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Kumar Subramaniam

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In the year 2010, Kumar Subramaniam (Co-Founder and CEO) envisioned Kaaspro with an aim to create a futuristic organization that believes web apps are destined to make the world more communicative and easier to access. With exceptional clinical skills, business competencies, and interpersonal or soft skills, Kumar is guiding his organization towards success. The company plans new forays into the field of IT and ITes with the revolutionary cloud-based technology, venturing into the untested waters of the health and education industries.

Having opened itself as a modest company in Chennai’s OMR district, the organization has grown over the past 5 years to a more productive and aggressive team, which is committed to quality, research and development of the web application framework involving Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software Systems. The EHR usage and maintenance is relatively a new concept, which Kumar has introduced in the global market—a unique method of cutting costs in an industry that thirsts for simplification. Electronic Health Records presented by Kaaspro is not to be regarded just as software but a culture that can be instilled in each and every clinic that aims at augmenting its services.

The Leading Health Information Technology Company

Kaaspro Inc designs and implements practice-specific medical information systems, which assists medical organizations and healthcare providers to improve their efficiency and productivity. The products are aimed at ensuring quick and timely access to crucial, accurate medical information, and reducing the efforts and time taken by medical professionals for managing and updating health information of patients.

The leading health information technology company is presently working on various medical information software, similarly, it is coming up with different systems that streamline and enhance the workflows of healthcare facilities and clinicians. Kaaspro plans to reach the top-slot as the most reliable and effective healthcare technology provider within the next few years.

Multi-Tasking and Keeping an Update on All Domains

Managing the finest health information technology service involves multiple tasks and stay updated about all domains in the organization. As Kaaspro is the healthcare industry based service sector, it naturally requires an increased caution and a warrant that all the legal and industry standards are met. In an industry where privacy and security of personal medical information is of paramount importance, adherence to the norms and fulfilling compliance needs is not an easy task. Initially, Kumar was apprehensive about such high responsibilities, but with a completely infallible system in place, he and his team managed to ensure data security and privacy of sensitive data.

Every Employee is Instrumental

In an organization, the success rate also depends on the contribution and efforts of the teammates; hence, an empowered team is important. Kaaspro strongly believes that every employee is instrumental in an organization’s performance. “I have been working personally on improving employee engagement, organizational culture, and the work environment in the company. These factors, when given due diligence, contribute to business success,” said Kumar on his approach towards his employees.

KaasproIn order to, achieve a healthy organizational culture and enhancing participation of every team member, Kumar personally takes the responsibility to instill confidence amongst employees and kindle their enthusiasm. To promote this approach, the company offers education and training programs, encourage employees to involve in decision-making, and have adequate reward systems.

Emphasizing On Innovative and Unprecedented Health IT Products

The healthcare industry is globally evolving on a regular basis; however, this healthcare system in advanced countries is complex. There is an increasing demand from governments as well as individuals regarding care quality. Considering all these factors, there is uncertainty about the dominant role that will be played by electronic health information systems in the future. The global healthcare is anticipated to undergo a major transformation, with emphasis on innovative and unprecedented health information technology products. Kaaspro plans to contribute to this transformation through robust medical information systems that enable efficient implementation and smooth enforcement of the intended changes in the healthcare ecosystem.

Anticipating Revolutionary Changes in the Medical Industry

The introduction of several unprecedented and innovative technologies such as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), application of AR/VR, and increased use of cloud technology in healthcare is anticipated to bring out revolutionary changes in the medical industry. Kumar further adds, “We at Kaaspro have been working in tandem with the advancement in technology to ensure that the purpose of serving the medical fraternity with ample and reliable information assistance is being extensively achieved.” The technologies like wearable’s, virtual care, and telemedicine will take new forms and satiate the necessities of patients and healthcare providers in the most effective way. The overall healthcare environment is expected to be filled with opportunities as well as challenges to be prepared for.

Ensuring Security and Confidentiality to Improve Care Quality

The hospitals and clinicians are expected to understand and be proficient with the nuances of electronic medical information management systems. This will help improve care quality while increasing patients’ confidence. Kumar sheds light on some of the common mistakes that can be avoided by healthcare organizations, which will not only ensure the security and confidentiality of data but also improve their efficiencies and care quality.

Some of the mistakes to be avoided by medical facilities are:

  • Not providing sufficient training to physicians and staff
  • Not updating the hardware and software regularly
  • Underutilization of social media
  • Inadequate use of cloud computing
  • Unencrypted communication means
  • Failure to assure controlled access

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