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Digitalization has become the key to survival in the competitive business ecosystem. While we undertake several tools and equipment to make our brand tech-friendly, there are few things that we might overlook. The online reputation of the brand being one of them. Today, even big brands need to have a good online reputation to retain their consumers. Although it may sound simple, the task is not. Digital marketing has always been in the play but has not been highly recognized in the industry. But digitalization has favored the marketing industries and put them in the spotlight.

The question is: which marketing agency should you prefer? Much of the marketing agencies are more about talking than work, while few fancy ad agencies may just not be pocket-friendly. KARMA jackTM Digital Marketing is combining the Detroit hustle and work ethic with the output of a fancy LA ad agency. KARMA jack focuses on eliminating the ‘if’ and focuses on the ‘do’ when it comes to marketing.

A Fruitful Opportunity

Established in 2017, the company was founded with the purpose to help businesses grow through strong ROI online tools and strategies. Joel Selletine (Founder and CEO) noticed an enormous opportunity for smaller-sized businesses to grow their companies quickly and profitably with digital advertising. Prior to KARMA jack, his previous endeavors saw a massive success due to the persistent focus on what matters most; a profitable return on investment. Joel knew the potential of digital marketing. Knowing that digital marketing is the future, he laid the foundation of KARMA jack with a mission to help businesses successfully grow. Soon after, the company began growing which meant it was time to assemble a team of digital marketing superstars.

Starting from only a handful, the team has grown into a 20+ staff. KARMA jack has a team of multi-faceted professionals, continually striving to drastically increase every client’s revenue.

We are the marketing arm you’ve always wanted,” said Halley Karas, COO of KARMA jack. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality management industry, she supervises almost everything client-facing to get them incredible growth in all avenues. Everything that happens first runs through her and is then delegated to the marketing superstars.

Good Karma Cycle

Both Joel and Halley come from a strong business background and this has been one of the key reasons behind the growth of the company.

We are successful in part because we are business people who understand service which allows us to connect with and provide value to our clients in a way that is exceptional,” said Karas.

KARMA jack prides itself as a growth-focused company—whatever digital platforms that may entail. The company would rather focus on the growth of the clients than focus on the competitors.

Apart from this, the driving force for the team is the goal of a $1M giveaway in college scholarships per year for the Detroit-area students in need. The team believes in good karma. And staying true to its name, the company launches Good KARMA initiatives of donating to a new charity every month, plus starting a scholarship and internship program. The team member gets to choose which charity to support so that they can help as many as they can.

We give back. Never because we have to. Always because we get to,” quotes Karas.

Challenges have always been a big part of any start-up, but good karma always circles back. For KARMA jack this meant massive growth, proving that if you do good, good happens to you in return. Today, the company is ranked amongst the leading marketing agencies and has to turn away clients if they lack specific qualifications. It is a great position to be in and allows the team more credibility, and helps them look at big picture decisions for sustainability—never having to chase a quick buck.

Extension Arm for Businesses

Over the years, KARMA jack has created proprietary advertising mechanisms within Google and Facebook that are getting its clients an unbelievable marketing ratio. The team also managed to build an entire e-commerce system from beginning to end. This allows the client to showcase a quality product and great service, and get results from multiple platforms from email marketing to texting and more.

KARMA jack has great relationships with its clients. The company sees itself as the extension of the client’s business and partners in growth. Highlighting some of the case studies, LA Made saw 1,568% revenue growth over the last year; Vintage Havana saw a 9x return on ad spend in November; and saved Shelving.com $500,000 in wasted online marketing costs.

Exploring the New Technology

With the advent of the pandemic, there was a huge wave of innovation. KARMA jack witnessed astronomical growth with the vast majority of its clients. The numbers are impressive—something the team had never experienced before the pandemic. The clients who trusted the advice of KARMA jack are witnessing incredible growth.

In the year 2021, the forced innovation of the pandemic will scale to new heights. “We’ve seen massive e-commerce growth, less of a need for brick and mortar, and reliance on digital advertising,” said Karas. The team hopes to see a hybrid healing and success of people and businesses alike.

For KARMA jack, the new normal has brought an opportunity to explore the potential of advanced technology like AI and AR. Combining the capabilities of technology in advertising will help businesses tremendously. “Plus looking at smartphone direct advertising vs. the old standard platforms. We want to help businesses get seen on every screen because we know people are chasing the tech. It really benefits everyone,” concludes Karas.

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