-optimized website design and top-notch security to creating and implementing successful digital marketing campaigns. The cybersecurity solutions offered by the company include—

  • Cybersecurity Compliance Services: These services protect against potential external, internal, and accidental security threats.
  • Identity &Access Management: Clients can implement enterprise-level Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocols with these services.
  • Penetration Testing: The vulnerabilities found during a penetration test can be used to fine-tune the security policies, patch applications or networks, identify common weaknesses across applications, and strengthen the entire security posture.

The company distinguishes itself from its peers by being competent in its work as well as by developing customized solutions. It never sells out-of-the-box solutions to its clients. Instead, it takes time to dig deep into a client’s brand to tailor the perfect solution for their needs. The company believes that no two brands are identical, and neither should be two marketing efforts.

A Hands-on Approach

Building client trust is one of the biggest challenges confronting any new business. In this regard, Lucid’s hands-on approach has proved highly effective. CRM helps the company deliver a better product for the client as well as builds brand loyalty and retention—two of the most significant success measures. “You are much more likely to get a sales conversion if a client meets you, likes you, and believes you are invested in taking the journey with them,” says Sarah.

Driving the Results

Being the primary connection between the company and the clients, Sarah plays a hands-on role. She has a strong background in CRM, customer success, change management, and implementation becoming the Head of Product for a London-based tech company. She loves the blend of directly building and maintaining partnerships with brands and clients, along with some of the more technical aspects of her work. “It’s great to have a hand both in building a brand’s strategies and then implementing them,” she adds.

Sarah has been working in customer-facing roles since she was 14. She has been leveraging the countless lessons she has learned over the years and—by putting clients first—has built solid and long-lasting relationships at Lucid. Her extensive experience has reflected in Lucid’s growth as it has received only positive reviews from all its clients since its inception. The company has witnessed fantastic client success due to its customer-centric approach. “When you take the time to get to know what the client expects and where they stand right from the start, you set yourself up for success,” asserts Sarah.

Catering to the Industry Needs

Lucid has been one step ahead of the digital development industry trends since its inception. It has done that by building consistent branding and engagement across all consumer-preferred channels—including the ever-evolving social media realm. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of remote working—as one of the better ways of operating businesses. The company also supports remote working as it opens up the available talent pool immensely.

Presently, Lucid is developing pragmatic solutions for its clients using a philosophy of zero trust—continuous verification is the way ahead in terms of offering top-notch client security in their digital systems. It is looking towards implementing more complex systems that flag suspicious user behavior-based user patterns, homomorphic encryption, and self-healing systems that find and correct their own faulty operations.

These innovations help industries and brands to be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks, keeping both the consumers’ and businesses’ information safe and secure. Talking about the growing need for cybersecurity solutions, Sarah adds, “Organizations, on the whole, will require more training to understand and avoid the complex and growing cyber threats they face. We’ll see more cloud security offerings to meet the growing need as organizations continue to shift towards remote work.”

Helping Economies Recover

Sarah believes that 2021 will be another year greatly affected by the pandemic as the trend towards remote working continues. As many businesses discovered positives that come with it, the phenomenon is expected to continue long after the pandemic is over. Moreover, e-commerce is also witnessing massive growth as the barriers continue to drop for the consumers with the help of mass adoption. Consumers are enjoying the more convenient options and will continue to lean into online shopping at unprecedented levels.

Presently, Lucid is collectively working toward a more secure digital future that can help the society and economy recover. Sarah concludes by asserting that IT experts are a non-negotiable part of any digital brand to protect both organizations and consumers in 2021 and beyond.

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