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Entrepreneurship has always been alluring for the majority of professionals around the world; however, it is a daunting task. The changing dynamics of business around the world have posed significant challenges for newcomers. Particularly, in the rigorously competitive marketplace such as the home improvement sector, the hefty upfront costs and several other challenges have prevented numerous professionals from starting on their own.  

Addressing the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs in the home care industry, the leading home services franchise Fantastic Services have been guiding them in every step of their business journey. Started as a small cleaning services enterprise, it has significantly grown over the last decade to become a multi-niche company providing more than 100 professional property maintenance services on three continents. 

A few years after its inception, the Fantastic company became a brand offering franchising opportunities, withholding the fear of uncertainty and the lack of support along the way. Today, the company supports more than 530 franchise partners across the world and the numbers are growing exponentially. 

Rise of a Fantastic Franchise

Fantastic Services’ roots date back to 2009 when two like-minded individuals—and the founders-to-be of the company—Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov met. The duo quickly realized that they shared a vision and could deliver home care services much better by working together, which led to the inception of Fantastic Services. 

The aim behind the establishment of the company was to build something simple, yet something that can deliver the best possible service for all clients. As the demand for the company’s services increased rapidly, Rune and Anton decided to expand their business through franchising. Since then, Fantastic Services has established itself as one of the eminent brands in the home maintenance franchising industry. 

The 360˚ Happiness Philosophy

The Fantastic Philosophy revolves around the simple idea of delivering exceptional results for all customers, technicians, franchisees, and in-house professionals. The company makes sure its franchise partners have everything they need to provide stellar-quality services. Each day of the week, they set out to make another 360-degree circle of happiness by doing whatever it takes to keep everyone satisfied. 

A Plethora of Business Opportunities

Fantastic Services is dedicated to becoming the world’s best brand for domestic services—which is infectious across its franchise partners. The company aims to provide all franchise partners with the best business solutions while continually establishing innovative service delivery practices for them and their customers. The comprehensive business solution equips the franchisees with all the tools, training, and support to establish and run a successful business. Alongside award-winning franchise support, Fantastic Services also provides marketing and automation systems that have been proven successful over the past decade. 

Additionally, the company has built a highly automated booking system to connect customers and in-house teams quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, it has developed the award-winning GoFantastic mobile application that helps users check availability for property maintenance services in real-time. These two technologies have helped the company make a shear breakthrough in the domestic services franchise market. Courtesy of its cutting-edge innovation and successful attempt at standardization, the Fantastic business model provides lucrative opportunities to new professionals in the home services industry around the world. 

Insightful Marketing Strategies

In this age of digital media and fast information exchange, a successful business model is incomplete without a strong marketing strategy. This is an area in which Fantastic Services holds a distinct advantage against its competitors. Its expert team of marketing and SEO specialists has many years of experience, creating powerful omnichannel campaigns that regularly achieve high outreach across the UK, Australia, and the US. Being successful at attracting new customers while generating six-figure revenue in sales every year proves Fantastic Services’ marketing approach is undisputable. 

Courtesy of the hard groundwork laid by the pool of marketing experts, the Fantastic franchise network accounts for serving over 50,000 customers with domestic services every month. The team works tirelessly to promote the name of the brand and meet its ambitious targets. The success of the company’s marketing relies on offline and online advertising—which many of its competitors in the home care industry fall behind with. Insightful marketing, blended with impeccable SEO strategies has brought Fantastic Services to the forefront as the only ‘multi-service guru’ of 2021. 

A Fine-tuned Sales Approach

Attracting new customers and generating active income is one of the fundamental, yet most important attributes to running a successful business over a long period. A distinct sales approach is where it all begins for enterprises that are striving to meet their annual targets as well as consistently improving their profits over time. The Fantastic team shares this business outlook and works relentlessly to develop new strategies that help new franchisees get through their initial journey and bypass the known financial risks.

Fantastic Services’ strong team of sales experts and customer care specialists provides invaluable support to the franchisees and empowers them to make the smartest business decisions as aspiring entrepreneurs. The company has a multilateral sales approach that leads the way in the home services industry, thanks to its rich catalogue of special deals and ingenious cross-selling techniques. It also offers the Fantastic Club membership which provides customers premium access to offers and services, thus ensuring its franchisees’ business will keep a loyal client base while they finally begin to earn and grow at their dream pace. 

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