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Paulo Coelho, Miguel Rosalino and Rui Castro; three multinational company executives had a vision and new ideas for enhancing relationship with customers, partners and a different approach with employees. Keeping this perception in mind, Paulo, Miguel & Rui Co-Founded Everglee in 2011, a technology & consulting company with headquarters in the Óbidos Business Park and an operations office in Lisbon, Portugal. It provides services and solutions mainly based on Oracle technology and has become experts in development and implementing business solutions. Today, Everglee has become one of the prominent Oracle Application Express (APEX) leaders. Everglee is an Oracle Gold Partner and has implemented projects in several territories as Angola, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Belgium.

Currently, the IT industry is facing new challenges, mostly due to the evolution of communications. IoT is changing the way in which companies face the market. Therefore, it is the need of an hour to create technology for the people keeping their requirements in mind. Today, the market speed is really different and the business is changing every day due to the constant evolution of  information technology. This paradigm and the democratization of access to the internet and gadgets and places has resulted in increased expectations of people on a different level. The solution is not just a software component, but rather a 360º lifestyle interoperability and personalized tool. Everglee solutions are built by the people for the  people because clients may have the best algorithms, but not the best software unless they get the best user experience.

Extraordinary Oracle Solutions

The company is equipped with outstanding technology services providing customized business applications (development), systems integration, platform management, help desk, upgrading and migration, implementation (ERP, CRM, HR, healthcare, portals, cash management, identity & access management, business intelligence, data warehousing), mobile apps, networking and security, Cloud Services, Big data (Hadoop) and security. The Oracle gold partner company also offers consulting services in technology strategy and architectures, business modeling and re-engineering, business analysis and design, project management, rationalize and reuse existing technologies, Green IT. Additionally, Everglee also provides consulting services and APEX based solutions for GDPR compliance.

The highly skilled team organizes specialized training sessions such as development and improvement solutions for people and organizations. These sessions include dedicated training on different technologies, behavior, motivation and leadership. Keeping up the pace with the modern technology, Everglee also offers Business Intelligence through model implementations and KPIs development, data modeling, build systems for tactical and strategic decision makers, balanced scorecard, EPM and operations reporting. Furthermore, managed services in terms of technical support and management of applications, middleware and databases, technical consultant placement, service desk, SLA’s and cloud services are also recommended.

User Satisfaction Services

Paulo, Miguel & Rui have formed a business on the following genetic codes.

Human Relationships: The leading Oracle team believes that companies, businesses and partnerships, are based on people and truly rely on the quality of their relationships.

Ethics: Everglee regards ethics as an essential value that the company should operate on.

Excellence: On the technical level, the consultants ensure top service quality solutions for their clients. The team makes regular assessments with customers to measure their satisfaction levels, regarding both technical and behavioral features.

Services: Regardless of the stakeholder goals, the tech company operates ‘to serve’ and intends to exceed expectations.

Skills Network: In the coming years, the tech company is looking forward to increase partners and consultants network, which reflects for both technical and human value.

Hitting a Home Run with the Successful Venture

The seasoned partners along with their team have built a successful venture which is more than a commercial company. Everglee is an innovative business model, based on a “low cost” structure, providing top technology skills. It is also a social project that intends to involve all its customers, employees, partners and the community. The tech company’s approach is based on maintaining relationships between people and not just money.

Ducking the Pitfalls

Everglee was founded to implement distinguished  work culture based on people’s experiences and company outcomes. However, to continue the winning streak, the Oracle partner company plans on working even harder in order to make a difference and capitalize the relationships that the team has built over the years. Moreover, in the next 2 or 3 years, Everglee will be exercising plenty of work in data protection because of the EU’s new law. The founders believe that the key to face this challenge is to get a better fit of the financial and technical resources for their customers.

Golden Words from the Accomplished Founder

According to Paulo Coelho, a successful entrepreneur must have a blend of qualities such as attitude, hard work, value and innovation. Paulo further adds that today’s market is not easy to reinvent the wheel, so the value added products or services along with innovative approaches are vital. Therefore, before jumping in the tech pool, one must analyze what technology is missing (new app, robotics, drones, IoT, etc.) for individuals or for companies. Later on, they must design a detailed plan followed by financial investment status. For a test run,  a prototype must be created and tested on potential customers, noting their reactions as well as feedback from the market.

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