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Erin Flynn

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Unlike some industries that experienced prolonged downturns as a result of the pandemic, the fine jewelry industry had already started to recover by the end of 2020 and early 2021. During lockdowns, online shopping became a crucial outlet for customers, and the desire for rare and timeless goods remained strong. As a result, there was an increase in demand for high-end jewelry, precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones in investment pieces.

At the same time, the fashion industry has begun to follow a broader trend towards sustainability and ethically sourced materials, with a growing demand for minerals, stones, and materials obtained responsibly. Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about unsustainable practices in “fast fashion,” leading businesses to prioritize more sustainable approaches in their jewelry production.

Amidst these dynamics, while there are myriad jewelry players in the retail and fashion industry, few are more adept at embracing both the challenges and opportunities than Erin Flynn, the founder and CEO of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry. By staying at the leading edge of market trends and remaining creative and nimble in her approach, Erin’s ability to design products and implement strategies that attract a loyal customer following makes her the Mirror Review’s top choice for an entrepreneur in the fine jewelry industry.

The Journey of Erin Flynn

Erin is an experienced jewelry maker with more than 20 years of experience. She is enthusiastic about her craft and always eager to pursue her passions. Despite the challenges of being a single mother with young children, she recognized the importance of dedicating time to something that would ignite her sense of purpose.

Her satisfaction stems from designing jewelry, as it allows her to bring happiness to others. Understanding that each piece holds emotional value, Erin recognizes that jewelry is more than just an accessory—it carries memories, feelings, and associations with special people or events. It is this emotional value that brings her the greatest sense of fulfillment.

“I always knew a deep-set sense of fulfillment would only come when, one day, I would also be able to devote myself more fully to something that gave me purpose and ignited my passions in my personal life,” Erin says.

When Erin decided to transition from her finance and investment banking job to pursue a career in fashion and jewelry, she realized the significance of starting fresh. She understood that to make the desired impact in the fashion and jewelry industry, and her involvement would need to go beyond creation and design. It required starting over, gaining a thorough understanding of the business side, and immersing herself in the sector to learn about purchasing methods, marketing, and sales.

With a 5-year strategy in mind, Erin crafted a plan that allowed her to adapt to personal needs while steadily strengthening her commitment. She immersed herself in the business, gaining valuable experience working with renowned brands like Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Eventually, Erin fearlessly launched her brand, Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry, and never looked back.

Elevating Jewelry Experiences

Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry, founded in March 2021, embarked on an incredible journey. The company started with a strong focus on offering custom work, diligently building a client list, and establishing partnerships with vendors and manufacturing partners across the globe. As time progressed, EFFJ expanded its services and became a full-service design shop, offering a wide range of options. From one-of-a-kind custom pieces to ready-to-wear collection items and jewelry styling, they aimed to cater to diverse customer needs.

Within their custom designs, EFFJ specializes in creating exquisite engagement rings, wedding bands, and various custom jewelry. They took pride in collaborating with clients to customize collection pieces according to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized touch. Moreover, they welcomed the opportunity to transform clients’ original inspirations, whether sourced from an EFFJ signature piece or the client’s vision, into reality through their expertise.

Notably, EFFJ also excelled in revitalizing heirloom jewelry. When clients presented them with heirloom pieces for redesign, they worked closely together to infuse modern elements into these cherished treasures. Additionally, EFFJ offered comprehensive reviews of clients’ jewelry collections, identifying opportunities to enhance missing elements, update pieces, or provide necessary repairs. They aimed to breathe new life into these collections, restoring their vibrancy and sentimental value.

Nurturing Innovation and Building Connections

As a leader, Erin has a unique approach that distinguishes her from others. She doesn’t follow a standard playbook and is open to trying new things. As an entrepreneur, she prefers to handle tasks internally before looking for outside assistance. This hands-on approach helps her better understand the requirements of her future team members. Erin learned the importance of this during her time working at Tiffany and Cartier, gaining valuable insights.

Working for a small company excites Erin because it offers personal and business growth opportunities. As her business expands, her role evolves, leading to increased value for her brand, EFFJ. What makes her brand unique is her previous experience in investment banking in San Francisco. This background enables her to comprehend the backgrounds, interests, and desires of a significant portion of her customer base. By staying updated on fashion trends, the local business community’s style and finding innovative ways to blend these elements, Erin ensures EFFJ’s designs remain relevant and fresh.

