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Today technology has completely transformed the traditional landscape of business operations. With the internet playing a huge part in the industry, consumer behaviors have also been altered. Today, marketing products online is one of the most effective marketing strategies to reach a bigger target audience. In this tech-savvy world, marketing strategies have become limited and the creative marketing strategies that truly draw the audience to the platform have been minimized. Separating itself from the rest is LookinLA, which believes that a cutting-edge company deserves recognition as an industry authority.

In 2017, LookinLA was incepted with a mission to position exceptional businesses at the forefront of the industry by leveraging data-backed marketing strategies that evolve alongside an ever-advancing digital world. Marketing has the potential to enhance sales and profits while also improving the brand reputation amongst the crowd. However, running a successful brand campaign is more difficult than it seems. LookinLA believes that marketing is something much more powerful and more complex than regular ad campaigns. For the team of LookinLA, the definition for marketing is the process of establishing, cultivating, and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Distinguisher of the Company

LookinLA delivers research-backed marketing that can transform great companies into authorities in their markets. The unique distinguisher for the company is its combination of market research and its expertise immediately identify opportunities to improve marketing and sales processes. It offers full service for clients that lack an in-house team. This team is faster than an in-house marketing team. As a result, these skillful experts set a high standard for communication and response time. As marketers, the team understands that communication is everything. One misunderstanding or neglected mail can lead to wasted time and lost opportunities.

Another highlight is that the team understands when to say “No”. LookinLA’s team is obsessed about professional growth. Thus, unlike other in-house marketing team, LookinLA does not compromise the decisions to appease the CEO. If the suggested strategy or idea can be damaging, the team simply rejects it and offers another alternative solution. The agency offers real data and real results through its solutions. The mantra of the team is to stay ahead with adaptable strategies.

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Challenges of the Digital Landscape

When working in the digital landscape one of the biggest challenges is the constant change. There are new technologies emerging every day which makes it difficult to stay relevant. Though research and knowledge are the vital part of LookinLA, it is still difficult to tackle the change. Apart from this, the company has to be aware about the trends and insights of its clients industries and which challenges are they facing now to curate a feasible solution. In order to address this challenge, LookinLA has partnered with Forrester to have deeper insights on clients’ needs and market research. “This helps us to empower businesses and technology leaders with the confidence to put bold ideas into action, in today’s unprecedented change in order to succeed,” said Ali Payani, Co-founder and CEO at LookinLA.

Ali oversees the trends and explores new opportunities and learns new strategies to help lead the team in an innovative direction and overcome challenges. As the CEO of the company, he undertakes several roles and responsibilities. Among several responsibilities, Ali enjoys working tirelessly with his team to develop and initiate projects to create successful business strategies for LookinLA as well as the array of clients. These strategies have proved beneficial for the business even amid the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak. “I’m proud we achieved over a 300% growth and retained 100% of our clientbase in 2020, and the company more than doubled its full-time staff across departments,” he asserts.

Precise Growth Strategy

LookinLA’s strategic response has been one of the main reasons behind succeeding in the pandemic. Giving a glimpse of the internal operations, Ali explained that the team leverages 15 research tools to assist the team in better understanding of the insights and consumer behavior to better implement the services and increase conversation. The team monitor’s the clients’ competition and customizes the services as needed.

For instance, Ali shared a client testimonial of CalifroniaLightsWork. The Precise Growth Strategy was implanted to the marketing campaign for our clients which tripled their key metrics, activated growth, and secured new customers. The team tailored the Precise Growth Strategy, to the objectives of the client organization, integrating extensive research and data discovery regarding the position, market, audience, and resources of the business objectives of the client organization, integrating extensive research and data discovery regarding the position, market, audience, and resources of the business. The framework includes:

  • Market and business discovery
  • Content Strategy
  • Development and setup
  • Cross-channel strategy execution
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Sales alignment
  • Full-service advisory to ensure company-wide improvement
  • A full digital marketing campaign

This framework worked with LookinLA’s client and retained 100% of their client base in 2020. The frameworks include constant client communication to address concerns and new ideas which allows the team to pivot as needed and also manage expectations especially among the start-up clients who are eager to launch and see a return on their investment.

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Triggering Challenge and Opportunities

The pandemic has brought along a myriad of challenges. Concerning the business scenario, the country has significantly adapted the digital marketing practices with the new normal. These strategies led to a shift in consumer behavior which later triggered both challenges and unique opportunities for businesses and consumers. As the pandemic began to have an impact on companies hiring, the need for background checks began to stall. Sharing one such incident, Ali asserts, “Our client PeopleG2, faced a real time challenge and had to pivot their business strategy.  As a remote company, we were able to highlight their success to increase the conversion and developed contents such as videos highlighting product benefits, checklists, eBooks and surveys that immediately began generating quality leads.”

Expanding to New Landscape

With the advent of 2021, more companies will be pivoting to a remote working model. Ali is anticipating that acknowledging this shift, more companies will work with remote digital marketing agencies instead of internal teams as a way to lower overhead and free up those funds that can be used for marketing initiatives.

Apart from this, LookinLA will be expanding its services for B2C and B2B companies. Alongside, it plans to introduce the Elotive framework that offers strategy and planning for companies who are looking to transform the marketing and align the sales and marketing activities to the constant change in environment to a wider range of clients throughout various industries. Expand the content and video production services by using the highest quality of motion graphic and animation.

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