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In today’s world, organizations need to digitize and relocate to versatile mobile platforms as they swing to cloud-based CRM frameworks. Business reps need free access to information and detailing. With versatile mobile applications and AI arrangements, ForceManager is transforming and advancing CRMs into personal sales assistants.

ForceManager is a portable mobile CRM outlined, particularly for field teams. The stand-alone product works for small to midsize organizations, or as a mobile accelerator agent that can module to existing CRMs, for example, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics for bigger enterprises with both inside and field sales teams. Controlled with its own AI arrangement, natural language voice recognition, geo-area location and suite of sales features, ForceManager is the advanced individual assistant for occupied teams on the go. ForceManager takes care of everything the user planned for the day, including contacts, appointments, customer interactions, business opportunities, routes etc., with the correct real time data and information.

Established in 2011, ForceManager is reshaping the way through which field sales teams sell, and making the procedure more slender and less demanding for the sales representatives, which thusly gives more noteworthy perceivability to their administrators. One of the problems tormenting conventional CRMs is their low client selection and adoption rates of field sales representatives, with a thump on the impact that managers have minimal important information to work with. It has a tool which smartly observes the 80% day by day activity rates, making the application adopt activity changes as per the field sales representatives.

Way Towards Success

With long years of foundation as a sales director, the plan to make ForceManager came straightforwardly from the CEO and Co-Founder, Oscar Macia’s own particular disappointments in the field. His sales reps weren’t significant and reporting badly with incorrect real time data and it was influencing their work. But by following his parents’ lesson to never surrender and fight for what he wants in his professional and personal life and always be self sufficient, creative and ambitious, made him work towards success. He started analysing the flaws in the current CRMs at that time and found that CRMs those days, lack of many essential things; mainly they lack in the mobility and ease of use divisions, so he circumvented surveying different sales executives for their feedback. He immediately understood this was a weak point in the sales business and went to work outlining and designing the first product CRM, which is modern and multiplatform, ForceManager.

In the initial days, ForceManager had to Face many challenges. Oscar and team began with limited assets, but with the creativity and hard work they started their search to discover individuals to help them and invest in their vision. There is such a significant number of good and bad times related to business, yet they wouldn’t transform it for the world and in 2018 ForceManager is experiencing such a great amount of pay off, with its rising customer list, as well as its product and industry accomplishments.

Innovating for future

ForceManager have introduced AI to handle field sales groups, yet they have just touched the surface layer. On their way, they intend to fuse a few other IBM Watson features into ForceManager to optimize and upgrade the business procedure much further. Applying customization on the contents, every client receives and utilizing a client’s information to prescribe items they would be most inspired by. In addition to this, making opportunity investigation of customers to make guidelines for them which will assist them to close deals faster. They are also proposing to launch new markets and putting resources in talent.

Client, on Top of Priority List

ForceManager keeps its clients on its priority list. The center focus is about guaranteeing that the customers are all around took care of and the product best coordinates with their expectations. The company has a team committed only to maintaining client achievement, continually assessing their feedback to better upgrade the product. Forcemanager’s team believes that, their customers are the ones who enable them to exist and to be what they are, so ForceManager team put them up front of their business technique, which is an undeniable need.

One of a kind Application for mobile with an integrated AI

The most advanced smartphone sales application with an AI solution is what makes ForceManager stand apart from its competitors. With their focus and dedication to the betterment and needs of field sales teams is the primary advantage over their competitors. This implies a commitment to building an easy to use, first smartphone application with an AI solution that gives field reps access to all that they require, on the web or offline.

Their competitors  experience the ill effects of low client adoption rates of their frameworks since the applications are moderate, burdensome with unreliable data and hard to use outside of the workplace. In the event that they’re not being utilized, the information is less precise. Furthermore, an absence of information adds to a stream down impact of poor knowledge and business choices. But on the contrary, about 80% of clients sign in on a daily basis on ForceManager app through their smartphones.

This tremendous success of ForceManager is a result of the quote that inspires CEO, Oscar Macia: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”-  Robert H. Schuller.

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