Fingernails2Go: Transforming the Face of Nail Art Fashion


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The nail art industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Similar to several other sectors, technology has influenced the nail art sector as well. The usage of nail art printers is becoming a trend as an increasing number of people are being attracted to its capabilities to help achieve the exact designs and color of their choice. Less time consumption, flexibility, and affordability are the prominent advantages offered by a nail art printer. 

Amid the increasing competition, companies such as Fingernails2Go are leading the transformations in the nail art industry by combining technology and fashion. The Northern Ireland-based company uses advanced printing technologies to print intricate patterns in seconds. The products offered by the company deliver high-quality, fun, complex nail art for all.  

Revolutionizing the Nail Art Market

Fingernails2Go was incepted in 2012 after its Founder Butch Baird was challenged to find a technology-based solution to the length of time required for nail art application. Through working with partners including HP and NewVision, the company brought to market the world’s first cosmetically approved and supported digital nail art printers. 

The company is revolutionizing the nail art market with its ability to print intricate nail art patterns on the fingernail, as well as press-ons for later application within a matter of seconds. Firstly, Fingernails2Go developed its Freestanding kiosk for mall concourses and other high footfall locations. It is the company’s flagship nail art printer that seamlessly blends state-of-the-art technology with the latest fashion trends to offer a truly personalized nail art experience. 

Last year, Fingernails2Go launched its Countertop nail art printer—a small form factor unit that is perfect for hair salons, nail salons, brow bars, and a range of other locations. The printer provides numerous advantages such as quick, simple, high-quality prints; advanced printing technology; portable design, etc. 

A Plethora of Opportunities

Franchising and licensing have proved to be one of the highly sought-after business expansion strategies in recent times. With several factors such as world-leading manufacturing partners, cosmetically regulated inks, remote maintenance, extended warranty, and live support, Fingernails2Go’s technology is widely recognized as the best nail art technology available. Courtesy of its exclusive products, Fingernails2Go has managed to attract numerous beauty distributors, salon owners, and entrepreneurs with potential franchising opportunities. 

With Fingernails2Go, our partners have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are using the very best,” asserts Bernard O’Neill (Director of Sales at Fingernails2Go). 

Maintaining Relationships

As the Director of Sales, Bernard has been one of the prominent faces behind Fingernails2Go’s growth over the years. He believes that maintaining relationships is the key to a company’s growth. Fingernails2Go works closely with an international team of engineers and technicians from its manufacturing partners in the US, Europe, and South-East Asia, as well as a network of distributors. 

Bernard’s primary aim is to ensure all these different elements are working together effectively to bring as many people as possible to the table. According to him, notable highlights from Fingernails2Go’s journey are finding the correct partners that are able to bring the company’s product to life. “Partnering with HP, the world’s leading printing manufacturer and NewVision, kiosk manufacturers to blue-chip clients including Vodafone, Citibank, and more meant that we had a wealth of technical expertise to realize the dream, nail art in seconds,” adds Bernard. 

First cosmetically approved Ink

Every successful business confronts numerous challenges throughout its journey. Fingernails2Go too has had its fair share of challenges over the past few years. One of the prominent challenges it faced was to secure a cosmetic-grade ink that meets the highest standards set by its best-in-class manufacturing partners. After over a year of working closely with teams from HP and a specialty ink manufacturing partner, Fingernails2Go has developed the first cosmetically approved ink, safe for use in its nail art printers.     

Catering to the Increased Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic had detrimental impacts on almost every sector across the globe. The beauty industry was one of the hardest hit as it was one of the first sectors to close down and last to be reopened. While some companies failed to strategize their operations during this period, Fingernails2Go took the crisis as an opportunity and used the last 12 months to prepare for increased levels of interest. 

The company has witnessed a growth in inquiries from all over the world in the last six months for its nail art printers as they help reduce the interaction time, freeing up time for more clients, and adding an additional revenue stream. With the year-on-year growth of the nail care industry, Fingernails2Go is poised to make the most of the renewed interest from businesses opening post-COVID. 

Preparations for Growth 

We’re excited to see our newest product, the Countertop Nail Art Printer entering the market, and with significant interest in the USA, UK, and EU, we are sure you will see units in your area soon,” asserts Bernard. The company has also released a companion App —available on Google Play and the App Store—where customers can select their designs, and even upload and edits their own photos and patterns. 

In the next five years, Fingernails2Go is set to be a recognized brand in salon locations across the world. With distributors in the USA, UK, and EU, the company is excited to bring a much-desired product to the market and getting units into salons for customers to enjoy the nail art experience. 

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