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By improving the accessibility to information, knowledge, and education, the Internet has opened numerous doors to quality learning. Here comes the role of e-learning solutions providing companies who are seizing this opportunity left, right, and center. Out of the bouquet of e-learning service providers, Learning Management System (LMS) providers are one of them. The problem with these LMS providers is that their products are built on the old structure which is less engaging, resulting in loss of interest of the users. Simultaneously, employees are used to tapping consumer-grade applications in their day-to-day life through mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, the use of such poor digital experience is abandoned by the millennials and Gen Z. Hence, the challenge of creating something new and interesting with more engaging software platform arises. Additionally, the engagement level of LXPs is very low because they are focused on learning and driving its own development.

LMS providers faced issues on making learning fruitful as well as turning the overall experience more interesting. Founded in 2013, Learn Amp addressed this issue and started a unique learning experience platform that provides an enjoyable user interface and intuitive user experience. With an urge to do better in the market and also provide with a better learning experience, the company quickly figured out that customers wanted a great UX/UI combined with greater LMS functionality. So in the next two years, Learn Amp combined LMP and LXP in one application.

All-in-one Tool Creating a Direct Connection between Employers and Employees

Learn Amp successfully accomplished the development process of providing a unique solution to the learners by creating all-in-one platform. This all-in-one tool enables the employers to measure their return on investment in a far more meaningful way than the other providers. The tool allows to directly track the connection between learning and improved workplace performance.

This combination of LMP and LXP platform is used to provide a platform to SMEs which usually have 100 to 5,000 employees. It also provides the platform to training providers or community owners with up to 50,000 learners. It has a huge library curated of nearly 10,000 items of content and courses to help learn in the flow of work. This unique feature allows Learn Amp to partner with a number of content and courses providers delivering an all-in-one learning solutions.

The company application has integrated its tool which is a combination of engaging, learning, and performance management, attracting most of the fast-moving businesses towards it. The key feature of this tool is that it creates a direct connection between both the employer and employee by combining learning and engagement tool with the performance management cycle.

Creator of the Platform who recognized a Great Opportunity to Help Students

Before the availability of such tools in the market, Duncan Cheatle who is the founder of Learn Amp faced similar issues. Though he enjoyed his university days, he saw very little connection between what the academics was researching and what they were taught. Later, while studying for his ACA exams, he had similar realization where he noticed that the university was teaching far behind than what he was taught at PwC.

Learn Amp

The thought of creating an e-learning space began at the time when Duncan chaired many round table discussions with scale-up CEOs who were quite worried about the work readiness of school leavers and graduates. Therefore, creating a platform where students are helped in improving skills beyond what they were being taught proved extremely cost-effective and beneficial. On this, Duncan further added, “It used to take me hours to find decent content and learning providers. It now takes me seconds. We’ve saved a fortune as so much of Learn Amp’s library is free stuff and the ratings mean you can see what courses are really worth it”

Taking a Different Approach from Others

Duncan and Learn Amp’s journey has not been easy due to the fact that the learning platform market is highly competitive with over 1000 vendors. Over the years, Learn Amp has built a good reputation by creating such innovative e-learning solutions. The company differentiates itself from others in the market as it is not focused on the very large end of the market. Moreover, the company does not sell to businesses over 10,000 users unless they are training providers.

This approach which differentiates Learn Amp from other has resulted in securing numerous awards and recognitions. To name a few, Learn Amp was recognized as the #1 LXP globally for the last two years by leading analyst, Craig Weiss and awarded with the Best Use of Technology at the Employee Experience Awards.

Valuable Advice to e-learning Customers

Learn Amp doesn’t believe that a single vendor can deliver well on everything. But if the combination of best providers who are great at what they do is coupled with innovators, then they can provide a world-class e-learning ecosystem. Therefore, Duncan advises his customers to make sure they back the future rather than get swayed by the big players in the marketplace.

Future Calls for More Innovative Projects

For Learn Amp, the next major release will be an innovative combination of software features with templates. This integration will be 100 times quicker to set up and get going. For this, Duncan and team are coming up with some more exciting distribution partnerships in the line in specific sectors where the company knows it can deliver well.

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