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As digital transformation is at its peak, with easy access to new technologies, it is being carried on with the fastest pace ever. Amongst all the flourishing technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has broken the grounds in the media and entertainment industry with intense impact. In this industry, the creative processes, content generation, consumer engagement and many other things are changing with time, being altered by innovative technologies. Moreover, various innovations in TV, films, gaming, music, radio, etc. are trending in the sector.

Moreover, as the quality of picture, animation, and VFX influences the audience, it has got vital status in every production area. In addition, the change in behaviour of consumers is also a significant point; with digital transformation and convergence, consumer demands are elevating. As a result, it is momentous to get along with the changes and serve the audience what they demand. Furthermore, these transformations have brought changes in terms of creativity of businesses too, as it has happened with Foundry, which was established to advance the art and technology of visual experience.

Empowering Artists with Affordable Toolsets

Foundry is a software company specializing in visual effects for the media, entertainment and design industries. It was initiated out of the zeal to create software that empowers creative leaders around the globe to turn incredible ideas into reality. Established in 1996, the company is operating in the US, Japan, China, Australia, and Europe with its headquarters in London and offices in Manchester and Austin. Furthermore, it caters to clients of various industries such as marketing & advertising, media & entertainment, game development, and concept design by providing software, which helps artists build inspiring high-end visuals.

With experience of more than 20 years, Foundry recently expanded into digital design and is working with the world’s leading fashion, footwear and consumer product brands to solve complex visualization challenges. With addition of the 3D software package called “Modo”, Foundry assists artists with modelling, sculpting, 3D painting, animation and rendering, which all are crucial in story development. Though Modo supports many older and prior-generation systems, it performs best on newer and advanced configurations.

foundry softwareA Vast Array of Excellent Services

To address the biggest challenges in the visual effects industry, Foundry developed a large product range, which comprises of the following software:

    • Nuke: Nuke provides cutting-edge toolkit for node-based compositing, editorial, and review. The Nuke family consists of Nuke, NukeX and Nuke Studio and provides flexibility and collaborative workflows to get highest quality results in lesser time.
    • Hiero: Being a part of Nuke family, Hiero is used for powerful multi-track editorial timeline. Moreover, it helps producers, VFX editors, and co-ordinators by delivering Versioning, Annotations, and SDI broadcast monitor support.
    • Mari: This solution is used for 3D digital painting and it frees artists from complexity and resolutions, also provides advanced layering and masking.
    • Katana: Katana gives the creative scalability to meet the needs of CG-rendering projects, which is provided with rules-based operations, and artist focused interactive controls and also a lighting production toolset.
    • Flix: It is a story development hub designed to promote fast-paced creative collaboration across departments and geographies, for teams who need an efficient solution for highly-iterative story development in major animation, VFX, and gaming productions.
    • Athera: Launched in 2018, it is a cloud-based platform that centralises storage, creative tools and pipeline, so users can have flexible access to their preferred industry tools.
    • Colorway: Colorway’s unique feature set is designed to take the drudgery out of all aspects of creating and managing artwork variations.

Future of media quotes by simon robinson founder foundry softwareLeader with Enormous Experience

The zest for making beautiful pictures using computers inspired the enthusiastic Simon Robinson to establish Foundry. Being Foundry’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Simon continues to play a key role in the on-going strategic direction of building and development of the company. With a BA Hons in Engineering and Computing from Cambridge University, Foundry co-founder Simon Robinson began his career at IBM Research in New York. He subsequently worked in technology development at companies including Digital Pictures, Rushes, Framestore and MPC, before starting up Foundry in 1996.

Rolling with the Times  and Going towards Perfection

Technology is changing the dimensions and directions of every industry and the creative industry is not an exception to that. The trendiest thing gets abraded in certain time span and new technology takes its place. In the creative field, a client must get what he wants before the due time and Foundry with an extensive experience in this field, ensures to provide the solution to complex challenges and stays close to the customer and the industries. With cutting-edge solutions, in this era of transformation and experimentation, Foundry always keeps an eye on the future of the market.

A Brighter Future for Foundry, led by its Customers

All Foundry’s products are being used globally to create astonishing visual effects on a varied range of features, TV projects, and commercials. Notably, its software were used for visual effects in movies like Gravity, Pacific Rim, The Hobbit, and the Oscar award winning movie—Life of Pie. Apart from that, television shows including Falling Skies, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and many other award-winning productions also deploy offerings from Foundry. Moreover, the software solution provider has major film studios and post-production houses for its clients including Pixar, Weta Digital, The Moving Picture Company, Sony Pictures Image works, ILM, Walt Disney Animation, and DNEG.

Modo and Colorway, Foundry’s design software applications, are widely used by leading companies in the automotive sector along with fashion, footwear, and consumer brands like Mercedes, Adidas, and New Balance—resulting in vast growth in its entrepreneurial Digital Design Business Unit.

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