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In every business today, change is the dominant fact and one of the most sought after management skills has become the ability to master and exploit change. This is especially true in marketing, where the pace of change is constantly accelerating. In former times, establishments had more power to persuade and reason with customers regarding their purchases. Hence, salespeople were trusted, and direct communication with the company was considered a logical step in making a purchase. Plus, traditional strategies like cold calls, cold emails, snail mail, and trade shows have much less of an impact in the marketing industry. Likewise, customer’s attention spans are also shorter; people are doing ten things at once and certainly do not have the time to listen to salespeople views.

Today, however, customers can discover most of the information about the purchase before ever speaking with the company. As the digital age evolves, clients (brands) not only acquire more knowledge but also begin to comprehend many of the complexities of the services that agencies once owned. As a result, they need even deeper expertise from agencies. In response to this, Vancouver-based, Idea Rebel embarks to deliver more technical strategy, analytics, and automation to customers.

Developing Cutting Edge Technologies for Patrons

For businesses, to begin with, there are numerous platforms and technologies for brands to choose from. Hence, Idea Rebel offers assistance to the brands for making them understand everything and sound business choices on what course to go in. Aside from that, it is developing forthcoming digital products and adapting technologies that take notions from incubation to realization. Furthermore, its user-centric design thinking empowers them to resolve any consumer and business related glitches through polished, high-quality creative work and produce high-quality digital products. Likewise, it has multi-disciplinary team that share the same cooperative office space, give-and-take ideas constantly, turn to decisions, and analyze ever-growing customer expectations. Hence, it generates cutting-edge digital products for some of the world’s top brands from the first 360-degree app for BMW to the full e-commerce UX and Redesign of Roots. Moreover, the company shoves technology-driven ideas to create killer work, which makes them excellent at what they are doing.

CEO, Conjoining Business with Technology

The Founder and CEO, Jamie Garratt brought in Idea Rebel to cultivate forthcoming digital merchandises for modern brands. Furthermore, he has proven to be a prosperous formula for the digital world, combined with his educational background in both business and computer science. He wanted to fusion his passion for hustling businesses with technology. For the start, he worked at a couple of product companies in software. From there, he moved to an intelligent worldwide organization that made extensive brands on the web.

Due to his enthusiasm towards technology with creativity, he decided to start his own digital shop, dubbed as Idea Rebel. Prior to becoming the CEO of Idea Rebel, he worked in Blast Radius as Global Director and was accountable for securing and growing large accounts. At Idea Rebel, Jamie and his fellow team saw an opportunity to improve the creative and technical marketing industry. Here, he is responsible for managing and leading the company in a strategic direction. Together with his firm understanding of digital marketing and devotion, he became an renowned player in the business industry. Besides, he also acts as a stimulus in the development of high profile brands including Electronic Arts, Quiksilver, and BMW that has propertied him the title of “Top 40 Under 40” and “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist by Ernst & Young.

Ameliorating Creative Solutions in Digital Market Industry

Idea Rebel offers assistance related to e-commerce, apps, web, campaigns, digital marketing, and strategy, required by corporates. Along with that, the company trails some simple strategies to guarantee that the technology is recuperative, data-driven, and contains some form of automation. In addition, it provides creative solutions, which are well-matched to their patrons’ business aims. These solutions can be related to web, e-commerce, mobile app development, experiential marketing and interactive experiences, which are achieved by in-house delivery teams.

Whenever any client requires any assistance from Idea Rebel, they follow a standard procedure to aid. It begins with a detailed evaluation of the brand, the market, the competition, the target audience, and the client’s goals. Using these factors, the company informs its objectives and guides its strategies to their client. Some of these strategic digital services are planning & strategy, digital analysis, conceptual development, and branding. Moreover, its creative team cultivates brands, assets and user familiarities that service as project aims. These creative digital services like creative direction, copywriting, design and UX are implemented for their clients. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the clients get their required products at good quality. Similarly, it creates to target, engage and retain their patrons’ spectators, utilizing the most operative channels to turn visions into loyal customers.

Idea Rebel’s Triumph under CEO

As a successful company entrepreneur, Jamie has affiliated with 7-Eleven, Roots, Quiksilver, Keurig, NBA, NHL, NFL, Converse, Ford, Hyundai, Westjet, Arc’teryx. Under his command, Idea Rebel has gained awards including “Top 20 Innovators for 2012” by BC Business Magazine, “Top Companies in BC” by Small Business BC, “Top Exporter in BC for Digital media” by BC Export Awards, and “The Biggest Web Development Companies in BC.” In the future, Jamie wants Idea Rebel to progression in Europe and Asia as well as innovate cutting-edge technologies with automation.

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