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Committed to supporting businesses manage their risks proactively, LogicManager is the leader of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions. The Boston, Massachusetts based company believes that performance is a result of effective risk management. Further, its ERM software advocates organizations to predict what is ahead, uphold their reputation, and improve business performance through strong governance.

Presently, LogicManager’s ERM SaaS solutions enable thousands of risk professionals around the world to integrate risk, governance, and compliance activities in order to help them anticipate the coming scenario and construct proactive decisions. Moreover, operating across the globe, LogicManager enables companies around the globe to fulfill the expectations of their customers, employees, shareholders, and communities to achieve success.

The transformer of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

The Founder and CEO of LogicManager, Inc., Steven Minsky, is the author of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Risk Maturity Model (RMM).

Having built on years of experience in risk and business process management, he noticed that operating within silos hampers an organization’s ability to make risk-aware strategic decisions. He realized the need for an integrated and risk-based platform and built the LogicManager platform on a taxonomy technology designed to revolutionize how organizations approached traditional governance, risk management, and compliance concerns. Today, LogicManager’s solutions continue to empower companies to communicate and align their values across their organization, from the front lines to the executive level.

Since the beginning, LogicManager has assisted thousands of risk professionals across the world by the means of its proven ERM framework and free online assessment tool. Moreover, the highly effective model enables businesses to benchmark and expand their enterprise risk management programs.

Delivering Wide Range of Solutions to Clients Alike

The superior software provider’s Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) offerings accelerate and perfect the clients’ risk management efforts. LogicManager yields solutions for every governance area, and are tailored with the cutting-edge technologies so that the users stay in the loop everlastingly. Audit Management, Business Continuity & DR, Compliance Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Incident Management, IT Governance & Security, Policy Management, and Vendor Management are its major deliverables. Furthermore, the software maker also deals with Content Plugins, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Integrated Risk Management, Insurance & Safety (RMIS), Project Risk Management, SOX & Internal Controls etc.

Having such an extensive range of solutions in its portfolio, LogicManager caters its services with most of the business sectors including banks, energy & utility, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology & telecom, and transportation. In addition, its clients also include nonprofits & charities, credit unions, education, and government entities.

Strengthening the Clients with a Broad-Approach Solutions

The team of LogicManager is dedicated to help and impact businesses in a positive way. They endeavor to make a change by providing the tools and services that make good governance possible for their clients. Many risk management solutions focus on separate areas of the business, unlike them, LogicManager focuses on giving companies an enterprise-wide view of their risk. This approach streamlines risk management processes and saves time & money while enhancing performance.

Service Traits of LogicManager that Customers Love

  • Ensuring clients’ success as the priority, LogicManager forms a true partnership with its clients, built on trust, expertise, and achievement. Being connected with LogicManager, its partners experience true success.
  • A Powerful and Intuitive Solution: The GRC software offered by LogicManager is comprised of nine fully integrated core solutions designed to work perfectly together, or beautifully apart. Moreover, every aspect of the system is scalable to your organization’s needs and configurable as a client’s program expands. These factors assure the clients that they are leveraging the right solution.
  • Prompt Assistance: When clients sign on to LogicManager, they benefit from the top-rated ERM consulting services provided by the company’s advisory team. Client advisory analysts teach them how to use the system, customize it, upload data, and run any reports they need. In addition, when they have a question or hit a roadblock, the team of LogicManager is only a call away. Additionally, clients can also find everything they need at LogicManager University, an online repository of how-to videos and articles.
  • Unmatched Pricing: LogicManager offers pricing for the Fortune 5,000,000. As a SaaS solution, its ERM software is both easy to use and cost effective. Its customers never have to tangle with IT or shell out extra maintenance and professional service costs. In fact, they start creating value on day one with no lengthy implementation period. Delivering such value, LogicManager challenges competitors to deliver robust software at the same amount of support and lower price point.
  • Sharing Expertise to Lead Together: The disruptors at LogicManager are creating an enterprise risk management movement, revolutionizing risk technology, and constantly discovering new best practices. Remarkably, the outcomes of these discoveries are not kept veiled, instead, they thrive on knowledge sharing, and are proud to offer eBooks, articles, webinars, and case studies filled with their findings.

A Gratifying Culture that Makes LogicManager the Best Place to Work

LogicManager is a team-based organization whose workforce is creative, energetic, proactive, and intelligent in both their thoughts and actions. Each one at LogicManager shares a desire to be in the first row of innovation and constantly bring real value to their customers across the globe. Furthermore, LogicManager takes pride in its dedication to rewarding office culture, and is named a “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal, a finalist for Boston’s “Best Tech Work Culture” Timmy Award, and is a certified “Great Place to Work”.

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