Kristie Baird: An Ardent Leader Influencing Medical Sector with Ingenuity

Kristie Baird

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Resiliency and determination are two of the most prevalent qualities an entrepreneur must-have today. Challenges and setbacks are a part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s journey, and those who are not bothered by these obstacles often distinguish themselves as the finest entrepreneurs.

Kristie Baird (Director, Drip IV) is one such driven and motivated entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and a disciplined approach. Talking about the factors that differentiate her from the other leaders, she says, “I don’t compare myself to other business owners or entrepreneurs. I think anyone with the drive to create a concept from scratch should be given recognition.”       

Beginning at a Young Age

Kristie struggled with high-school-level education. She was good in academics, however, she wanted to get out into the real world and work from a very young age. She started her own business at the age of 18 before relocating from New Zealand to Australia. In Australia, she started making progress in the cosmetic injecting and skin industry. Kristie became a managing partner in a business for around seven years.

Talking about her introduction to entrepreneurship, Kristie says, I never aspired to be an entrepreneur; business and leadership just came naturally to me.She persistently creates new ideas for opportunities she sees in the market. Kristie mentions that constantly seeking ideas can be a burden sometimes, as she struggles to switch that off.

Mindful Business Inception

Currently, Kristie serves as the Director of Drip IV. Established in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, Drip IV has a mission to make health accessible for everyone by offering services in the comfort of their own homes. Holding such a powerful mission, Kristie set up the business in most Australian states within 6 months. After four years, the company expanded its locations all over Australia and New Zealand. Currently, it focuses on spreading the business in the US, Bali, and the UK.

Cutting-edge Services  

Drip IV provides an array of distinct services and solutions, most prominently, a range of Vitamin IV services. The medical team administers these in the comfort of the client’s home, office, or hotel. The company also has clinic locations nationwide and wants to help people by offering its services mobile. With these, it can cater to busy professionals or to people who can’t leave their homes because of illness. This makes it the most convenient option for clients.

Constant Adaption to Changes

Since the company started, Kristie has shouldered many responsibilities and managed marketing, accounts, HR, and customer service which has allowed her to understand all divisions of the company. She is an understanding boss who always assists her team.I don’t fit into the mold of what some company structures may look like,” adds Kristie.

Kristie constantly adapts and finds better solutions for how the company can operate. She primarily oversees the entire operations of the company and focuses on growing the business and launching new locations.

Reputation and Growth

Currently, Vitamin IV is a relatively new concept in Australia and New Zealand. Drip IV was the first company to offer Vitamin IV therapy as a mobile service and it dominated the market quickly with the company’s growth. When the company started, there were only a few clinics that used to offer similar services. With the inception of the new industry, new competitors come into the race. However, Drip IV has long established its reputation and the growth is expediential. COVID also has a big part in the growth and where the company stands today. People are becoming more conscious about their health and well-being. They are also preferring a home service instead of going into medical practices. With an innovative concept of Vitamin IV, Drip IV assures its clients the best services.

Exemplary Customer Service

Customer feedback plays an important role in how Drip IV operates. Kristie is thankful for such clientele feedback and she has adapted to new systems and processes to make the experience streamlined and beneficial for the client. She believes that every company needs to constantly adapt and see where improvements can be made. With that said, she briefs that Drip IV goes above and beyond to educate its clients on the benefits of vitamin therapy.

Overcoming Challenges

Being a successful entrepreneur, Kristie shares her ideology about entrepreneurship.It is the hardest journey, and you would be lying if you said it was easy,” adds Kristie. Every day comes with a new challenge to overcome, however, there is a point where the individual’s hard work pays off and the process becomes easier. Kristie admits that she has been tested many times throughout her journey and gives inspiration with her thoughts— ‘I came this far and dreamed to be in this position, why would I give up now?’

Future Upgradation

Kristie has plans for the bright future of the company. She is currently working on developing the company’s own medical disposals and equipment. She has discovered gaps in the market where the company can not only use the products but also improve on what is currently available.

Kristie has vast experience in serving the industry and has seen many lows and highs during her career. She suggests that for successful entrepreneurship, aspiring leaders should start somewhere. Many people are too scared or procrastinate in putting the work in. She advises them to focus on their end goals and take a step towards them every day.


Kristie Baird

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