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Today, the concept of healthcare has changed to understanding lifestyle. This changed concept has definitely impacted our overall well-being. As a result, there is an increased demand in learning about nutrition that includes tips and tools for the prevention of diseases and improvement of lifestyle. This paradigm shift toward lifestyle has resulted in the emergence of various healthcare companies that are educating people on health and nutrition.

Striving to create a better living for people, Jump To Health helps educate and provide simple solutions to health challenges that can be improved with good nutrition. After sensing a gap in the marketplace, the company’s team decided to continue its mission of helping people learn, grow, and live healthily. It did not prefer working for companies where employees and customers were not valued or respected. These factors paved way for the establishment of Jump To Health. The company is formulated with a product line for helping people with common health issues such as blood sugar, weight, gut health and others, through education, meal plans, natural products, and tools. 

Comprehensive Healthcare Plans

Jump To Health™ offers meal plans and information for every lifestyle—vegan or vegetarian, blood sugar management, and others. Its simple ‘New You In 22’  program, and the “Power of 2” program has been designed to help people detox from sugars, chemicals, and get healthier with a simple plan for those who do not want to worry about what they can eat or weigh and measure. The company offers more education and information as well as a supportive community that helps encourage others for continuing on their health journey. It also rewards people with various gifts, for building fun and a community.

Jump To Health™ stands out with the following exclusivities:

  • Natural products with better taste and higher quality ingredients to deliver results at better prices. These also help with muscle-building power, better blood sugar control, gut health, and mood;
  • Meals and recipes the whole family can enjoy, most in under 30 minutes;
  • Result-Oriented Impacts such as better sleep, A1C, blood pressure, weight and many more;
  • Science-backed and Nutritionist created products, meal plans, recipes;
  • Plethora of free product opportunities and programs such as 3 for Free program, Customer Give $10 Get $10 program, and Customer Loyalty program, which allows earning free products or cash for being a member;
  • Various Membership perks – including travel, entertainment, and much more;
  • Walk To Give’ program through which people could walk and upload their steps, and those steps further add up to donations to Feeding America;
  • The innovative ‘New You In 22’ helps people attain fast and healthy results. It helps people detox from sugars and chemicals hidden in foods, reset their metabolism, boost healthy stem cells, and lose weight while eating delicious foods and meals.

Robust Leader at the Core

At the helm of the company, Audrey Sommerfeld (Co-founder and CEO) spearheads the team of Jump To Health™. While surpassing busy days and other challenges such as the ones induced by the pandemic, Audrey centralizes her focus on customers and the team. Meanwhile, she also ensures conducting discussions on several aspects with the management team. These include how to serve better, create a great experience, and many more. “From inventory to shipping, ordering and websites, education and tools to recipes and reporting—every day is busy, and a joy to know we are building a great company, a great future,” adds Audrey. 

The team of Jump To Health™ stands out with the profuse and vast experience of its members. According to Audrey, “Our team has worked together, in other companies, and built them to success before.” She further adds that the company’s nutrition team is renowned for creating formulas globally that changed millions of lives. Additionally, its management team has worked together and respected and challenged each other to do more always.

COVID Management

The COVID-19 pandemic had a striking effect on the functioning and operations of the healthcare industry. However, Jump To Health™ stepped up its training and education on things people can do to boost their immune health and defend their health. Its products naturally boost the probiotics in the gut—helping the gut-brain axis, a new and emerging area of health care.

Like several companies during the pandemic, Jump To Health™ used a series of ways to reach out and connect. It maintained communications more frequently to cater to the customers’ needs and answered their wants at the earliest possible hour through zoom meetings, webinars, phone calls and others. The company further stepped up its commitments to its manufacturing partners to keep inventory in stock. With the restoration of COVID restrictions, Jump To Health is resuming in-person meetings.

Expansive Future Envisions

Jump To Health’s first goal is to continue expanding the ‘New You In 2022’ and introducing the program to more people. It aspires to become global and include several new products and services in its arsenal of formulas. The company is also planning on expanding its education programs by offering more programs on nutrition and some on personal development. Jump To Health will also expand into financial education and other areas to help people live their best life. “Our goal is not to be just a great product company, but a great lifestyle company,” asserts Audrey.

In the next few years, Audrey envisions more customization and personalization in the way people care for their bodies and lifestyles. Everyone has their unique need for better health, wealth, living, and giving. Jump To Health plans to continue building its programs to meet the diverse needs of its consumers. She further anticipates changes in dosing of medications, the return of nutrition education in schools, along with more training to the healthcare workers. “I am hoping that we see more and more approaches to holistic health, and that Jump To Health™ can play a big role in that change,” concludes Audrey.


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