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Larry Kenigsberg

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  • Residence: Central, Israel
  • Education: New York University (Clinical Social Work)
  • Skill: Marketing Communications Strategies
  • Recognition: CEO & Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist

Career Highlights:

  • Drives recognition and sales for Israeli hi-tech companies
  • Spearheads profitable PR and marketing campaigns
  • Creates compelling content, published worldwide
  • Provided individual, couples, and family therapy to a diverse population of patients in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Jerusalem utilizing an eclectic approach

The world is swarming with excellent startup initiatives and business ideas, so it is easy for great solutions to be overlooked. This is where PR and communications are most effective. Comprehensive marketing and communications – inbound, content, social, and PR – with a customer-centric approach play a critical role for innovators and creators, allowing them to reach potential customers and investors through trusted channels.

Leveraging his experience in the art of gentle confrontation, Larry Kenigsberg coined the phrase “It doesn’t matter if you have the best solution on the market if nobody knows about it.” In 2005, he co-founded K2 Global Communications with his partner, Amy Kenigsberg, with the goal of delivering clients’ messages to the decision makers and influencers who really matter.

Leveraging Decades of Experience

Larry relies on his extensive experience as a psychoanalyst and itinerant martial artist in shaping his philosophy to guide K2 and its clients—especially when it comes to creating targeted, appealing messages for key personas. He primarily focuses on strategic planning and composing compelling materials.

Larry graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and social work from Adelphi University and an MSW from New York University, with additional postgraduate training in psychoanalysis and supervision.

During his decades as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, he gained a myriad of skills and insights – “This is part of the beauty of shutting up and paying attention, hour after hour.” As a PR and content marketing specialist observing individual and organizational behavior, he has witnessed stunning successes along with needless defeats. He uses this experience to guide K2’s clients in defining their messaging and outreach based upon underlying customer motivations. Currently, Larry spearheads K2 Global Communications as the CEO and strives to fulfill the company’s long-term goals in a sound, ethical manner.

Targeted B2B Niche Outreach

K2 specializes in targeted B2B niche outreach that focuses on appealing to its clients’ potential customers and investors. The company harnesses PR, content marketing, social media, and inbound marketing to enhance their clients’ market presence, drive sales, and grow the bottom line.

Larry and Amy combine their complementary skills to bring high-level English-language services to Israeli and international technology organizations, helping them garner the recognition they deserve.

K2 offers public relations, inbound and content marketing, and social media services. It takes a “what’s-in-it-for-me” approach—communicating the problems solved by its clients’ tech or services for their customers. The company focuses on cybersecurity, AI/machine learning, storage, agtech, biotech, cloud, SaaS, and medical companies.

Wearing Multiple Hats at a Time

At the helm, Larry takes on several vital roles and responsibilities. His knowledge and understanding of human nature, behavior, and communications have earned him a distinct advantage in understanding what people need to hear. He primarily handles big-picture thinking for K2 and its clients — strategic, short- and long-term planning. Larry is also a published writer. To date, he has written articles as the CEO, CTO, and VP of marketing for a wide range of companies. “Frankly, I have more aliases than a bank robber.”

He has occasionally published articles under his name but is content operating behind the scenes.

Along with Larry and his partner and co-founder, Amy, the K2 team is comprised of professional writers, outreach managers, an SEO specialist, a graphic designer, and a LinkedIn team. K2 always has an eye on expansion.

Strategized Customer Satisfaction

Everything is cyclical,” says Larry. K2 added inbound marketing a few years ago due to the surge in demand; it requires well-written materials to keep customers on your site and drive leads.

The company incorporates several strategies for ensuring optimum client satisfaction. All deliverables are enumerated in the contract so that clients know exactly what to expect.

According to Larry, clients hire K2 for clearly focused strategies and tactics; the company works relentlessly for their success. The company always follows market trends with regard to changing norms as they relate to communications and marketing technologies. For instance, it has expanded its focus on ABM (account-based marketing) and PESO (paid, earned, shared, and owned) activities.

Analyzing Dynamic Shifts and the Future

Remarking on the shift in the dynamics of the marketing and advertising industry in recent years, Larry asserts, “The changes are myriad since our inception in 2005.”  His examples:

  • An explosion of communication channels;
  • Increasingly complex technology;
  • Paradoxically, press releases have become far shorter, to the point, and less granular;
  • A greater demand for metrics;
  • Constant ebb and flow of communications trends. 

Speaking of the company’s future plans, Larry aspires to expand the team. One reason he started the company was to create employment and opportunities. In addition, he aims to continue growth – with the goal of doubling its billables every 3 to 4 years. “I am happily anticipating the advent of new markets and technologies,” concludes Larry.

Words to the Wise:

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