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The world is changing, and so are our work dynamics. The hustle culture is undergoing a modern transformation. In today’s market, there is an abundance of skilled professionals and service providers. However, they often struggle to connect with potential clients, causing both talent and businesses to miss valuable opportunities. Skilled freelancers cover various roles, including photographers, artists, writers, video editors, chefs, and caretakers. Part-time job opportunities are also plentiful. The one thing missing has always been a reliable platform, or in simpler terms, a bridge.

With the ongoing evolution of technology, the entrepreneurial mindset is also changing. That’s where FYSH comes in, a game-changer in the freelance and gig economy. FYSH, an abbreviation for “Fuel Your Side Hustle,” introduces a revolutionary approach by offering a single, unified platform. This platform enables workers and clients to showcase their services, engage in conversations, schedule appointments, send invoices, and handle payments—all within the same app.

Bridging the Gap between Freelancers and Employers

In the fast-evolving landscape of the gig economy, FYSH stands out as the ultimate connector, linking proficient freelancers with individuals seeking local talent. It is not just an app; it’s a transformative force in the world of work and hiring.

Designed to bring together freelancers with side gigs and employers searching for various services, FYSH is a one-stop shop for talent acquisition. Whether one seeks caregivers, housekeepers, home repair specialists, or handyman services, FYSH offers comprehensive solutions. The platform simplifies finding the ideal freelancer for any project. Moreover, FYSH goes beyond talent acquisition; it provides a toolkit to enhance the efficiency of side hustle businesses. The app facilitates client management, appointment coordination, communication, and invoicing in one place.

For freelancers, FYSH serves as a launchpad to showcase their services and access a suite of management tools that transform the way they operate their businesses. From scheduling appointments to handling invoicing, FYSH simplifies processes. Whether one is a physical therapist, plumber, personal chef, or any other professional, FYSH opens doors to opportunities that align with their expertise. The platform ensures opportunities for everyone in the dynamic landscape of the gig economy.

What Makes FYSH Stand Out?

FYSH distinguishes itself through its unique pricing structure. Unlike other freelance platforms that often take a substantial 20% or more from a worker’s earnings, FYSH applies a modest 5% processing fee directly billed to the worker on the invoice. This significant difference sets FYSH apart in the world of side hustles and freelance communities.

Furthermore, FYSH provides convenient subscription options, with plans to expand the range of future in-app purchases. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Unison Workforce, LLC developed FYSH as a versatile mobile-to-mobile platform that allows users to effortlessly switch between being a worker and a client.

FYSH simplifies the process of hiring local contractors for nearby tasks while also providing the same app for individuals seeking opportunities to earn income by working for clients worldwide. For on-site workers, such as caregivers, plumbers, physical therapists, landscapers, and others, FYSH is a valuable tool for efficient time management. The software provides a task checklist and allows for instant invoice generation upon job completion.

With FYSH, users can find workers and clients effortlessly, and the app efficiently handles payments. They can make payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, and debit cards, eliminating the need for multiple secondary payment applications.

Suite of Essential Features

FYSH sets the standard for excellence in the freelance industry, offering a comprehensive suite of features that professionals and freelancers can rely on. Here is a closer look at the key features that make FYSH a game-changer for freelancers and businesses:

1. Calendar: A Day Overview

FYSH introduces an integrated calendar to help users stay organized and never miss a beat when it comes to client visits. This calendar is a one-stop solution for keeping track of past and upcoming appointments, preventing the risk of forgetting essential tools or appointment details. It includes two-way scheduling; time tracking, and a comprehensive visit history, ensuring users are always in the right place at the right time.

2. Chat: Stay Connected

FYSH brings effortless communication to the forefront with its in-app chat feature. Users can easily converse with workers, clients, or fellow FYSH colleagues while keeping their business communications private and well-organized. The chat feature includes one-to-one communication, quick access to phone contacts, and revisiting visit history, making communication a breeze.

3. Locations: Plan your route

FYSH’s location feature empowers users to stay on top of their appointments, ensuring they are well-prepared and always choose the best route to their destinations. It is a valuable tool for effectively planning the day, working from anywhere, and managing locations seamlessly.

4. Scheduling & Appointments: Manage Your Day Seamlessly

Whether someone is a freelancer or a client, FYSH simplifies scheduling and day management within a single, user-friendly app. They can quickly set up services, receive fair payment, track time efficiently, and generate invoices automatically before completing the job.

5. Tasks & Checklists: Never Miss a Detail

FYSH’s task and checklist feature ensures that users and their teams never overlook essential details. They can efficiently mark off tasks related to their specific services, ensuring accountability and efficiency. Custom tasks organized by service, along with real-time updates, guarantee that nothing is missed.

From CEO’s Desk

“We have designed FYSH specifically for self-employed freelance professionals for hire,
such as caregivers, housekeepers, babysitters, home cleaners, physical therapists, local
plumbers, and so forth. Anyone with services to offer in a freelance or contract gig capacity can use FYSH to fuel their side hustle!”
said Marilyn Major, co-founder and CEO.

Further, she adds, “FYSH helps you stay organized by giving an overview of your pending
appointments and tasks as well as a calendar showing your scheduled appointments. Keep track of your services, invoice clients, and get paid on time – all within the same intuitive platform.”

Discover the power of FYSH today – download the app, available on the App Store and Google Play.



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