Flying High: Why the UK’s Fastest Growing Travel Franchise is the One to Watch

Flying High

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Today, companies are franchising their business model to grow and expand since it is the most profitable way to do it. In the United Kingdom, franchising is a very popular business strategy that continues to grow year after year. 97 % of franchise units are profitable, according to the British Franchise Association (BFA). Moreover, franchising has proven to be more recession-proof than other businesses, courtesy of the power of the entire network.

However, despite the myriad of opportunities available, franchising is a challenging business. Regardless of the numbers or the success rate, franchising is a lengthy process that relies on the company’s integrity, unity, and reputation. Amid the plethora of franchising companies in the market today, The Travel Franchise is one of the very few to have checked all the boxes. The company is a leader in the UK travel market for home-based franchises.

“Not Just Travel Brand”

The Travel Franchise was founded in 2001 and has been franchising since 2003. It uses the award-winning business concept and customer-facing “Not Just Travel brand” to assist prospective business owners in creating an immediate travel agency business from home.

The company has helped over 900 people launch a successful travel business, with over 90% of them having no prior travel expertise. Its business model is based on offering high-quality service to customers while also assisting and supporting franchisees.

Services and Solutions with Guidance

The Travel Franchise offers a comprehensive set of services to individuals who want to become travel consultants and buy a franchise. The company is the leading home-based travel agency for those new to the industry. It provides a complete, ready-to-use infrastructure for those with no prior travel experience to learn to become qualified travel agents and successful entrepreneurs. The company’s ‌training and mentorship for its franchisees remains unrivaled. The feedback from the franchisees has been good, which shows that the company is moving forward on the right track.

Trevor Brown, a satisfied franchise owner, says, “ I joined the business pre-pandemic and yes, it has been a tough time. But Steve and Paul and the team have supported us and invested in us. A number of us were taken to Mauritius for a training week with some fantastic inputs but also some experiences that will last a lifetime. I think the support and advice are priceless and a really good reason to join on its own.”

Benefits of Franchising

The Travel Franchise offers real-time training with actual people. The company’s training is universally regarded as industry-leading, with none of its competitors even coming close. As a result, it is the UK’s fastest-growing travel franchise.

The Travel Franchise is the only company of its kind that offers a low-cost, low-risk package that allows members to try their hand at running a business while working full-time or caring for a family. People take advantage of the possibility to upgrade later. As a result, the number of subscribers who have upgraded their package has more than doubled since January.

A Versatile CEO

The core member who drives the company is Steve Witt, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Travel Franchise. He is focused on the franchise’s continued growth, launching new product and service lines while simultaneously leading and directing the existing network. He founded UKDomains, one of the first ‘virtual hosting’ businesses, as well as ShoppingUK, an online retail platform, prior to The Travel Franchise. Steve also has his own podcast, ’90 Second Business Secrets,’ which provides quick business advice.

Steve believes, “the Travel Franchise can benefit from franchising to accomplish rapid expansion if a business owner has a good business strategy. It should, however, be basic and straightforward to duplicate. Potential franchisees are searching for low-risk opportunities, so showing how a model works is crucial. To meet legal requirements, draught agreements, and expand marketing, an initial expenditure is required. It’s critical to think how it will help prospective franchisees.”

Culture, Environment, and Values

The Travel Franchise has lived and cherished a responsible travel core value for 20 years. It is a responsible travel company at its roots, conducting social impact activities overseas. Individuals and communities throughout the world have benefited from the company’s social impact placements.

The Travel Franchise hires the best talent and fosters a winning culture in the company. It seeks people with a winning mentality and supports them in realising their full potential. There is a genuine culture of collaboration to works as a team to achieve a common aim of a franchise. Over the years, The Travel Franchise has helped to improve education and give opportunities to ‌students. Its goal is to help travel professionals spread the word about professional travel.

Future Endeavors

As part of its expansion plans for 2022, The Travel Franchise is investing heavily in the company. To support this plan, the company has recruited senior team members. Its new management team is attracting top talent from across the country. Each senior manager is assembling their own team of diverse people to work under them.

The company intends to double and grow internationally within a year. Starting with a partnership with a major UK lender, the company gained access to over 100,000 new customers. It is introducing a new travel membership program with 10,000 members, as well as big technology projects, all with the goal of quadrupling sales in the next year.

As a successful entrepreneur, Steve shares valuable advice for all the young leaders aspiring to make a mark in the franchise business. He mentions that franchising is a £15 billion market in the United Kingdom, with great opportunities for everyone who is dedicated and works hard. He further advises franchisors to continue to expand their network, since franchising is all about people and relationships.


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