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Over the last few years, cloud computing has gained a massive popularity as its applications continue to soar in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The cloud has revolutionized the IT sector by pushing companies to opt for remote storage instead of costly local infrastructure and maintenance.

With a unique combination of management and technical skills coupled with international exposure in the IT industry, Himanshu Varshney, the CEO and Co-founder of HashedIn, brings in business transformation with his iSaaS expertise, AI/ML knowledge, and customer-centric approach.

In an exclusive chat with Mirror Review, Himanshu shares the latest offerings of HashedIn and expresses his faiths, beliefs, and philosophy, which has made him a successful entrepreneur.

From its introduction to dominance, how far has cloud computing technology changed the conventional IT scenario?

Cloud computing has essentially changed the complete landscape by improving the setup capabilities, introducing continuous integration and development process, and encouraging the functioning of remote agile teams to launch better products at a faster rate. With cloud computing, application architecture can be cloud-native, making it deployable globally across servers with a click of a button. In parallel, it has reduced the load on Security, DevOps, and Infrastructure, significantly easing the operations for IT teams.

Financially it has converted the traditional Capital Expenditure into Operating Expenditure (Pay-as-you-go billing model), supporting enterprises with their IT budget, particularly on complex applications. This led to the advent of the subscription economy as a counterpart of the traditional licensing economy.

Our readers would like to know about your personal journey. Share your faiths, beliefs, and philosophy for life and success.

Before starting out this venture, I had more than 10 years of experience in the software industry. I started my career with Trilogy Software, and over a period of time, I moved up to the role of the Director, Global Services. It was during this time, I had the privilege to head delivery for Versata (aka Trilogy Inc), where I worked with 50+ vendors from 10+ countries, delivering technology solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises.

I always believed that one has to take ownership and accountability in whatever they do. In an organization, if every employee acts as an owner and uses their judgment to make right calls for themselves, their team, the company, and society as a whole will become better leaders. They will also contribute to the success of an organization as a whole.

What type of solutions and services does HashedIn offer? Elaborate its highlighting features.

HashedIn is a software development company that builds Intelligent SaaS (iSaaS) products with expertise in Analytics, Machine Learning, and Integrations, built upon learning from a decadal experience of launching 150+ products so far.

While bringing in a solution-oriented approach and understanding the business nuances, HashedIn has become their extended technology arm. This is in line with the efforts to create impactful solutions for customers.We have also developed reusable modules, proprietary tools, and processes that help quickly realize the client’s idea, giving them a competitive advantage. Our company’s product portfolio includes MeetNotes, a meeting assistant, and RDB Tools, an application used for optimizing Redis (in-memory cache) consumption.

One of the main challenges for many enterprises today is to modernize existing software assets. HashedIn solves this by adopting reinvention strategy in alignment with the digital business needs. This is done with SaaSifying and Cloudifying the product, which enhances the Agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX, and completely rewriting the application code by leveraging HashedIn’s RAPiD framework when required. HashedIn’s Product Innovation offering enables customers to partner with them. Here, our company brings in the value of product Design Thinking, Agile Delivery, Modern Software Engineering, and DevOps best practices. These steps are coupled with a lot of experience in crafting digital products for customers via an “Agile squad as a Service” to help conceptualize, launch, and scale great products.

What attracted you to start a venture in this ever-expanding technological industry? Who mentored and guided you during your initial career days?

A seed of an idea can germinate anytime, anywhere. This was something that I learned during the initial phase of my career at Trilogy, an Austin based tech-company. The most brilliant of ideas would come up during a brainstorming session while having a cup of tea or a bottle of beer. As an individual aspiring to be an entrepreneur, I learned that success can be shared if one is open to change, encourage ideas from everyone, and empower people to act like owners.

My vision was always clear. I wanted to build things that could potentially make life better for society. My seniors & colleagues from school, colleges, and Trilogy have been a pillar of inspiration. They have acted like a “rubber duck” in many discussions. This has not only helped me take better business decisions but has also helped me grow as a person with a strong penchant to learning and growing.

What are your future plans for the company? What role will HashedIn play in the coming future?

The future is looking pretty bright for the iSaaS delivery paradigm, as more businesses, both enterprise customers and SMBs are moving beyond early experimental implementations and into more prolonged deployments of mission-critical applications. As the iSaaS market gets more and more competitive with each year, it becomes more challenging to get more people interested in any product. I believe the major competition for iSaaS is still expensive, slow-moving, and legacy incumbent. The SaaS advantages of low upfront investment and better customer experience is and will always be the winning factor.

My vision is to have HashedIn as the go-to company for building and managing iSaaS Product and Platforms for businesses. This is 5 steps ahead of existing SaaS space. Our iSaaS vision is built on 4 pillars, namely Integrations, Analytics, AI/ML, and Modern UI/UX. The world is all set for iSaaS in another few years.

What would be your suggestions for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a new venture in this industry?

Three simple things that anyone and everyone can do,

  • Be curious and keep learning throughout your journey
  • Be happy and create a positive environment around you
  • Be physically active as that not only keeps you fit but energizes you a lot

Follow your passion. If you are doing something you are extremely passionate about, you are definitely going to succeed. There are so many opportunities out there in the market, be firm about what you wish to do, take ownership of all the tasks you carry out and give the best in whatever you do.

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