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Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays an important role in reducing the number of negative SERP and reviews about a company/brand on the one hand, and increase the positive ones on the other. Through ORM, a brand can insert new and relevant content that pushes the unwanted content down in the search ranking. In many ways, it positively affects the company’s bottom line and customer loyalty. An effective online reputation management strategy provides companies with new opportunities and insights on increasing brand awareness, helps in building upon the existing customer base, and attracts new customers onto the company’s website and social media profiles.

However, ORM is a complex methodology as it utilizes several different aspects of PR and press generation, optimizing the assets and backlink acquisition (SEO), brand monitoring, and real-time engagement as well as technical work with Google’s TOS and certain web hosts. It is a true art to master online reputation management. Established in 2013, InboundJunction is one of the few companies that specialize in providing cutting-edge ORM services. The Tel Aviv-based company was founded with a mission to deliver top-notch services to well-known brands around the world and become reputable marketers.

Portfolio of Integrated Services and Solutions

InboundJunction’s well-versed team has years of experience providing top-notch services to online businesses and startups. The prominent services offered by the company include,

  • Online Reputation Management: This takes control of the conversations about the company and personal brand by creating and promoting positive media presences that outrank problematic content. The company provides services such as Brand Monitoring, Damage Assessment, Taking Action, Optimization & Support, Google De-Index, or Content Removal, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): InboundJunction delivers comprehensive SEO, which is a complicated and multifaceted process. The SEO services provided by the company include Website Audit & Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Website Optimization, Link Building, Domain Authority Boost, etc. These services enable companies to get their websites’ best pages ranking at the top of Google search results for the keywords and the topics that matter the most to them.
  • Thought Leadership: Through this, InboundJunction develops the executive team’s individual brands, aligning their know-how with the product’s value proposition by appearing as quoted experts and columnists in top publications.
  • Influencer Marketing: It helps companies with the power of the most trusted voices in their vertical for enhanced reach and credibility, with fully managed collaborations and content promotion.
  • Link Building: Link building sends rank boosting signals to the search engines by obtaining natural backlinks with optimized anchors from high-authority domains.
  • Public Relations (PR): With PR, InboundJunction helps companies build brand awareness, trust, and high-intent traffic with publicity via their niche’s top influential bloggers and publications.
  • Content Amplification: With its content amplification strategies—such as developing a content promotion plan and targeting communities and influencer outreach—InboundJunction enables companies to drive massive exposure for their content when it trends on social media and the top industry-relevant publications, and community platforms.
  • Product Reviews: Companies can secure favorable product reviews to stand up amongst their competitors and garner trust from potential customers.

While providing these services, InboundJunction guarantees results and certain elements of performance, for instance, guaranteed media coverage, backlink acquisition, etc. The company delivers an innovative approach when it comes to ORM.

InboundJunction has managed to solve 90% of the cases completely and drastically improve 100% of the cases thus far. Due to its unparalleled services, its clientele includes renowned companies such as HubSpot, KAJABI, walkme, Payoneer, vend, Imperva Incapsula, AppsFlyer, BigCommerce, etoro, Hotjar, etc.

Alongside the ORM, it has also developed a special CRM for digital marketing.

A Prolific Marketer

A leader is crucial for any company to achieve its vision and mission and overcome the confronting challenges. As InboundJunction is currently growing rapidly, hiring and training skilled marketers is a major challenge for the company. Being at the helm of InboundJunction’s operations, Nadav Dakner (Founder and CEO) has been playing a pivotal role in orchestrating such challenges and helping the company achieve massive growth and proven success.

As the founder and CEO, Nadav manages the finances and the overall performance of the accounts. He also advances InboundJunction’s tech infrastructure, and runs campaigns himself for the company’s more important and strategic clients. He reckons that the development of the specialized CRM is one of InboundJunction’s major achievements as it provides clients with phenomenal reporting, tracking, and instant updates. Under his auspices, the company has also conquered blockchain, FinTech, and B2B SaaS niches and is working with well-known brands.

Scaling the Efforts

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused numerous disruptions to businesses around the globe. As things get back to being normal, companies are planning for a post-pandemic world that is expected to be more tech-savvy. Besides, providing a complete suite of services around content strategy, content publishing (landing media coverage and prominent interviews), SEO, social media amplification, and connecting everything together under one roof—InboundJunction is creating special automation and reporting to scale its efforts.

Nadav expects that in the upcoming years, businesses will double down on their digital marketing presence, particularly in the eCommerce sector. As stores are making rapid adjustments to remote working and ramping up their digital presence, InboundJunction promises to be there, helping stores expand their digital footprint.

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