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Kieron Franklin

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The real estate industry has a significant role in shaping our future. With the right tools and innovative minds, we can create improved infrastructure to achieve our goals. Over the past few decades, the industry has witnessed remarkable construction achievements. Now, it’s time for the industry to embrace essential technology to elevate itself and meet the needs of society. In this context, Kieron Franklin, the CEO of Nunza Real Estate LLC, brings his three decades of experience, knowledge, and passion for innovation to enhance the quality of human life. He envisions pioneering technological advancements in the field. In an interview, he shared insightful and valuable information. Let’s delve into it!

Kieron’s Unique Journey from Finance to Real Estate

Hailing from the South of England, Kieron embarked on his career with his first role which was an administrator at a local life assurance company. Balancing the demands of work and education, Kieron diligently studied during evenings and weekends, ultimately earning the qualification of CII Diploma Financial Services. This early foundation played a pivotal role in shaping his future in Wealth Management.

In 2019, after accumulating years of experience in the financial services and banking industry across various global markets, including the UK, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, the Channel Islands, and now the UAE, Kieron took a significant step forward. He pursued a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) through Liverpool’s Open University. Throughout his extensive career, Kieron consistently centered his focus on customers and their financial well-being. This role naturally exposed him to the intricacies of property and mortgages, setting the stage for his eventual transition into the real estate market. Over the past five years spent in Dubai, Kieron astutely identified a compelling opportunity to transfer his knowledge and experience to focus on bringing positive change and choice to the Real Estate sector and launch the PropTech company

Furthermore, he states, “I am passionate about enabling positive change and improving both the experience and value for customers and this is what I am committed to bringing to the market through Nunza.”

Nunza Real Estate: Transforming The Property Process

In an era where technology empowers consumers, Nunza offers a dependable alternative that harmonizes with traditional real estate methods. Kieron explains, “We are here to provide a solution to those consumers and offer an alternative way to buy, sell, or rent a property that complements the traditional methods.”

Nunza officially debuted in July 2023 as the UAE’s pioneering digital real estate agency. The UAE, with a particular focus on Dubai, was selected as the Launchpad for Nunza. By harnessing market-leading insights, AI, and advanced technology, their website and app empower property owners to swiftly list their properties for sale or rent.

Kieron explains the reasons and motivations behind Nunza’s choice to launch its operations in Dubai. With governing bodies and regulators like the Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority at the forefront, Dubai has a rich history of innovation. The UAE is experiencing growth, with rising demand for property, creating a positive outlook for the future. This highlights the region’s attractiveness as a destination for both living and investing.

Additionally, Kieron outlines the company’s mission and vision statements. He says, “Our mission is to help change the Real Estate market for the better by putting the customer first and giving them increased choice, control and trust when buying, selling, or renting a property. Our vision is to be the world’s leading property platform and a one-stop solution for all of your property-related needs.”

At Nunza, customers enjoy the convenience of its App and website but also ensure customers benefit from exposure on the UAE’s major property portals. The Nunza platforms efficiently facilitate direct connections between property owners and potential buyers or tenants, simplifying the process, saving time, reducing hassle and costs, and ensuring full verification for transparency and peace of mind. Additionally, legal intricacies are expertly handled by conveyancing experts, further enhancing the speed, ease, and certainty of property transfers. Notably, all parties involved pay only a fraction of the cost compared to traditional agents, maximizing overall value.

Kieron emphasizes, “At Nunza, we believe that no one knows your property better than you. This vital component allowed us to build an intuitive, easy-to-use platform allowing property owners to speak to buyers directly, book and conduct their own viewings highlighting the real selling points of their property, as well as receive and negotiate all offers directly.”

Taking a Closer Look at Kieron’s Role

In the startup world, the role of a CEO encompasses many responsibilities. Kieron juggles various tasks while wearing different hats simultaneously. However, at its core, his primary responsibility is to ensure customers receive excellent value and have a great experience. Nunza’s mission revolves around assisting and serving its clients, aiming to provide them with the best possible experience and making property transactions as smooth as property ownership itself.

Kieron recognizes that the real estate industry, which has remained relatively unchanged for decades, is on the cusp of technological transformation. He is well-positioned to lead Nunza’s transformation, not only in Dubai but on a broader scale as well. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing Nunza’s commitment to continuous improvement. They actively seek feedback, adapt to market trends, and embrace technological advancements to enhance client satisfaction.

Kieron firmly believes there is no conflict between what clients need and what Nunza aims to achieve. He further states, “My only objective is to ensure the customer gets the very best experience and service from Nunza, and I know if I am able to deliver that, then Nunza as a company will be a success.”

Approach to Motivating Teams and Fostering Inclusivity

Kieron understands that providing exceptional service is the best way to market Nunza and is essential for the company’s success. When asked about how he motivates and inspires his team to achieve their goals and objectives and the steps he takes to ensure a positive and inclusive workplace, he states that, as a new digital real estate company, they are a small but effective team, all motivated by a vision to become the world’s leading property platform. His team works towards achieving this vision by providing a digital solution that empowers people and brings about change. Additionally, the team cares deeply about individuals and believes they can assist them by simplifying the process, delivering solutions, and saving them time and money.

Kieron’s Take on Real Estate: Clearing the Fog of Misconceptions

Kieron believes that in today’s age, thanks to the internet and social media, people are better informed than ever. However, there is a widespread misconception that one must hire an agent to buy or sell property. While this option may be preferable for some who are willing to pay higher fees, it is not essential for those who are open to direct engagement with potential buyers. This approach can result in significant cost savings, and it is precisely what Nunza supports.

Furthermore, Kieron emphasizes that the primary goal for most property sellers is to secure buyers quickly and at an acceptable price. To achieve this, it is essential to consider the perspective of the buyer. By connecting directly with property owners, buyers gain access to individuals who know the property better than anyone else. They can receive prompt and knowledgeable responses without any communication barriers. Booking a viewing becomes a straightforward process, requiring the coordination of just two schedules instead of three. Moreover, when making an offer, there is complete transparency and peace of mind, as no third-party commission is involved in the process.

From Overload to Achieving Work-Life Balance

The real estate industry is known for its high demands, requiring considerable patience and time commitment. Consequently, finding quality time can be a challenge while working on projects. Kieron acknowledges this, stating, “Work-life balance has always been something I have failed at in the past when working for large financial institutions, and I am very lucky to have a very supportive and understanding wife. As I have aged, I have realized that quality time with the family where you are fully present is what really matters.” 

While the role of CEO is demanding, Kieron values the flexibility it provides in terms of work hours and location. This flexibility allows him to dedicate more time to his daughter and be present for important moments. It is all about striking the right balance between work and family that suits his lifestyle.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders in the Real Estate Industry

When asked for advice to offer aspiring leaders looking to begin their ventures in the real estate industry, Kieron explains, “First and foremost, it is important to be yourself. Too often, we try to play a persona or role at work, which can quickly lead us to be unhappy and fatigued, and often people can see through it anyway.”

Furthermore, he emphasizes that the real estate industry is challenging, frequently relying on commission-based or heavily commission-weighted structures. He advises against allowing commissions to drive your behavior; instead, focus on the client and their needs, and success will follow.

Additionally, Kieron reiterates the significance of work-life balance, which he mentioned earlier. He advises aspiring leaders to allocate quality time for themselves and their loved ones. He notes, “Few people look back on their lives and wish they had worked harder or longer hours, but many wish they had spent more time on self-care and with their loved ones.”


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