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Billions of documents are created and filed all over the world each day for business and personal use. Consequently, saving valuable trees has become the main concern as technological advancements open doors of opportunities to mitigate paper problems that eventually turn waste in the environment.

One of the fastest-growing organizations, Infobuilder Technologies Inc. has taken a move towards using technology to minimize paper use. Philippine-based Information Technology firm understands the significance of this green cause that supports the nation economy. Furthermore, the strong leverage on mutual and complementary strengths in technical know-how, sales, and marketing competencies, made the organization a pioneer in introducing innovative technology through execution of Document Management Systems (DMS). Infobuilder’s DMS solutions provide the newest and most systematic ways of managing documents, which are paper-less, hassle-free, and with easy access to various clients, mostly large industries in the country.

Certified and Preconfigured DMS Solutions for Multiple Departments

Increasing regulatory compliance in the Philippines is driving the demand for large DMS projects. While DMS is still in its infancy stage in the Philippines, Infobuilder Technologies has seen growing requirement for digital transformation that is present in all industries, especially in the financial sector. In 2008, the company was introduced to OT-Documentum, an enterprise content management (ECM) platform that offers a wide range of document management solutions. Since then, Infobuilder team embraced their full spectrum of products and evolved to be an organization focused on DMS technology.

In April 2014, the organization developed their first certified solution for OT-Documentum called Compleo. The solution is tailor-made for document compliance as it carries out all compliance-related processes in the web like application and submission, client on-boarding, and issuance of licenses and certificates. Compleo is packed with rich functionalities for document compliance and workflows for enabling paperless processing.

Considering that DMS’ increasing presence in all industries, Infobuilder Technologies developed a pre-configured DMS solution, similar to an ERP for DMS. The service offers preconfigured solutions for various operating departments that include Accounting, Human Resource, Legal, Operations, and Sales and Marketing. Additionally, the company has special DMS templates for banks, insurance, real estate, and large construction projects.

Caring for Clients and Working towards a Greener Legacy

Infobuilder is a company that cares for their clients. Infobuilder reinforces the benefits of Document Management Solutions technology to as many clients as they can reach because they believe that it is the social responsibility to apply the advantages of technology in helping human nature and maintain its abundance. Together, with their clients and partners, Infobuilder is working towards a Greener Legacy for an empowered future. InfoBuilders’ Consulting combines highly skilled and qualified professionals with proven best practice methodologies developed through real-world experience with their clients.

The company strives to build opportunities for their existing clients. Infobuilder boasts of having a rich experience in document management utilization that range from enterprise-wide DMS operation to cross-departmental workflows and even document portals. The organization has successfully implemented projects across a large spectrum of the industries that include banking, insurance, oil and gas, utility and government. Infobuilder’s success continues to attract new clients. As a former SAP implementor, the company follows Accelerated SAP implementation methodology. Infobuilder has created pre-configured templates for defining project organization for DMS, developing the blueprint, conducting training, performing UATs, performing Health Checks and support.

Leading the Industry with Focus on OT-Documentum Technology

Leveraging the deep vertical competency in DMS to capture a wide array of industries in the market, Infobuilder focuses on OT-Documentum technology. Within DMS arena, the company cover related technologies like Customer Communications Management, Archiving Solutions, Mobile Captiva, Content Analytics, Trusted Content Services and many more. In the blueprint guide of the project service, each project is carefully planned, designed and written in black and white for clients’ benefit and for expert’s use. With such accurate planning, the company ensures the quality and efficiency of the solution.

CEO Alleviating the Growth by Conceptualizing New Projects

As a Managing Director and CEO of Infobuilder Technologies, Inc., Enrico Ibana is responsible for successful integration of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to a number of large corporations in various industries in the Philippines. Moreover, Enrico makes sure the application and roll-out of the pre-configured DMS with templates are fully delegated to the project managers. Enrico gets involved in the conceptualization of new and pioneering templates. According to Enrico, the organization needs to continually evolve the products and services to be on track with the latest technologies in the market.

Building Greater Client Relations with Quality DMS Solutions

With the mission of engendering the highest-quality service in the documents, Infobuilder Technologies has developed the unique content management service that meets quality time, cost, and environmental-friendly objectives in each implementation of a project. Thus, a genuine sense of social responsibility and care for the environment puts the company in a sustainable growth stance, moving onward, building technologies toward a Greener Legacy.

Currently, the organization is engaging with one of the biggest banks in the Philippines and covers the development, maintenance and support of their DMS needs. Infobuilder architected their DMS solution such that it handles the entire document lifecycle from capture to the retirement of most banking documents.

Another pioneering engagement is the Company Registration System (CRS) for a large government agency in the Philippines. CRS in an online company registration system that is enabled by a series of Documentum workflows and lifecycles. CRS moves applications and documents to various review and approval stages of the company registration process.

CEO’s Impeccable Advice for Youngsters

With more than 30 years of IT experience and a strong ERP background, Enrico’s company has one of the richest experiences in implementing DMS for various applications and industries in the country. While giving his precious advice to youngsters wanting to join the industry, Enrico reminds them to ‘obey the law of the farm.’ The well-versed Enrico says, “Consulting is ripened through years of hard work and experience. There is no shortcut.”

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