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Over the years, digital marketing has emerged as the most powerful marketing approach. Segments of digital marketing such as content creation, content marketing, digital promotion, strategy implementation, and many more determine the success of marketing strategies implemented by digital marketers. Each of these sectors needs to be addressed uniformly and should be in proper alignment and coordination. In today’s highly competitive marketing world, very few firms succeed in managing and executing full-scale digital strategies to yield better results.

Influenced by the lack of full-scale solutions in the digital marketing space, Flying V Group was established in 2016 to provide solutions for all aspects of digital marketing under one roof. The company operates with the goal to provide incredible marketing support and consultation for its clients and build a digital presence that drives business growth through online channels. Flying V Group’s approach to digital marketing is rooted in understanding people’s way of consuming information and making engaging decisions.

Holistic and Developmental Business Strategies

Unlike other firms, Flying V Group manages and executes its business strategies effectively. Instead of simply selling services, the company focuses on all aspects related to digital marketing and ensures they are well-coordinated and aligned with each other. The company has a growth-centric approach and provides holistic marketing and advertising strategies. It operates across several industries such as accounting, environmental, financial services, healthcare, insurance, law, real estate, etc.

As a full-scale agency, Flying V Group provides services that enable its clients to have one point of contact and easily manage the performance of their marketing and advertising endeavors. It positions its clients as the experts in their space to ensure huge benefits for both the client and the consumer, allowing transparency of information. The company creates custom solutions for all businesses by combining the components of website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing with an in-depth approach designed to drive ROI and exponential business growth.

With time, one thing that remains consistent is creating content that proves one’s expertise in their respective business fields. Through creating informative content, one can gain the trust of potential clientele or new businesses. As content continues to dominate the space, Flying V Group also places heavy emphasis on content creation marketing, and distribution. The company leads in its business arena with content as the pillar of strength for its services. It provides essential services like SEO and PPC to fuel content creation for its clients.

A Team of Experts

Flying V Group was co-founded by Robb Fahrion and Tyler Fahrion. Robb envisions taking the company to new heights and growing it into one of the largest and most successful agencies in Southern California and across the United States. He constantly keeps tabs on certain client accounts while managing the company’s sales and business development.

The team consists of ten members who possess expertise across all digital marketing and advertising channels. Robb acknowledges the challenging factors of business building and prioritizes building a team of trustworthy and hardworking people. Quoting his entrepreneurial journey, Robb states, “I would not trade our team for the world. I truly believe we have the best of the best because they are good people, hard workers, and willing to learn.”

Appreciating the skills of the team members, Robb continues, “Having team members that are always looking to learn and improve is key. One of my biggest achievements as an entrepreneur is the fact that I get to employ so many incredible people. I love that about the journey!

Robb states that the company is constantly looking for ways to help employees grow on professional and personal levels.

Ensuring Mutual Satisfaction

Being one of the highest-rated digital marketing companies on Clutch and Google Reviews, Flying V Group transcends in providing transparent reporting and results for its clients. In case of failure in strategies or underperformance, the company informs its clients and strategizes adjustments to the course in accordance with the situation. Ensuring no lack of information and communication from the team members, the company secures its success by ensuring its clients’ success. It believes in yielding everything under its disposal to drive better performance.

Due to the aforementioned factors, Flying V Group has gained trust among numerous clients it serves. The company’s wide range of clientele includes large companies such as Ford, Bain Consulting, JLL, and AdvicePeriod to small businesses like Sustainable Generation and Vasco Assets.

Robert Leonard of Colonial Capital—one of the many satisfied clients of Flying V Group quotes in his review, “Flying V Group helped take Colonia Capital to the next level. Quick responses and easy to get a hold of, no matter the hour of the day. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help building and growing a business online. Talented group, and if you are serious about growing your business, use these guys!”

The company is actively hiring additional customer success managers to ensure that it provides better service for each new client on board and looks forward to expanding to promote business growth. For homogenous results, it is essential to ensure and maintain employee satisfaction and their secured future. Ensuring both factors, Flying V Group provides training and support for its new employees. It constantly enrolls its employees in new learning opportunities and provides education about finances, professional development, and much more.

Yielding Success during Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic demanded transformation. As a result, several businesses shifted their operations to digital. While the shift was easy for some businesses, some businesses found it difficult to adapt to the new normal. This resulted in a plethora of opportunities for a company like Flying V Group. The company made the best use of the available opportunities by investing in areas that ensured a secured future for the company. It invested heavily in marketing and automation tools. Over the past few years, the company has recorded 100% growth in business by prioritizing scaling its businesses. By utilizing marketing tools, it was able to work more efficiently and achieve better results.

Harnessing the Potentials of AI

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a considerable force in the past few years. With its immense potential, AI promises to be a technology that will have a significant influence on the technological advancements in the future. Robb envisions a massive marketing space for AI in the upcoming years. He believes that there are tools already available that can automate certain processes. However, the best ones still only flag areas of improvement rather than actually completing the improvement. If someone can crack the code on how to integrate recommendations automatically, then that would be a game-changer. It will have an enormous impact specifically on the SEO space. However, Google is already doing some of this on Google Ads. Stating that the effectiveness of AI is still up for debate, Robb concludes, “It will be interesting to keep tabs on developments.”

Flying V Group

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