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Continuously striving to revolutionize the way of conducting business by delivering innovative web services, Gaurang Sudra, the Founder, CEO of FluidX Creations believes that it’s very important to develop a website that’s creatively appealing and at the same time informative, catering to the needs of all types of visitors.

Considering the comprehensive web and cloud solutions offered by FluidX Creations, Mirror Review interacts with Gaurang to gain complete insights of his journey towards establishing the creative web development company. Gaurang also shares interesting solutions provided by FluidX Creations. Following are the excerpts.

From its introduction to dominance, how far has cloud computing technology changed the conventional IT scenario?

Cloud computing has been around for approximately two decades now. Approximately 60 percent of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 20 percent say they plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point in near future. Cloud computing has completely changed how the old traditional way the businesses worked and according to some reports, it says that companies that invest in cloud computing & big data can increase its revenue by up to 53 percent. Cloud technology is clearly dominating as more & more businesses are investing in cloud instead of setting up their own hardware. I would say cloud computing has developed a lot since its introduction, but there’s a long way to go and we would be seeing a lot more advancement in cloud technology in the coming years.

What type of solutions and services does FluidX Creations offer? Elaborate its highlighting features.

FluidX Creations is a new-generation, award-winning IT Consultancy based in India, which is solely dedicated and committed to providing creative solutions. We are a small team of young professional developers and designers that are dedicated, having expertise in offering quality rich services.

Fluidx Creations provides services like:

  • Web Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Digital Marketing

We offer custom services based on clients’ service requirements and what is well suited for them. As our target clients are small to medium size enterprises, we consult them to understand how getting digital can grow their businesses. A good website design needs to be visually appealing, navigation friendly, highly content rich, and search engine optimized in order to attract and retain visitors. We ensure your website works for your business because mere presence is no presence on the web; users should actually know your existence, visit your website, and appreciate you, which will translate to leads or sales for the growth of your company. A website is finally an online marketing tool, so our aims should be directed towards getting the right information towards the right kind of people using the website. At FluidX Creations, we’re obsessed with quality. We rely on our portfolio to do business and always ensure that each of our web or mobile deliverables is unique and world-class. We offer cost-effective solutions for companies and individuals seeking the best quality for their professional website design and customer service.

What attracted you to start a venture in this ever-expanding technological industry? Who mentored and guided you during your initial career days?

Started as an individual consultant, I felt there was demand for the IT services in the small and medium enterprises and that’s how I incorporated Fluidx Creations as a web technology service provider. As we grew, we started offering cloud, big data, and other services which are in high demand. IT is a very booming sector with lots of players already in the market. But, we started with a new approach by targeting the small and medium-size enterprises who were working with old traditional way and helped them to get digital and on cloud. In my early days, my friends and family were the biggest motivation as they supported me in bad days and cheered me up when I was doing well. Also, few of my early clients were like mentors to me, because they taught me how to be in business and grow. I am really grateful to them for supporting me in the initial days.

Our readers would like to know about your personal journey. Share your faiths, beliefs, and philosophy for life and success.

Entrepreneurship can be a tough and long journey for many people. Some get lucky and succeed at the first time. For me, that wasn’t the case. I continued to learn and grow. I learned by doing continuous improvement in my portfolio. That’s been a core belief both in my personal and professional life. My initial days of starting up were full of ups and downs, but I believed that there are many paths to success; there is no just one path. Realizing this philosophy frees you to move fast and get things done in the best way possible. Once you start executing and realizing that you can make reasonable decisions that can lead to successful outcomes, you will be able to tackle any challenge coming your way.

What are your future plans for the company? What role will FluidX Creations play in the coming future?

We are continuously adopting new technologies and making their use in the services we provide. We are planning to use AI and Machine Learning (ML) to automate the process of in-house marketing, which will help us efficiently in marketing campaigns. Also, we are planning to expand our reach in more countries. Our company always focuses on understanding all of our clients’ needs to provide them with the best feasible solutions, assisting them to grow their businesses. In the future, we want FluidX Creations to be a trusted name in the industry and we are striving to become one.

What would be your suggestions for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a new venture in this industry?

If you want to start a business and become successful with it, you need to solve meaningful and genuine problems. Execution is everything in business. Keep your eye on the latest industry trends and technologies to be in the flow of business. I would like to give few tips to the new entrepreneurs to achieve success in their lives. You should challenge yourself, take risks, believe in yourself, have a long vision, and build a good team.

Future of Cloud Computing

“A decade from now, every business will be operating primarily from the cloud, making ways of working more flexible, yet more productive and efficient. Huge in-house hardware setups will be reduced and the only concern will be the software.”– Gaurang Sudra

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