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Customers expect a lot these days from companies that they choose to do business with. With more competition in the market than ever before, a 24-hour news cycle and devices glued to the palms of almost every adult (and many children!) it’s no wonder that not only the demand for great customer service is so high, but the demand for the avenues that this customer service can be accessed from has also increased.

Brand loyalty is at an all-time low, millennials are responsible for the near extinction of fabric softener manufacturers and the globalization of the consumer marketplace means that fantastic customer service is more important now more than ever before.

This is why the Customer Experience Management (CXM) sector is currently in the spotlight. One of the key elements to customer retention and satisfaction is to resolve issues quickly and consistently. Now that information is available everywhere from over the phone to online, face to face at a counter and even at bus stops – it’s vital in this ‘information age’ to have a single source of truth – the one, all knowing bible of constantly up-to-date facts that customer service professionals and tech-savvy customers can refer to in order to get instant answers. If knowledge is stored in multiple locations and updated in some instances but not others, inconsistencies arise and so does the lack of trust in your customer service – and your brand.

Amplifying Customer Service through Knowledge Management

livepro is a multichannel CX knowledge management system with a mission to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, and easiest to deal with. livepro, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is passionate about improving customer service through effective knowledge management – this means having the same information available no matter where it’s accessed from. With clients from various leading organizations ranging from local government, through to transport and finance – livepro helps customer experience departments to optimize their customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and foster employee engagement.

livepro partner with many industry experts in order to ensure that they are always the top of their game, and are ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in the market. Some of their partners include Datacom, Genesys, Customer Driven, Auscontact Association, Probe Group, QPC, Customer Science, Knowledge Space, and National Local Government Customer Service Network, Inc.

Currently, livepro are focusing on integrating with leading customer communication apps in order to deliver the answers direct to customers through every channel that customers use. This includes websites, web-chat, chatbots, Google Home, and Alexa.

As livepro endeavor to connect with innovative technologies, they have fully integrated their solution with global industry heavyweight Genesys’ PureCloud solution. Genesys PureCloud is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and contact center management.

The Person Behind livepro

Brad Shaw, the CEO of livepro believes that the employees and customers of a business are key to creating a leading product. Spending his time outside livepro coaching other CEOs and having run an effective Women in Leadership group for many years, Brad has a natural talent for people and leadership. Having Brad set the direction and strategies for livepro while maintaining livepro’s customer-centric culture, he strives to build an excellent team to deliver unparalleled service to customers, “one thing that livepro does, is really listen to our customer. If they’re asking for a new feature and it will help answer customers faster – we simply build it. Most recently we had clients asking for a platform where they could communicate with one another, so we built ‘livepro Communities,’ an online forum for tips and tricks. We’ve always known that our clients are one of our greatest resources, so seeing them share ideas has been fantastic.”

An Extraordinary Array of Solutions

livepro is a purpose built CX knowledge management system designed to deliver consistent, accurate answers – not pages of information. With a powerful search function and an intuitive design, livepro does the hard work and simply allows customer experience professionals to give customers easy answers, or customers the ability to find their own answers through channels like web-chat and the search bar on any website.

One of their most recent solutions ‘livepro Resolve’, promises to change the way customers interact with companies online. Often customers that try to find answers online end up calling or emailing at a later date as their enquiry wasn’t able to be solved. livepro Resolve ensures customers enquires are resolved in one touch, no matter how complex.

A Fast and Easy Company to Deal with

As livepro live and breathe their ‘easy to use, manage and deal with’ motto, the implementation process is smooth, clients are live in as little as 3 weeks and agents are able to use the system with little to no training, as Suncorp bank discovered “The staff were using livepro as soon as they got to their desk!”

livepro work alongside each and every client from day one to create and optimize knowledge that better serves customers and makes employees jobs easier. livepro customer and the multi award winning customer service department at Townsville City Council stated that “The time that it takes our staff to be job ready has been dramatically reduced”.

Enhancing Businesses by Simplifying Customer Interactions

Customers just want accurate, reliable answers. A simple idea, that livepro has worked hard to ensure their clients can achieve. livepro’s easy and intuitive features like Work Instructions walk staff through processes to ensure compliance, and complex enquiries are reduced to a few simple yet smart questions with the Compass tool. The hard work has been taken out of customer service and makes instant experts of all agents.

liveproTop Benefits of livepro Include:

  • Happy Customers: Speedy, consistent and accurate answers available in many avenues mean more satisfied customers.
  • Reduced Costs: The highly simplified processes result in error eliminations, reduced handling times, transfers and training, while the diversity of where answers are available reduces call volume.
  • Confident Team: A reliable system that is always up to date means that staff can confidently respond to any customer query.

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