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The business world is flooding with companies that want to increase the growth pace. These companies understand that learning and people are their valuable assets, so they invest in the employees by providing them with the knowledge they need through e-learning. Ultimately, in a business world where companies are chaotically running to be the best, they are investing in material resources, which will help the employees to develop professional and personal development of the teams through e-learning. Knolyx is the place where professionals who want to refine their skills, can embark on a captivating learning quest by choosing their own training plan, which will help them in their career development. Adrian Sita is the Founder of Knolyx, who established the company in 2011, and today it is one of the leading e-learning solution providers.

e-learning Changing The Perspective Of Learning Process

In comparison to traditional ways of education, e-learning has many alterations, mainly due to revolutionized technology. As e-learning benefits people with the flexibility to access information on the go and at their own pace, rather than traditional classroom education, which is restricted in terms of time and space. This leads to an increase in knowledge retention rates; because people tend to grasp long-term knowledge if the provided information in the preferred learning style. Besides, e-learning platforms are changing the perspective upon the learning process. Making use of this innovative technique, Knolyx is merely grasping information to internalizing it and turning it into practical skills through tools such as branching scenarios and gamification. It has also leveraged mobile learning and microlearning, which makes the process of assimilating information easier, by dividing it into chunks of knowledge, customized according to clear learning and development goals.

Intuitive and Engaging Learning Processes

Knolyx acts as a platform where its partners are credited with an e-learning environment to share their valuable knowledge. Other than this, its UX experience is making the learning process more intuitive and engaging. In order to encourage collaborative learning, Knolyx utilizes smartphone applications for training tracker maintenance and full control of the learning progress and full accessibility, which are powered by android and iOS. Moreover, to make the application more engaging it is equipped with customization tools that provide the learners to create a familiar environment. This customization feature helps the learners to adapt their own organizational branding and culture with an extra gamification tool that allows badge customization, rewards, and leaderboards.

KnolyxThe Opposite Domino Effect

Initially, Knolyx was started with the idea that knowledge is enlightening and it needs a dynamic learning environment where the passionate learners constantly pass it on. Adrian explained that learning is like the domino-effect but reversed. As in a domino, the pieces fall apart one after another, due to the power of learning, people rise up one from another like a reversed domino-effect. Knolyx aims to enlighten the learning industry by providing a platform with a collaborative environment, in-depth analytics tools, blended learning, gamification tools and continuous access to information.

Creating A Modern Context For Delivering Knowledge

Due to the educational background in automatics and information technology Adrian’s professional path has been centered on technology and learning. His astonishing journey towards establishing Knolyx is remarkable. Primarily he started his career as a technical team leader, and later gained experience in the field by working as a business analyst and software architect. Along with leading the technical team, he has also delivered a series of courses being the head of IT training. Being a passionate techie and his belief in the power of learning, he along with his team developed a platform called Knolyx. The platform combines the technical and learning experiences of experts to deliver the best outcomes. This lured Adrian in the industry with a motto to create a modern context for delivering knowledge, which is adapted to the requirements imposed by nowadays technologized era.

Competitive Environment Demands Improvement

With the e-learning industry evolving at a fast pace, the companies also need to act accordingly. Adrian believes that the market is full of competitors, which is a good fact as the competitive environment will challenge the team for improvements. In order to lead in the competition, the Knolyx team always listens to the clients’ learning needs and goals and always strive to improve the platform accordingly, so that the clients can fully focus on knowledge whereas the team takes care of the functionalities and administrative details. Adrian further explains, “We pay attention to everything that happens around us, both in the business environment and in the technological field and we improve the platform so that it keeps up to date with these two.”

Always Space For Something New

As change is the only constant, Knolyx believes in innovating the platform and keeping up with the business context. The team makes sure that innovations always leave up some space for new trends and practices. This not only makes the platform neoteric but also creates room for the forthcoming changes. However, presently the team is working on a project which is a learn-share-system that is dedicated to employees. The system will motivate the employees both intrinsically, through acquiring knowledge and sharing it among communities of practice and also extrinsically, through the earning function. In the forthcoming days, Knolyx plans to create a marketplace that the clients can have access to a variety of learning resources.

Adrian’s Take On Investing In Knowledge

Adrian considers investing in knowledge as the best investment, he thinks it is like ‘genies three magical wishes’, the only difference is that instead of endlessly waiting for them to miraculously appear, one can make them happen. He says, “One should invest in knowledge, it equals to three magic wishes. The only difference is that instead of endlessly waiting for them to miraculously appear, you make them happen, by putting learning and development goals at the center of your business growth. And we’re here to achieve them together through our e-Learning platform.

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