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The continuously evolving document management system market is driven by the need for increased efficiency in the workplace. The improving technology and efficient execution of the document management system are reducing the use of the traditional paper files. Furthermore, document management provides extensive tools and techniques for data processing and retrieval. Retrieving information and data is one of the imperative parts of any process operation. This involves facets such as time, the accuracy with the integrity of records and information, affecting the whole process in terms of resource, labor, and money. On the other hand, the desktop virtualization market is expected to reach $15.3 billion by 2023. For the period of 2017 to 2022, the Asia Pacific (APAC) desktop virtualization market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR. Moreover, the numbers of start-ups are increasing in the APAC region, namely, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are witnessing a whopping economic growth and possess a high potential for the adoption of desktop virtualization solutions.

Located in Mumbai, India, Fil-Flan Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing organizations that are leveraging both the document management and desktop virtualization solutions.

According to the Managing Director of Fil-Flan Technologies, Fritzgerald D’sa the industries and institutions have been trying to be paper free for many years; however, there is still increase in the use of paper, especially in certain areas such as banking institutions, finance etc. To eradicate this, the organizations need to become fully-digital.

Powerful Software Solutions for Every User

The-10-year-old organization, Fil-Flan Technologies is a first-rate software products and services company. The highly innovative products include Data Capturing, Document Management, and Desktop Virtualization software. Innovative modules such as ICR – OMR – OCR – IMR and Barcode recognition technologies make the company a one-stop source for all documents capturing needs. Profound domain knowledge of the company in Forms Processing Technologies empowers it to meet any complex challenges in the realm of data capturing solutions.

One of the most complex banking businesses to automate, trade finance, includes intricate international trade practices. There is a delay in the entire trading lifecycle, due to document-intensive transactions, multiple process stages, and a lot of manual inspection. Trade finance for banks is labor, process, and paper-dependent which can impede transaction efficiency, and reduce visibility on both the physical and financial aspects of the transaction. For such lengthy process, Autorec TFC makes the work easier by capturing activities related to data points from various documents received from either the importer or exporter. Powered by cognitive and machine learning, Autorec TFC classifies the documents and extracts the entities from the documents as per the requirement of the application and also applies the rules to those documents for consistency or compliance checks.

Creating a Digital Workflow for Automating Client Processes

Fil-Flan Technologies is a specialist in meeting the diverse document capturing the needs of its clients. While keeping the client on top of the priority list, Fil-Flan Technology team studies the current workflow of physical or digital documents within an organization to create a digital workflow on top of the DMS. Likewise, the process helps the company to automate everything and anything a human would do with those documents; thus, creating a more robust and efficient digital workflow. Using client virtualization, a user’s entire PC environment executes on a shared server or dedicated blade client in the data center with the graphical display output to a remote access device. The benefit of client virtualization is that it provides higher data security, easier manageability, decreases end-user downtime, and ensures business continuity, resulting in greater client satisfaction. Fil- Flan’s clientele includes the leading banking and technology institutions. Some of their clients are ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Mashreq Bank – UAE, Hexaware Technologies, and TCS.

Altering the Document Processing With Innovation

With comprehensive products, comprising AutoRec, AutoDoc DMS, and AppliDis Fusion 4 Virtualization, Fil- Flan’s client base is on the verge of rapid increase. According to the MD Fritzgerald D’sa, Fil-Flan team believes in innovation and solving a pain area that businesses have, especially with lots of documents still coming in physical or digital format. The company’s innovative technologies are altering any document processing activity to a fully digital straight through process such as account opening in a bank, trade document processing etc.

Pacing Ahead Of Counterparts with the Latest Technologies

Fil-Flan products utilize the latest technology made by combining OCR, Robotic capture, cognitive, and machine learning algorithm. The industry’s first combined application and desktop virtualization solution, AppliDis Fusion 4 can deliver applications and desktops as a service and gives users Web 2.0 experience as well as simplifies day-to-day administration. Moreover, the AutoDoc software, a combination of a database and a Volume enables the Client Server communication through WCF technology, which makes the software robust and quick.

MD’s Words of Advice for Younger Generation

With an exponential experience of working with the leaders in the ICR/OCR domain in Europe and America, Fritzgerald D’sa has a positive outlook towards the younger generation today. Talking about the proper utilization and development of youth in industries, Fritzgerald explains, “The younger generation today is very ambitious, so the other armory in the repertoire will have to be hard work and perseverance.” Fritzgerald’s thoughts elaborate, hard work and perseverance, the two highly impacting words which can be life changing if followed closely.

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