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The waves of digitalisation have endowed customers and have brought new ways of interaction between customers and enterprises, taking customer experience to the whole new level. Advancements in technologies like cloud and big data analytics are being used to design, manage, and improve customer experience. Besides, many developments are made to help companies track, manage, and enrich the customer’s journey. Owing to this, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is at the centre stage for every organization. Ultimately, the quality of experience offered by the enterprise to the customer is going to influence the destiny of the enterprise. Today, new and advanced business models are developed to uplift the entire customer experience, making this area a crucial and central part of every organization. Things are getting even better with Intense Technologies digital technology platform, UniServe ™ NXT.

Company with Award-winning Products

Headquartered in Telangana, Intense Technologies develops software products used for digitalization of customer experience lifecycle and makes it more customer-centric with reduced operational expenses which tends to elevate the entire user experience. Its enterprise software products are used all over the globe, having customers in more than 45 countries across 4 continents. With more than 10 years of experience, the leading CEM solutions providing company has an enormous enterprise knowledge in telecom domain. Intense Technologies was established with the mission to develop automated solutions for customer experience lifecycle and now, it has introduced a digital technology platform UniServe ™ NXT.

UniServe ™ NXT empowers the reengineering of business information processes and develops enterprise applications that facilitate seamless collaboration with employees, customers, processes, partners and connected things. UniServe ™ NXT is a Rapid Enterprise Application Production platform built with strong modules such as Data Virtualizations, Microservices, RPA, and sandbox, configurable APIs, AI and Bots. It gives the freedom to create, manage, scale, and evolve rapidly and dynamically in this age of digital transformation. This next-gen platform also assists in automating the process of customer acquirement & engagement and delivers first-rate customer experience. Additionally, it is engineered to use an outside-in approach that puts customers first, making it customer-centric. The platform is designed to help organizations to enrich the customer experience, control operational expenses and explore new business models and revenue streams. Moreover, the software products seamlessly integrate into the existing system. As a consequence, the solutions range from customer onboarding, customer communication management, customer engagement hub, financial reconciliation to customer identity management, B2B customer experience, modernize order management and omnichannel customer experience.

Assisting Clients with CEM Expertise and Impressive Outcomes

The award-winning products by Intense Technologies integrate into the client’s current system flawlessly without replacing existing IT infrastructure. Moreover, these technologies assist the organization to swiftly develop applications that suits the requirements of the business. Today, it processes about 25 billion USD worth of client revenue data, helps 2.5 million onboard customers daily. Owing to its CEM expertise and impressive outcomes, Intense Technologies has marked its presence in various sectors such as Communication and Media, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Energy and utilities, Government, and Manufacturing.

Prepared to Tackle with New Technologies

Since their inception, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) have made lot of changes in various fields and are now reforming customer interactions. Furthermore, AI and other disruptive technologies are exponentially changing the nature of computers and that’s why modern enterprises must be proactive about how these technologies could be implanted in their current customer interfacing processes.

Coming to the rescue is UniServe ™ NXT, offering plug and play modules for advanced technologies and supporting enterprises to be future ready. Moreover, the platform is driven by next-generation technologies such as RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control), which provides privacy and security to the enterprise data.

Leader with Strategies and Passion

K. Shastri, the Founder of Intense Technologies, believes in leadership through transparency and empowerment. He has pioneered the territories of digital transformation and customer experience and put India on the global stage in enterprise software products development. His leadership has instigated the strength to strength growth of Intense Technologies and today, the company is acknowledged as a global technology leader. C.K. Shastri plays an active role in defining the future strategies of the company and designs the GTM strategies for several geographies. He spends time with every department like operations, marketing, R&D, and sales and gives them valuable strategic direction. The dynamic Founder also enjoys interacting and maintaining good relationship with the customers.

C. K. Shastri is also deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and hopes to maintain India’s place on the worldwide stage for excellence in enterprise software products development. Furthermore, he is fervent about piloting the technology roadmap of Intense Technologies and establishing its top-most positioning. He strongly believes that technology can solve a lot of human problems if used in the right way. Keeping his personal belief in mind that digital customer experience will become a competitive differentiator, the versatile founder makes sure that his team understands and contributes towards building tech-driven and transformational solutions.

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