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Eric Oliver

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Angelsmith is an award-winning digital advertising agency that offers unique solutions to franchises. The company specializes in web optimization, maintenance, development, and franchise-related services. It was Co-Founded by Eric Oliver and Carin Oliver in 2001 with a mission to provide digital solutions to fuel growth for its clients.

Angelsmith offers a full suite of services including website development, optimization and maintenance; social advertising, SEO & SEM, and email marketing. It has gained experience working with Fortune 500 brands, as well as, mid-sized companies in various industry verticals. 

Additionally, the company has developed a powerful franchise web engine, called Apogee3.  It allows fast-growing franchise organizations to have more control, reduce web costs, and increase deployment without sacrificing flexibility.

Mirror Review recently engaged in an intriguing conversation with the President of Angelsmith Eric. He shed light on the current and the future scenario of the industry along with sharing insights on leadership, quality, and challenges in his journey.

When was Angelsmith established? Please brief us on the notable achievements throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

Angelsmith was founded right before the dot-com bubble burst. It was the worst time to start a digital agency. But we thrived because of our resourcefulness, innovation, and scrappiness.

We’ve built a great team of certified specialists. Over the years we have sold millions of dollars worth of goods and services for our clients. Our team has received awards and nominations that include the Adobe Site of the Day award, Clio, COMM Arts Award, Shorty Awards, and more.

What measures do you undertake to ensure client retention?

We maintain long-term relationships with our clients. For Angelsmith, solutions like Apogee3 are so ROI positive that they usually stay with us for years.  Our business has grown because even the outgoing marketing teams take us with them to their new jobs while continue with the original organization. Most of our new business comes from those marketing directors and CMO referrals.

How has the franchise business changed during the COVID-19?

During COVID-19, online consumer behavior rocketed forward about 10 years. Although mobile web visits and conversions were increasing prior to the stay-at-home orders, that behavior rapidly increased. For the majority of our clients, more than 70% of their web users access using mobile devices. We’re now not only helping our clients be mobile-friendly but also insisting that they be ‘mobile-first.’

Brief us on the current industry scenario. What are the major transformations you are expecting in the coming years?

We keep a close eye on the aggregate macro trends of our clients. Until 2020, we relied on our data trends to anticipate possible future transformations. But since the pandemic, it has been wild. We had to change client strategies within 48 hours due to the rapid evolution in consumer behavior.

During the first weeks of the shutdown, our team worked around the clock to figure out ways to generate revenue for our bricks-and-mortar clients. We were scrappy enough during the pandemic that we were able to keep one of our multi-unit restaurants within 1% of their pre-pandemic revenue. I expect the need for this type of rapid change and flexibility to be part of the future landscape.

Additionally, the transformations will also include an accelerated rate of mobile adoption which in turn will lead to higher quality seamless mobile app experiences. Websites and apps are both accessed on mobile, and users now expect more. Due to the current scenario, the industry is destined to see an increase in online competition. As it becomes harder for franchisees to acquire users, converting those web visitors to clients at higher rates is crucial to succeeding.

The industry is also set to undergo rapid innovation. Consumer demands are evolving and internal processes, marketing, web, and advertising need to keep up. The pace at which corporations respond to individual market pressures will be a leading indicator of organizational success. In turn, Franchises will need automated platforms that allow them to reduce the internal workload and respond quickly.

What are the upcoming services/solutions lined up in the near future? How will it help the industry and the customers?

Most companies struggle with the ever-changing web marketing landscape. It requires people with expertise, experience, and tenacity. Internal teams sometimes lack the experience needed to continue. To help, we are introducing a fractional web team service for companies that need cutting-edge web expertise. By using a fractional team, a company can get best-in-class experience without investing in an in-house team and the technical infrastructure needed to support them.

What advice would you like to give to the aspirants who are looking to make a mark in the franchise business?

Everyone knows the basics, as an entrepreneur one must have the expertise to dig deeper and understand the client and their customers better. It is important to realize that a franchisor’s issues are different from franchisees’. It is also critical to understand how they relate to each other. The relationship is delicate, challenging, and beautiful when it works. Secondly, do not be afraid—engage with other businesses of the category that are facing similar problems. Ask questions and listen to answers—try to understand, rather than to be understood.

Finally, remember to encourage a culture of risk-taking and don’t be afraid to fail. Trust your intuition and have faith in the outcome. Even if the outcome isn’t what you expected, it’s often what’s needed.

Eric Oliver

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