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The media industry is considered to be one of the fastest-changing industries in the world. Since the involvement of digital mediums, the dynamics of the industry have changed. The industry has recorded a hike in the demand for digital content. Many Advertising and Marketing firms have adapted to these changes, while several new competitors have also invested in the digital vertical of the media industry.

Hop Online, established in 2009, is a rather experienced marketing and advertising firm. The company provides digital marketing coverage to the clients through its various mediums and channels. It aims to grow the business of its clients with its excellent SEO, content, and advertising practices on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms.

A Team of Talented Individuals

Hop Online is a multinational digital marketing agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was founded by Paris Childress, who is a growth marketing expert. Paris has gained multiple years of experience in the field of business development with companies like Finzoom and Google. Even after the inception of the company he took the role of CEO at ‘Kolektiva Bulgaria,’ where he pioneered e-commerce by scaling up the country’s top buying community. In September 2020, he became a managing partner at Tribal Worldwide, a digital marketing agency.

As the CEO and Founder of Hop Online, Paris is currently focusing half of his time on building brand value, and the other half on marketing activities. “As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more important than surrounding yourself with a team of people whom you can trust to make your vision a reality,” he asserts. He has built a team of talented and dedicated individuals with a common goal of the success of the company. In turn, the firm also ensures the well-being of its employees and provides the required support for better personal and professional life. With continuous efforts, the company has successfully built the best marketing team in Bulgaria.

The See-Think-Do-Care Framework

Hop Online offers multichannel, full-funnel growth solutions to SaaS companies. The firm is pinnacling in extracting growth for its clients with its unique set of abilities. The company’s geographical position also allows it to provide expert human resources to its clients in the region, making deeper relationships.

The firm has a unique See-Think-Do-Care framework as a digital marketing strategy that focuses on the broader stages of the digital journey.

  • See

This part of the strategy targets the largest audience possible. The company increases audience engagement through visual mediums. Video, images, and other dynamic forms of content are used for the process.

  • Think

Hop Online compares and researches engaging content for its clients. The team builds content that emphasizes the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP).

  • Do

The company makes unique offers from the client’s side to ‘seal the deal’ with potential customers. Change is however a constant in this field of work. Hop Online’s success depends majorly on its agility and adaptability throughout the life of a project.

  • Care

Hop Online believes in creating strong business relationships with its clients. It handles both B2B and B2C clients with the goal of lead generation and encourages them to continue buying and building a lifetime value. The company supports its clients at every stage of their journey by providing purposeful content, distinct marketing channels, separate budgets, and fair management systems.

Digital Marketing in 2020 v/s 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for the world on many levels. Many companies went out of business, some had the capital to transform and survive, while others struggled. In these unprecedented times, the media industry evolved at a rapid pace. Digital Marketing companies like Hop Online had various strategic as well as technological advantages over the other agencies of the industry.

Consumer behavior in 2020 inevitably shifted towards digital mediums. With digitally delivered goods and services, many local businesses and the retail sector suffered. However, the advertising and marketing agencies thrived during this permanent shift and significantly changed their future.

“The 2020 pandemic officially marked the beginning of the end of non-digital media. The remaining offline/analog dinosaurs of the linear content age; such as radio, outdoor, and TV, will soon get swallowed up into digital delivery and advertising platforms,” stated Paris.

However, the trends suggest that 2021 will not bring the next step of digital transformation to the digital media industry. Although it is expected to remain profitable, the trends set in 2020 will persist through several coming years. Further, technological advancements within the industry are set to increase the role of AI and machine learning in the near future. Marketing experts are now actively focussing on creativity, audience development, and strategy. The digital marketing domain is readily relying on data analysis and data science, with the increase in the demand for high-quality data in advertising agencies.

Aspects of Future Growth

Hop Online is a successful digital marketing agency in the Eastern and Central Europe region, with a customer retention rate of 95% in every quarter. The agency has gained trust by offering constant support, positive feedback, and extraordinary services to its partners. Hop Online has now planned to enhance its core services, by adding Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), design and performance advertisement creative development, email marketing, and other specific types of marketing audit services.

As a digital marketing agency, Hop Online has created an innovative delivery process and system that engages its internal teams. Different channel-based service teams can operate independently and collaborate accordingly with the other channel-focused teams to deliver a holistic approach to the clients.

Hop Online has maintained its reputation as a leading firm in the region as it has assembled a team of the most talented, dedicated, and creative individuals. The company has planned out an internship and training program to retain emerging potential talents. The internship solution will also help the firm identify and hire potential employees.

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