Ivan Muts: Maximizing the Potentials of Software Development with Adaptive Leadership

Ivan Muts

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The software development industry is presently witnessing a transformation. Latest trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, human augmentation, etc. have significantly changed the dynamics of software development. To cater to the increased demand for new software and thrive in the cutthroat competition, the leaders in the industry have to be acquainted with the latest developments and changing market demands. They have to be proactive and agile while leading their companies. 

While several leaders fail to adapt with the changing realities in the industry, visionaries such as Ivan Muts (co-founder and the CEO of Euristiq) have managed to successfully thrive and lead the competition. With his prospering leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset, Ivan has immensely contributed to the growth of the company.

Ivan co-founded Euristiq in 2016 along with his friend Pavlo Tkhir with an aim to transform technical challenges into outstanding digital solutions. Both Ivan and Pavlo had been working as long-term employees at different IT companies and envisioned to unlock new heights in their career by establishing their own company. While working in the IT sector, Ivan and Pavlo had accumulated enough experience to build their own organization. The duo has been leveraging this experience to lead Euristiq to become one of the robust software development companies in the industry. 

Exclusive Portfolio of Solutions

Euristiq began as a staff augmentation company that provides qualified teams for different software development projects. Responding to the market demand, the company transitioned to become a project-based company and offered end-to-end development services—providing more value to the clients. Fixed-price projects encompassed problems of the business which helped the company provide complete solutions instead of concentrating on some technical parts. 

Currently, there are numerous software development companies that offer similar services. However, Euristiq stands out with its unique and high-performance software solutions. The company focuses on delivering IoT, Cloud, and platform development solutions and upholds strong technical expertise. It collaborates with startups and enterprise-level clients. Euristiq also modernizes, integrates, and builds complicated IoT systems with millions of connected devices in use and creates custom high-performance end-to-end solutions while solving particular business objectives for the clients. 

Being at the helm of Euristiq, Ivan centralizes his primary responsibility around ensuring the continuous and consistent growth of the company. Elucidating his roles and responsibilities, Ivan quotes, “I am the first contact point.” He ensures that the company is following a defined strategy and all the processes are aligned with the mission of the company. Ivan also prioritizes working with clients, participating in the sales process, collaborating with the marketing team, and much more. 

Managing Crisis with Adaptive Leadership

In comparison to the other industries, the software development sector was the least affected by the pandemic. Majority of software engineers could work remotely without any disruptions. However, certain projects belonging to sectors such as travel, arts or sports were adjourned. The pandemic increased demand for the digital transformation process and many organizations integrated new technologies to stay afloat. It put a lot of pressure on leaders and compelled them to make complex decisions and hard choices. 

Emphasizing how different leadership skills were required to handle the crisis, Ivan states that being a leader means having a clear vision for the team or company. According to him, businesses currently need a leader who can change the course to growth and innovations. He quotes, “Adaptive leadership has become the most important. I find the pandemic a good business school for leaders, as it has taught us how to deal with unprecedented situations.”

Owing to the pandemic, Euristiq had to halt several projects and make necessary amendments. The corporate culture suffered as the company is a community of closely acquainted people who like working and partying together. As situations have started to ease, new projects have begun. Ivan believes as more people are getting vaccinated, the company’s corporate culture will thrive again. 

Leveraging the Promising Aspects of IT 

Ivan envisages the promising aspects of the IT sector as it is one of the fastest growing sectors. He states that software development cannot be perceived as a separate sector as it is tightly integrated with other industries. Be it healthcare, agriculture or automotive, every sector is experiencing growth due digital transformation and automation. He further adds that IT has become indispensable for the proper functioning of modern businesses. Elaborating the exclusivities offered by the IT industry, Ivan quotes, “If an entrepreneur even from a different industry would like to try their hand at IT projects, or introduce digitalization in their organization, it can yield great results. Any industry can be welcoming for a person with an entrepreneurial set of mind.”

The IT sector comprises of software engineers as well as designers, marketing specialists and many more. IT holds the potential for growth for people belonging to different industries. People from different walks of life can grow professionally and thrive in IT, with a unique contribution to the industry using their background and experience. 

To flourish in this vast and diverse industry, Ivan encourages people to explore and pursue their passion. He also recommends reading books as books have a powerful influence over one’s vision. “I think they can help you grow, can be eye-opening, and useful to everyone – not just aspiring entrepreneurs, but IT professionals, or regular people interested in self-development,” he quotes. Some of the books he recommends are—The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, and Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. 

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