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Every day, every week, there is a new revelation of a massive cyber breach somewhere in the world. As these cybersecurity threats rise, the number and extent of the cybersecurity regulations get strict and highly complex. These regulations are created to establish a set of strong cybersecurity practices to protect consumers and support the stability of the global economy. Today, most businesses struggle to manage these complex cybersecurity compliance requirements across multiple regulations, standards, and frameworks. Oftentimes, they exert a significant burden on the company’s resources which results in inefficiencies, time consumption, and substantially impact the overall productivity of an organization.

Similarly, current solutions for compliance and risk management allow more time to concentrate on business workflow by allowing dedicated staff to understand the impacts of specific cybersecurity and cyber compliance risks. Comprehensive compliance technology architecture is used by several organizations to make compliance an active and living part of the organization. But, effective compliance requires technology that has a solid system of record—demonstrating a state of compliance, documenting any changes made, while also providing a complete audit trail.

The inCyber Approach to Simplify Compliance Guidelines

Over the last few years, increasing attention has been paid to compliance and risk management. It has become an integral part in managing a company’s corporate structure. In addition, a company’s internal regulations and regulatory framework are important considerations, placing significance on how rules and regulations are controlled internally. Therefore, there is a need for advanced technologies that simplify the time consuming and complex cybersecurity compliance guidelines, which further enable the companies to focus on other business priorities.

Chicago-based inCyber Compliance is dedicated to simplify and automate the overly complex cybersecurity compliance guidelines set by regulators using its advanced solution—inCyberDashTM. The company was established by Erik Kellogg to ensure that the clients’ organizations comply with the latest regulations and internal standards. inCyberDashTM solution developed by Erik and his dedicated team members enable non-technical executives and board members to take part in cyber risk decisions. It also empowers compliance and technology professionals to take control of their firm’s adherence to complex cybersecurity regulations and best practices.

Unique Features of inCyberDash™ Platform with AI Engine

To offer the best service to clients, the expert team of inCyber Compliance identifies the key cyber compliance requirements and utilize them for very specific technology settings. The team works with pivotal technology, security, compliance, and regulatory professionals to maintain and create a comprehensive database of cyber regulations. Further, the inCyber’s highly automated system continuously audits those settings within the clients’ infrastructure and clearly states if they are within regulatory cybersecurity guidelines. If a client’s system doesn’t fall within the guidelines, the intuitive dashboard then clearly indicates the proper settings or policies that should be updated.

Moreover, the dedicated employees of inCyber constantly keep the pace with the dynamic regulatory environment and provide responsive and consultative service to its clients. This superior quality service is highly recognized by its clients, which helps the company to strengthen the trust within the existing client base and gain new customers within similar peer groups.

Additionally, the inCyberDash™ proprietary AI engine works in conjunction with SMEs to constantly expand and shape the compliance algorithm. The engine also provides regulatory updates regarding the formation of new trends and priorities in cybersecurity and compliance. The intelligent engine continually updates clients’ dashboards to align them with the latest regulatory cyber guidelines.

A Leader with Enormous Experience and Enthusiasm

Erik Kellogg, the Founder & CEO of inCyber Compliance is leading the company with his extensive industry experience totalling 20 plus years. He is a cybersecurity expert with a proven track record of helping businesses protect themselves from cyber threats and adhere to industry regulations. Erik’s experience and expertise include; System Admin, Professional Trader, Director of Information Security, Network Engineer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Today, at inCyber, Erik focuses on overall product strategy to ensure that the suitable cyber compliance expertise is made available to the client via inCyberDash™ platform. Virtually, every state in the US has its own cybersecurity regulations for data security standards. Likewise, a host of federal agencies have their own regulations protecting consumers’ financial data, health records, data collection, and other important records. Each guideline and regulation come up with own disclosure requirements. Hence, the CEO is always looking for ways to enhance inCyberDash™ platform based on the feedback received from the clients who are spread across the nation. In addition, Eric strives to build and maintain relationships with security and compliance teams across all industries so that the team can utilize the views of dynamic and experienced cyber compliance experts to upgrade the platform on a global level. Moving forward and aiming to expand inCyber service area, the CEO and his expert team are currently working to explore various verticals.

inCyber Compliance“Millennials prefer innovative, progressive companies,” says Erik

Erik finally explains how the millennial workforce will be attracted towards the cybersecurity compliance and regulatory industry. He predicts, “I think this will happen naturally as millennials enter the Regtech workforce. Millennials are looking for entrepreneurial, innovative, and progressive software companies. inCyber Compliance is strong in all these areas as well as offering flexible work arrangements.” These thoughts clearly uncover the current wants of millennials from the organizations and Erik has already been offering such environment at inCyber which is practically healthy for such individuals.

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