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Work efficiency and employee productivity play a strong role in boosting a business. Ensuring a productive workplace and efficient work can directly result in the production of quality work and enhanced business. However, instability in terms of productivity and efficiency can impact the daily operations of an organization.

When Attila Vadasz (Founder) conceptualized the idea of encountering declining work efficiency and productivity and established JobCTRL Inc. in 2010. Attila derived the idea for JobCTRL from the fact that he was unable to directly supervise and motivate the employees working for his other IT company. He was seeking an incentive that met his expectations while increasing efficiency within the company to help him make decisions based on real-time and accurate information. After receiving appreciation for his prototype, Attila decided to build a product—which resulted in the development of JC360.

After surveying work efficiency, Attila concluded that the rate of effective work has significantly decreased over the years. He realized that it was worth addressing the issue and the necessity of implementing an effective solution. Additionally, the onset of the pandemic changed every aspect of business instantaneously—mandating work from home and organizations to change their operations. JC360 has been invented to facilitate companies during transitions in business operations by measuring, analyzing, and motivating anyone irrespective of their work location.

Effective Work-time Assessment

JC360 is a methodology and application that provides a real-time automated working time measurement and analysis service tailored to the unique needs of companies. When an employee works on a desktop or uses a mobile device, the tool captures data from screens, process names, URL-s, email subjects or even from a phone call without any integration and analyses the working time, time spent on tasks and projects, location of the job, and many more.

JC360 enables the following features:

  • Analyzing the time spent on each transaction, task, or project, able to separate non-work activities from real work;
  • Making productivity transparent and comparable between individuals and groups, allowing an organization-level goal to be set;
  • Ability to measure and analyze complex workflows at the transaction level;
  • Ensuring maximum utilization of the workforce and helping create the conditions for flexible employment in new forms of employment.

JC360 provides a well-documented environment for all of its users. Its intelligent analytics provide reliable insight into any organization’s day-to-day operations and enable managers to make the best decisions in real-time. The software can be customized for each company to create unique KPIs and motivational incentives. Currently, it is used in about 15 countries in many sectors and by several organizations such as Deloitte Tohmatsu and Magyar Telekom, where a total of three thousand people use JC360.

People-Centered Approach

Although being a technology-development company, JobCTRL harbors a people-centered approach.  Providing services in various countries where different cultures and work cultures are practiced is a huge challenge. JobCTRL understands these differences and simultaneously tries to incorporate them into its solution, thus providing much more freedom of use for its clients anywhere in the world from South-Korea to Brazil.

Spearheaded by Proficient Leader

Being at the helm, Attila is attentive and undertakes the responsibility of learning about the processes that will determine the forms of future work in the world. He quotes, “We don’t want to follow trends but we would like to define them.” Concerning the growing demands for hybrid and flexible forms of employment, JobCTRL’s goal is to help companies—that are still in the process of making a decision—see the potential of JC360 in being one of the pillars of their digital transformation.

Attila spearheads the team of JobCTRL. As a leader, he ensures intact motivation by ensuring transparency, predictability, and flexibility. He tries to create a homely environment where colleagues can enjoy the challenges. The team is transparent with each other, puts the goals together quarterly, welcomes new ideas at any time, and is allowed access to sales reports in real-time. With several new ideas lining up for implementation, the company provides maximum flexibility in working hours. The teams set their own work schedule and decide whether to work online or be in the office. 

Evaluating Strengths and Strategies

Despite its detrimental impacts on businesses around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic did not significantly affect JobCTRL’s internal operation. Being JC360 users and flexible employment enabled the company to surpass the business restrictions induced by the pandemic, and it shifted to working from home. To generate a clearer picture of its productivity and aspects of online working, the company set and measured new group and organizational goals through its system.

Taking into account the experience and results of the last year, we have decided that our operation will be fully switched to the so-called hybrid model in the longer term, taking full advantage of it,” states Attila. Moreover, the company’s interest in its service increased as several other companies opted for telecommuting and required a tool that helped reduce the risk of home office deployment while providing sufficient transparency.

Comprehending a Good Learning Curve

Attila remarks, “As an IT company, I might say we were lucky because we have been interested in such markets that cried out for help, as digitization has been further accelerated by the pandemic.” Due to its company size, it was easier for JobCTRL to adapt to its operational requirements during the lockdown.

JobCTRL experienced a good learning curve as its capabilities, boundaries, and the ability to quickly respond to changes were tested. JobCTRL aims to continue fostering its greatest strength—flexibility, and adaptability—in the future, irrespective of how big it grows.

Assessing the Start-up Sector

Attila believes that having a good idea about the market requirements helps individuals to develop products smoothly. Although one might face increasing competition that is followed by emerging customers’ needs but will also gain several good ideas that are required to be implemented immediately. Moreover, everything cannot be delivered as plenty of time and money are required for fulfilling every process. However, one of the most critical areas is navigating the products’ life cycles among the several available options.


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