Harrison Amit: Crafting a Fair Future for the Rideshare Industry with Innovation and Care

Harrison Amit

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In the past, CEOs primarily focused on generating profits and satisfying shareholders. Nowadays, they also must establish connections with employees, customers, and the community. This entails steering the company’s values, ensuring inclusivity, and fostering the company’s long-term sustainability. As time progresses, the call for change intensifies. We had the privilege to interview Harrison Amit, the Founder and CEO of HOVR, an entrepreneur from the new generation who ardently engages with market demands. Harrison Amit exemplifies how the role of a CEO has evolved. Previously resembling a manager, he has now transformed into a visionary leader.

Launching a revolution as a CEO necessitates a coherent strategy, steadfast convictions, and extensive industry knowledge. For HOVR, the objective was to introduce fairness into the rideshare business. In his capacity as CEO, Amit served as a role model, championed novel concepts, and attentively listened to grassroots voices. This collective effort resulted in substantial transformations.

Career Transition from Healthcare to Technology

Education fuels growth and guides us to our intended destination. However, Amit’s journey took a different course. It began with a BSc in APHN from Mount Saint Vincent University and later shifted from the health and wellness sector to the tech industry. After witnessing the profound impact of tending to both physical and mental well-being, he entered the technology realm, driven by innovation. Amit explains, “In tech, things are led by innovation. What I came to realize in more recent years is that there is still room for improvement in the business models surrounding these innovations.” The disparities in the rideshare sector captured his attention. This awareness prompted him to establish HOVR, a platform with the goal of creating a fairer rideshare industry for both drivers and riders.

RideHovr Corporation: Setting New Standards

Founded in 2020, HOVR features a distinctive driver membership structure and reduced platform fees. This arrangement ensures that drivers receive their complete fare, allowing them to claim 100% of the fare—an industry precedent—while simultaneously offering riders cost-effective rates. This dual-sided transformation enhances the rider experience and amplifies driver earnings.

Nonetheless, penetrating a market dominated by industry giants presents an ongoing challenge. The initial foray into such an arena presents numerous obstacles for new and smaller players. However, prioritizing transparency, delivering top-tier service, and genuinely caring for drivers and riders gradually fosters trust. This unique approach has solidified their position as they approach the launch phase.

When it comes to business expansion and cultivating trust within the community, prioritizing customer satisfaction remains paramount. Consequently, HOVR adheres to customer-centric policies. Amit addresses this, stating, “We rely on feedback loops, regular driver-rider engagement programs, and a robust customer support system to ensure maximum satisfaction.”

Steering Startup Success by Aligning Purpose with Endeavors

Running a startup during its early growth stages is a challenging endeavor. The founder and top management bear the primary responsibilities. Amit encounters a similar situation. In his role as a startup CEO, he supervises various company divisions and oversees general operations. He focuses on shaping HOVR’s strategies, forging partnerships, and aligning actions with the mission. Additionally, Amit states, “We are providing the platform, but the drivers are the heartbeat of the organization. Hence, I personally feel responsible for thousands of drivers’ livelihoods and their family’s well-being as well.”

Diverse Expertise to Foster a Culture of Growth

When aiming for a successful business, specific elements must align in sequence. To operate flawlessly, a team of experts in appropriate positions is essential. This formula is vital for startups, where finding the right person at the right time can be challenging. Here, Amit reveals, “Our team is a blend of tech enthusiasts, hospitality professionals, talented marketers, decorated operators, and industry veterans. I ensure their motivation by fostering a culture of recognition, continuous learning, and genuine care for their well-being.”

Plans Ahead for Expansion

Running a startup demands a proactive approach on multiple fronts for business expansion. Nevertheless, these actions need to be feasibly attainable. As a result, breaking down the vision into achievable short-term targets becomes essential. When asked about RideHovr’s future plans, Amit remarks, “Professionally, I hope to see HOVR expand to new cities in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). As for upcoming services, expect some tech integrations to enhance rider safety and some enhancements to the in-ride experience.”

Life beyond the Cabin

Work is a continuous part of life that helps us move forward. However, it is important to find a balance during this time. While this may seem challenging, it’s achievable by following certain principles. This CEO stands tall at 6’5″ and his world extends far beyond the office. He is a basketball enthusiast who applies the sport’s teamwork and strategy to his business approach. Beyond the game, he is a relentless innovator, crafting ideas to uplift humanity’s future. His journey blends entrepreneurial zeal with slam-dunk impact, inspiring both boardrooms and community courts alike.

Amit’s personal goal is to strike a better balance between work and life. In addition to his regular work tasks, he’s passionate about learning, music, sports, and trying new things. 

 He also shares, “I play a number of instruments as a hobby to keep the mind sharp. I try to be as active as I can, and I also take time to explore different cultures from around the world, which helps me understand different perspectives that I often incorporate into my leadership style.”

Advice for Aspirants

An inspired entrepreneur possesses the ability to influence and make positive changes. Reflecting on this, Amit offers valuable advice for those aspiring to become entrepreneurs. He states, “Stay authentic, never stop learning, and remember that true success comes from making a positive impact in the lives of others.”



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