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For many years, credit card payments have remained one of the largest used payment options by volume. Although the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has always relied on new business innovations and initiatives, various businesses in the industry still completely rely on credit card processing as a prime driver of profits. Generous welcome offers and rewards opportunities attract new users into getting the wholesome benefits of these cards.

Joshua Benedetti the founder and CEO of Card Z3N is an innovative leader that combines card processing and merchant services to provide unique solutions. His approach helps organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. The Las Vegas-based company, established in 2018–specializes in various merchant services, credit card processing, payroll, business loans, business lending, and business working capital.

A Dedicated Thought Leader

Joshua is an aspirational and self-motivated leader. He started learning about the financial services industry after completing high school. In 2001, he started working as an investment banker, where he gained insights into the banking and finance industry. Further, Joshua spent 10 years in the aerospace and defense industry—working for multiple companies. Being a part of the industry, Joshua discovered various gaps in the financial systems. The technology and the cost of maintaining the payments were rather frustrating and unnecessary. So, he decided to provide a solution for the two industries and later developed AerospacePay—a subsidiary of Card Z3N.

Joshua is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ICGB) and a Harvard Law School Graduate. He worked as a consultant, program manager, and a Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Liaison for 12 years before establishing Card Z3N. He is skilled in management, strategic planning, strategizing for business, leadership, and marketing. With his experience in the financial services sector, Joshua involves actively with the clients.

“Most of my responsibilities in the company are focused on continual improvement—how can we do things better and faster while providing a human touch,” says Joshua.

Supremacy in the Industry

Card Z3N provides a wide variety of services in the payment card ecosystem. It has a unique strategic approach for success. The company provides solutions to the client’s needs and has created a feedback cycle that helps it improve the quality of services. Additionally, Card Z3N also offers a free review to the customers. This process helps the company understand the client’s requirements, possible issues, current performance, and areas of improvement in the future. Card Z3N’s solutions also include exclusive merchant services like credit card processing, online payroll, HR, and benefits.

The subsidiary company AerospacePay provides one-of-a-kind premium payments solutions within the aviation and defense industry. It offers multiple payment solutions to aviation merchants, including B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) payments. The platform also offers payments for High Dollar Ticket Transactions, Government cards like IMPAC and GSA, Point of Sale Transactional Data (PoST), and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).

The transactions via Card Z3N and AerospacePay are highly secure. The companies ensure the highest security along with features like Robust Reporting, Electronic Invoicing, Multiple Currencies, Transaction Routing, and QuickBooks Sync.

A Global Footprint

Currently, there are very few merchant service providers that onboard globally. Card Z3N has created viable relationships globally. Joshua mentions that the company can onboard merchants throughout the United States, Canada, South America, United Kingdom, the European Union, Middle East, Australia, and several regions in the Asian continent. As a result, it has created its consumer and client base in multiple countries. Presently, Card Z3N processes transactions in numerous international currencies. Joshua’s diligence combined with his experience has gained the trust of thousands globally.

Another important service that Card Z3N offers is AR Management, including AI-powered collections without human interaction or involvement. The service is integrated with the payment gateway to collect payments. “We also provide integrated chargeback alerts and mitigation, 1-click business funding, and online HR and payroll service,” adds Joshua

Challenges during the Pandemic

The payment industry faced several challenges during the COVID-19 period. Card Z3N itself had to switch to online channels permanently—the merchants were provided with a different payment channel. The company also had to manage the billing-related issues, along with disputes over cashback and rewards.

Card Z3N increased its emphasis on adding and enabling contactless payment options during the period. Further, issues related to the supply chain and backorders of equipment posed an additional challenge during the uncertain period. Under Joshua’s exemplary leadership, the company resolved its internal issues and managed to survive–while generating significant profits.

“By the mid of 2021, we will surpass our entire 2020 revenue. I believe this speaks for itself and how our customers value our service,” says Joshua.

Leading to the Future

The speed at which the technology is evolving is directly proportional to the rate at which the consumers and businesses expect enhancements. “This leads to a balancing act of producing a quality product exceeding customer expectations and staying ahead of the competition,” mentions Joshua.

Card Z3N has successfully created such a balance. It has exceeded the customer’s expectations while maintaining the quality of its product. This has enhanced the consumer and client base of the company and helped it stay ahead of the competition. In recent times, Card Z3N significantly worked on improving its e-signature and onboarding process. This was aimed to achieve a reduced time and enhance user experience. Its redeveloped chargeback or repayment alert and remediation program also increased the accessibility and experience for the client. With improved communication and interaction with the team members, customers, and partners—Card Z3N has excelled at building credible products along with a team of talented individuals from around the country.

Card Z3N

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