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Lavelle Networks: Accelerating Networks For The Digital Economy

Lavelle Network

Over the last decade, the primary focus of most of the enterprises has been on data center communication due to the size, scale, and complexity of application software increasing enormously. However, the edge and access networks were deprived of innovation, performance or cost optimizations. The enterprises neglect their access and edge networks or besides were investing in few technologies like MPLS or private circuits. The biggest challenge faced by enterprises presently is to have a fast, safe, ubiquitous access networks. The fast safe and ubiquitous access network will improve the user experience everywhere when they use applications in the data center.

Overcoming these challenges, Lavelle Networks is accelerating the network for the digital economy. It is endeavoring towards delivering the best enterprise network experience for the users, and not harness the performance despite running on any device or application, on any cloud. Lavelle Networks solutions are client-centric and the team is fiercely passionate about delivering the best results to the users.

It All Started With A Coffee

Inspiration leads to innovation and after reading the pioneering work at Google B4, Shyamal Kumar, Founder and CEO  and Karthik Madhava, Founder & VP, Business Development, were drawn towards the networking industry. Together they drew up all sorts of topologies that could be solved by moving intelligence into the cloud. The team of founders wanted to build a technology and a product company with the unique identity of Bangalore. This idea struck them at a Coffee shop on the famed Lavelle Road, an epitome of Bangalore’s culture and heritage, hence the name Lavelle Networks.

Lavelle Networks understands the current generation of enterprise problems and needs a fundamental change in the thinking, and that software-defined networking is at the core of the next-generation network. Today, it is the only company building a world-class, tremendously scalable software-defined network platform with an established background in leading SD-WAN class of edge networking. Shyamal says, “We are solving the biggest access problem for enterprises, and we are solving it using the right technology architecture which is future proof.”

The ‘Network Guy’ of Lavelle Networks

Shyamal Kumar, is known as the ‘network guy’ in Lavelle Networks due to his data networking skills. In his unparalleled journey, he has worked in the data center, enterprise and service provider networks. Shyamal has a key role in bringing wireless broadband platforms to the world. The ingenious leader with his team brought SD-WAN products to the market and catalyzed the rapid adoption of it.

In his journey, Shyamal has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most exceptional leaders of the software industry. He has been the part of the hard paces start-ups with the leaders and has learned that great work is always a result of deep passion. His deep passion for software has kept him motivated throughout the journey of building a company from scratch. After all these years of experience in the field, Shyamal still wishes that if he would have started over, he would have learned more ferociously in the initial years. Shyamal believes that everybody has limited time in their lives and must experience everything one can. He ends the statement by quoting, “When you look back it’s never the things you did that you have regrets about, it’s always the things that you missed doing.”

Focusing On Policies and Not Network Protocols

Lavelle Networks describes ScaleAOn SD-WAN as its best-selling platform. It comprises of features like software scale, ability to handle the most complex and diverse set of network access interfaces. The highlight that sets the company apart from others is that it has a 360-degree focus on the policies and not network protocols. These features have helped Lavelle Networks gain loyal clients that are happy with the service and solutions.

Lavelle NetworksThese solutions have helped Ritesh Mishra, AVP Max Life Insurance to leverage hybrid WAN transport that helped enhance the user experience, he further asserts, “We have been extremely happy with Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution. It has helped us in leveraging hybrid WAN transport which resulted in enhanced user experience in terms of improved application accessibility speed.”

Another happy client of SD-WAN solution is Satyavrat Mishra, Head- IT & Infrastructure, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail. He said, “I have my stores connected on a Lavelle Networks SD-WAN that has enabled me with deep insight into my network and application behavior in real-time with cloud-based management.

Work Culture Reflecting Company Values

In an organization, an employee should always make decisions as fast as possible, and never be too hard on people for making mistakes, but not compromise on dissecting the mistakes. Shyamal believes that promoting a friendly culture is important for better team performance.

According to Shyamal, the right culture is important, and it is certainly the only thing that would define the journey from the beginning to the end. As over the course of 30-40 years of work career, most people forget the details around milestones, but rarely forget the good and bad experience throughout the journey. He further explains, “We want people to look back and say they were glad they were part of Lavelle Networks, during the time they were with us. That cannot happen without the right culture that in turn reflects the company values.

Future Aiming Towards Progress

With a mission to deliver, the best network experience beyond every node and accelerate networks for enterprises of all sizes with next-gen networking solutions to assist the clients to optimize digital transformation with secure, agile and efficient cloud connectivity to win the digital race.

Lavelle Networks believes that the future is aiming towards progress, within a span of few years the company aims to expand the product portfolio to cover the complete network access market from wireless to security in the enterprise space. Forth seeing the industrial transformation, the team is keenly ideating on the possibilities to participate in the tremendous opportunity that a 5G/IoT market would provide.