Erin recognized that she required outside help, so she sought out top-notch professionals in the field and explored ways to partner with them in different capacities. Some people worked part-time with her, while others acted as advisors. Those unable to work directly with her provided generous recommendations and granted access to their colleagues and networks. Erin appreciated the assistance and knowledge she gained from these relationships.

Redefining Jewelry with Ambition, Innovation, and Personalization

Erin confidently asserts, “I think the short answer is we’re not afraid to go for big things.” In just two years since its inception, the company significantly impacted Emmys, demonstrating its capabilities and foreshadowing future opportunities.

EFFJ differentiates itself from traditional jewelry makers by expertly combining ready-to-wear and custom designs. They understand the importance of offering high-quality, consistent, and unique pieces catering to each customer’s style and preferences. Erin’s collections reassure customers they can find a piece they love within their preferred style and budget.

Clients value the flexibility and collaborative approach EFFJ offers, resulting in mutual satisfaction. Their unwavering ambition, innovative mindset, and adeptness in merging fashion concepts have established EFFJ as a trailblazer in the industry. Focusing on personalized jewelry that resonates profoundly, they have set a benchmark for others in the market to aspire to.

Harnessing Talent at EFFJ

Erin adopts an approach that goes beyond the typical hiring process. When considering potential candidates, Erin engages in conversations that extend beyond the role and responsibilities at hand. These discussions delve into the individuals’ life goals, dreams, and ambitions, as well as their areas of expertise and previous areas where they required assistance.

Erin firmly believes that job descriptions should be adaptable, allowing individuals to expand their skill sets continuously. The ultimate objective is to provide people with opportunities they may not have encountered otherwise. By doing so, Erin strives to transform work from a mere job into a valuable chance for constant curiosity and personal growth.

Erin is fearless in seeking guidance from others. She believes people are usually willing to share their knowledge and offer assistance when they can tell Erin is genuinely passionate about the topic rather than just fulfilling professional obligations.

Erin’s Fashion Insights

Erin perceives fashion and luxury as more than mere objects or individual pieces. Instead, Erin views them as a “feeling.” Jewelry, in particular, can convey various statements, meanings, or “vibes” depending on how it is paired with other elements or used as an accessory.

Drawing from a wealth of experience and comfort in diverse settings, whether the workplace, a charitable gala, or a casual family gathering, Erin leverages this knowledge to offer clients both traditional insights and innovative approaches to their style and accessory requirements. Erin’s approach evolves and adapts alongside the clients, ensuring continued growth and development.

On a personal level, Erin resonates most with British and French designers, as they capture the essence of womanhood through tailored and stylish garments. Embracing femininity is something Erin cherishes and finds deeply fulfilling.

Unveiling the Next Chapter

Erin recognizes the significance of experiencing fine jewelry firsthand. With the wide array of options in terms of quality and size, most individuals prefer to see and touch the pieces before making a purchase. Being chosen as the exclusive jewelry designer for Emmy’s Backstage Giving Suite, Erin showcased collections and custom work, including a specially designed piece for the Awards Ceremony. Building solid relationships in the Los Angeles area, the entertainment industry remains a driving force for fine jewelry demand and a promising avenue for growth.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2023, Erin aims to sustain the momentum by expanding online and partner sales while embarking on launching the inaugural Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry retail store in San Francisco Bay Area. This establishment will serve as a hub for client consultations and foster a direct connection with customers, ensuring an immersive retail experience.

As the brand ambassador, Erin embraces the responsibility of narrating the brand’s story, which revolves around reclaiming femininity. Erin believes individuals can be proud, strong, and driven while embodying style and confidence. The aim is to make this experience enjoyable and empowering.

Over the coming years, Erin envisions the establishment of multiple retail stores nationwide, extending beyond the West Coast. By consistently delighting clients and maintaining an innovative approach, Erin aspires to challenge prominent luxury houses and differentiate through personalized customization, setting the brand apart from existing luxury giants.

Erin’s Seven Pointers

  • Evangelize and share your dreams and desires openly with friends and family. By vocalizing your plans, you increase the chances of bringing them to fruition.
  • Embrace “calculated serendipity” by actively seeking situations that increase the likelihood of new connections, networks, and unexpected opportunities.
  • Prioritize your new venture alongside other obligations. Remember that fulfilling your aspirations is an obligation to yourself, and your journey can inspire others around you.
  • Begin by dedicating just 15 minutes of your day to initiate your journey. The willingness to take that first step, to try, sets successful entrepreneurs apart from well-minded dreamers.
  • In a word, start with a “yes” mentality and see where it leads you.


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