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Espresso B2B Marketing

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Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of the business world. With the changing business world and consumer demands, the traditional marketing methods are on verge of a culmination. These traditional methods are being replaced by digital marketing—a low-risk, low-cost, and highly efficient modern marketing method. Larger enterprises are swift to adapt to the new digital marketing trends as they have the capital to dedicate specialized employees or even entire teams to adopting these methods.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, however, do not have this flexibility and thus remain stagnant in terms of revenue and sales growth. Founded in 2010 by Mark Lennon, Espresso B2B Marketing aims to bridge this gap by helping small and midsized B2B companies grow through better marketing. The San Francisco-based marketing giant leverages modern marketing technologies to help these companies develop a modern marketing strategy and execute it. Since its inception, Espresso has helped numerous companies generate sales leads and incremental revenues.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Espresso only works with B2B companies and has profound expertise in content marketing. It helps clients develop unique content strategies and develops content that engages and converts as well as educates and progresses leads towards being sales-ready. “We promote and distribute content for our clients through numerous channels. A lot of agencies only do search ads, Facebook, or email. We use all of these channels to get the content in front of target buyers,” said Mark.

Prior to stepping into the marketing landscape, Mark worked in sales, where he sold enterprise software and services. Thus, Espresso works with companies selling enterprise software and services. It understands the marketing needs of these companies and the complexities of their longer sales cycles.

Besides these, Espresso provides other services including,

  • Growth Strategies: B2B Lead Generation, Growth Marketing, B2B Marketing Strategy, B2B Content Strategy, Account-Based Marketing, Go-to-Market Messaging.
  • Inbound Marketing: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing.
  • Outbound Marketing: Account-based Advertising Services, Social Media Advertising, Pay-Per-Click/AdWords
  • Other Services: Marketing Automation, HubSpot Services, B2B Marketing Analytics.

Standing Out in the Crowd

The competition in the marketing sector is getting rigorous over time. Thus, a company needs to inculcate exclusive strategies to thrive in this fierce competition. Espresso only works with B2B companies and most of its clients are software or enterprise services companies. Moreover, it works with startups through midsize companies. This focus differentiates Espresso from its peers.

Furthermore, Espresso’s strategies are also unique. The company emphasizes on content marketing as it believes that content is the fuel for all marketing channels—email, social, advertising, or organic search. “Content educates, engages, and converts. And we embraced content marketing early on. We’ve been at it for over 10 years,” adds Mark.

Matching the Reduction in Revenue

The COVID-19 pandemic halted business operations across all the industries. The pandemic had mixed impacts on the marketing industry. In the beginning, some clients were unsure about marketing as usual. However, they all adjusted gradually and found a new normal way to work. As companies strive to generate leads and grow, marketing has become critical although some clients are operating with reduced budgets. In the wake of the pandemic, Espresso was forced to adjust costs to match the reduction in revenue. However, it is optimistic about the near future.

The Remote Work Conundrum

The pandemic enforced companies to adapt to the remote working style, which proved to be a big challenge for several companies. The Espresso team was working remotely since its inception, due to which remote working was not a big deal for the company. However, some of its team members – who previously worked from home – suddenly, had their whole family at home. Though, this had huge impacts, the company tried to demonstrate empathy and understanding to cope with the situation.

Besides employees, remote working was a big change for many of Espresso’s clients as well. The majority of the company’s work was traditionally delivered remotely so there was no change to its workflow with the clients. The main change was with its new clients as Espresso often arranged face-to-face meetings with the new clients. The pandemic resulted in total reliance on Zoom meetings. “Fortunately, everyone has gotten more and more accustomed to working this way, so its only gotten easier since the start of the pandemic,” adds Mark.

Improving the Buyer’s Experience

Mark believes that three trends will drive the marketing and advertising sector over the next few years. These trends include,

  • Personalization: The ability to personalize the experience for website visitors is expected to get easier. Companies such as Amazon and Netflix have set a good example of personalizing the user experience. This B2C type of personalization will become more common and easier to do with B2B websites.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The phrase ‘AI-powered has gained more ground in the descriptions of marketing technology in recent years. In the coming years also, AI will be increasingly leveraged by advertising platforms to hyper-target ads.
  • Intent Data: Mark hopes that buyer intent data will become more accurate and more affordable. Although the data is out there, Mark believes that there is a lot of room for improvement.

Espresso strives to improve the experience that its clients deliver to their target buyers. These improvements in the areas of personalization, AI, and intent data are expected to help Espresso deliver better, more targeted, more relevant experiences from ads to websites and every other touch points its clients have with their target buyers.

Espresso B2B Marketing

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