Infogram: A User-Friendly Platform For Creating Interactive Data Visualizations And Infographics

Alise Dirika, Co-founder, Infogram

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In today’s digital marketing landscape, visuals play a crucial role for organizations in attracting audiences. All types of businesses, irrespective of industry or size are using data visualization tools to make their data insightful and eye-catchy. But, back then in 2012, data visualization platforms were mostly used by data-driven organizations who were converting their data into meaningful information. Many SMEs and startups did not even know about which tool to opt for data visualization.

During the same time, Uldis Leiterts and Raimonds Kaže were facing a similar dilemma. While working for one of the biggest media company in Baltics, both Uldis and Raimonds used to create interactive projects for journalists and data visualization, interactive maps, and campaigns for social networking sites. But, the duo soon realized that journalists did not have DIY tools to cover basic needs such as easy creation of interactive visual content that would work on all screens. Therefore, together with Alise Dīrika, Uldis and Raimonds Co-founded Infogram, a data visualization and infographics platform developed for companies and consumers around the world.

Making the Presence Felt on Media Sites

In the initial days at Infogram, marketing was carried out through PR (public relations) and words from the mouth. Owing to its creative approaches, the company was then featured on the largest tech media sites and as a result, gained the much needed exposure for making their presence felt in the targeted media sector. Additionally, through viral mechanism designing, it circulated infographics that helped in gaining the first thousands of consumers. Whenever Infogram’s infographics were shared, the viewers identified their logo and came to know about its unique tool. After that, Infogram’s user base elevated, thereby making the Co-founders segment so that they can manage contacts and know more about leads and best acquisition channels.

Offering an Intuitive and Lightweight Data Visualization Tool

Infogram creates data-driven, interactive experiences that fully engage its client audiences without them writing a single line of code. Users can build real-time, interactive, beautiful, shareable, and downloadable infographics using more than 35 chart types, text objects, videos, image, and maps. To connect and engage the audience, the company offers a variety of services such as infographics, data visualization, graphs, charts, data storytelling, maps, reports, presentation, data storytelling, and visual communication.

It also allows users to integrate with powerful media apps such as Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, and Iframe. Moreover, users can import their data with ease from Excel, Dropbox, Json, Google Analytics, and more. It offers an intuitive, lightweight data editor, which lets its customers easily edit colors and styles, add icons, and set display options to make their data shine. Previously, Infogram’s primary targeted industry was media but now, it has expanded to education, marketing, nonprofit, and government verticals. Basically, Infogram’s impressive offerings are for all those who need visual communication and a medium to market their ideas to the mass audience.

Delivering Benefits to Attract More Customers 

Presently, there are various tools available for data visualization and infographics in the market. But, Infogram’s tool is different and unique from others. Following are the key benefits, which the company offers its clients and uses to attract more customers.

  • Improved user engagement: The pages containing innovative charts and infographics show significantly higher reader engagement.
  • Faster content generation: The tools allow customers to create, customize, and download/publish Infogram charts within minutes without any coding or design skills.
  • Maintain brand consistency: Users can select their own color palette, fonts, logos, icons and keep a visual identity.
  • Visualize endless possibilities: Infogram’s data upload options; beautiful templates, easy-to-use editor, and a wide variety of publishing methods offer the best means to craft the perfect visualization to meet users’ needs.
  • Interactive data visualization: Interactive chart and map can be added to an online article or website’s content.

Adding Valuable Changes to Lead the Market

Infogram uses different approaches which helps the leading designing company to stay ahead of its competitors. The company focuses on the following mentioned key-points while delivering software to clients.

  • It focuses on data visualization through a wide variety of charts and maps.
  • It makes the publishing process easier and customers can add them to a website with responsive embeds or downloads as image or pdf, png, jpg, pdf, html, embed, gif.
  • It creates content faster than other tools.

It also adds numerous valuable changes to the products to save time and more features like interactive content to make its clients stand out from their competitors.

A Creative Leader behind Infogram’s User Friendliness   

Having an educational background in graphics design, Alise began working with graphics, designing of infographics, charts and visual outputs, and then with UI and UX design. Prior to Infogram, she worked in advertising, cultural organizations, freelancing. As the Co-founder of Infogram, Alise’s primary responsibility is to build tools for today’s communication experts. With them, users can easily connect with their audience through interactive content as well as constantly improve their further engagement.

Pearl of Wisdom from Alise Dīrika

As the Co-founder of a prominent data visualization company, Alise shares her beneficial advice for marketing professionals. Her advice is to monitor the latest market trends and modify the marketing strategy accordingly. Alise further says to focus on delivering interactive content because it will possibly continue to escalate in the future. She also recommends following the best industry professionals from SaaS such as Dave Gerhard from Drift.

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