Lezar3D: Utilizing 3D Printing Technology to turn Clients’ Imagination into Reality


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The unparalleled advancements in technology have made tremendous changes in the field of 3D printing, making it more and more common amidst all kind of businesses. The idea of 3D printing was coined long ago but most notable changes occurred during the digital revolution and today the technology has advanced to the point where it is easy to simply create a 3D model and send it to the printer instead of creating a model from scratch manually. This technology is typically useful when it comes to prototyping and proof-of-concepts such as making models for forthcoming projects but it also provides great help in fabricating several small pieces in a short time period. The products created using 3D printing technology have proved their significance in various domains such as healthcare, fashion, automation, construction etc.

Mesmerized by the broad usefulness of 3D printing technology, a well-versed entrepreneur—Robert Gagnon changed his field from tourism and started his own business called, Lezar3D dedicated to 3D printing.

Lezar3D’s Services Powered by 3D printing

Established in 2014 at Montreal, Quebec, Lezar3D uses the 3D printers to produce models as per specifications given by clients and brings their ideas into reality. One of the important elements of the technology is the generative design which involves the optimization of every single model so that it can be created in the most efficient and practical way.

3D printers have been the crucial aspect of Lezar3D’s services. There are other techniques to make certain components but the majority of the products of the firm are created with 3D printers and many times other techniques and 3D printers work in a unit. The firm uses other technologies such as thermoforming and moulding to make up for any shortcomings for 3D printing. The conjunction tends to offer various options such as using silicon to get a perfect final product. The entire business model of Lezar3D is based on this technology as this is an exceptionally versatile technique in creating something on its own as well as in eliminating imperfections of the other method.

Creating High-class Products According to Client Demands

Every enterprise wants to see their projects come to life and Lezar3D with its amazing technologies comes to help. The client base of the firm includes many start-ups which are more interested in 3D models as it is a physical example of their idea and helps to connect well with potential investors. Lezar3D worked on projects including prototyping, architectural model, 3D cosplay, figuring, customized object etc. for its clients from Montreal and across Quebec. There are several individuals and groups who frequently change their design and Lezar3D helps them to create the physical model that can keep pace with their ideas. It also helps customers who need smaller versions of their existing projects to make it more portable and accessible. Moreover, Lazar3D also assists its clients in creating marketing and cinema accessories along with product and prototype development. The firm also conducts workshops and training for the beginners which comprises of an introductory course in 3D printing, introductory workshop on 3D drawings, meshmixer workshop and other training related to 3D printing. Along with that the company also offers custom courses on request.

Leader with Great Self-learning Skill

The President of Lezar3DRobert is always ready to push his limits and hence his journey from being in the tourism industry to establish a 3D printing technology company is an exceptional one. He was self-learning the technology for expanding tourism but it connected to him instantly and then there was no hesitation for him about whether to be in this industry or not. Robert keeps himself engaged with the field by staying up-to-date with the new inventions that can be used in conjunction with 3D printing. He dedicates plenty of hours every week for the business, managing deals with clients and even polishing the product printed.

Technology Changing Looks of Industries

The 3D printing technology is familiar to most of the industries and therefore widely used across various verticals considering its benefits. Still, there are few industries that are not properly introduced with the technology but it is expected that with the passing of time more and more companies will start incorporating the technology into their regular workflow. The technology is marking its existence in every possible field including aeronautics as well as non-commercial domains such as dentists, orthopaedics, and schools. The technology with the advancements is becoming more of a necessity. But, one of the challenging parts in this business is conveying the customers what exactly is possible with 3D printing and what is not. Further, it is important to brief them the restraints and limitations of the technology to accord with their ideas.

Significance of the 3D Printing Technology

“Personally, when we create something that previously never existed at all, and we can see it and hold it in real life with our very own hands, bringing to life something that would not have been practical or even possible without 3D printing. That feeling is genuinely awe-inspiring for me. At the same time, I truly appreciate using this technology in conjunction with others, whether that means combining it with other materials such as silicon to perfect the final product, or applying it within other industries so that the ideas of other people can be realized in such a way that they would have never thought of without 3D printing.”— Robert Gagnon

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