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Over the past few years, the world has increasingly been moving towards the digital future. 2020 became the year when the digital ecosystem acquired many new users due to the pandemic. It made digital marketing one of the most effective businesses that can reach out to people locked inside their houses and stuck to their phone and tablet screens. The media industry has now become one of the fastest-growing sectors. Worldwide lockdowns have encouraged marketing and advertising firms to rapidly evolve. Presently, augmented reality, mobile marketing, digital animation, video content, voice search, and influencer marketing have become an essential part of the media industry.

gang&lani media is a full-service digital agency that focuses on creating strong business partnerships and excellent relationships. The company was established in 2009 by Sir Sanju Ganglani. In the past 12 years of existence, the Canadian company has elevated exponentially and has established its presence across North America, Europe and Africa.

Effective and Efficient Leadership

Sanju is an experienced social media, events, marketing, and sales professional with extensive global experience. As the Founder and CEO of gang&lani media, he works fluidly across the organization and performs various functions. Sanju not only handles his primary traditional marketing functions, but also indulges in increasing sales and customer engagement. He uses new mediums, such as social media, as a tool to create and build relationships. Sanju possesses incredible leadership qualities, he is truly passionate,  constantly involved, and not afraid to get his hands dirty.

“Our work philosophy is based on always giving 110% and not giving up in pursuit of our client’s business success,” said Sanju.

For over 12 years, award-winning gang&lani media has been serving the global business community. The company has gained specialization in serving B2B and B2C clients requiring marketing. gang&lani media offers both traditional and digital forms of services, with a primary focus on SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media, Designing, Branding, Print, and Web Development.

An Array of Services

gang&lani media believes that the most efficient way to serve is through a strong and cohesive team. It provides exceptional services in various fields including, health care, dental, hospitality, ecommerce, film, and many more. gang&lani media’s multidisciplinary team offers a variety of services to provide the best marketing solutions to clients.

A well-designed website can actively hook the audience and increase a brand’s growth. gang&lani media’s web designing team develops functional, and effortless websites. All the developed sites are SEO-ready, mobile-friendly, and highly engaging.

  • E-Commerce development

The agency provides a scalable platform with custom features for online retailing businesses. The platform is easy to use and manage with great design and functionality and is proven to be highly impactful.

SEO is one of the best methods that can catalyze the growth of a company. gang&lani media has an experienced team of SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) lead generation specialists, who are constantly evolving their approach to maintain the leadership of its clients.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other platform, gang&lani media offers Award Winning Social Media Marketing services that ensure an increase in the awareness and visibility of the brand. Its techniques increase brand recognition, leads, and provide measurable results.

The company is also an expert of various other digital services that enhance brand recognition including, Content Marketing, Print Services, Website Maintenance, Podcast Creation, Public Relations, Branding & Design, Reputation Management, Payment Processing, and much more.

Establishing Strong Relationships

gang&lani media has gathered a team of highly dynamic individuals who are prepared to offer effective and efficient services to clients. Every member has avid experience with international markets and can speak several languages to help clients of various ethnicities.

gang&lani media has worked with corporations of all sizes from large Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial ventures. The company has developed a reputation for creating a fair bond with clients worldwide. This has allowed them to discover and explore new industries in addition to establishing strong relationships.

“Our ultimate mission is to help,” revealed Sanju. The company has developed a culture that believes in tolerance and acceptance. It respects and promotes diversity in all aspects.

gang&lani media also supports various non-profit organizations that are making a significant effort to change the world for good.

“Trust your team. Your team is your biggest lift or your largest downfall, you are only as good as your team,” advises Sanju.

The Strategy for 2020

The unfortunate spread of the COVID-19 has reshaped the future of several industries. The digital media that was once consistent and full of energy, had to work from home during the pandemic-induced lockdown. Marketing efforts put in by companies reduced and many of gang&lani media’s clients became hesitant to invest as the world was under lockdown.

To retain the client’s investments and trust, gang&lani media had to completely revamp its strategies in 2020. The company kept its reputation intact by maintaining constant communication and advising the client to take precautionary measures without affecting the sales. gang&lani media also suggested investment in its SEO services to take advantage of the dropping efficiency of competitors to the respective brands. This modified strategy helped various clients gain traction and get a head start in the market as businesses reopened.

The company also approached new clients during the pandemic. It started doing business with aspirational entrepreneurs who were looking to start new ventures to supplement the loss of income and other brand refreshment clients. To support these new clients, gang&lani forged relationships with WiX and Hubspot to provide a wider range of options to their clients.

“It has definitely been an interesting pivot, but one that made us stronger,” concluded Sanju.

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