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The enterprise resource planning (ERP) as an industry is blooming and ERP vendors are implementing enterprise-wide solutions that have a wide range of functionality to solve the issues faced by customers and satisfy the growing business needs. The evolution of ERP is a constant process of enhancing the cycle, which begins with material requirement planning, analysis, design, implementation, etc. Today, the ERP development with the cloud technology is making information more accessible, more dime store, and beneficial to the individuals around the world. The ERP solution providers are facing some major challenges, which are, meeting user experience design, turning ideas into reality, precisely anticipating market demand, lack of talent, creating a unique system, and addressing users who are concerned about their safety. With its promising portfolio, ePROMIS Solutions Inc, resolves these issues by delivering fully integrated enterprise software solutions in various industries such as real estate, oil & gas, automobile, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Streamlining Business Process with Pioneering Technologies
Since its inception, ePROMIS Solutions has grown over 500 percent and has its offices branched out in 15 countries including the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. ePROMIS is a customer-centric organization, whose mission is to empower industries and enterprises around the world by giving them innovative technologies and optimize their daily business operations. Moreover, on a daily basis, the company interacts with the dynamic global marketplace to understand business of every culture, economy, and political region of the world. ePROMIS strongly believes that alliances and teamwork are necessary to achieve any task. Together with its customers and associates, the leading ERP solution provider transforms industries, enhances economies, assists neglected communities, and empowers their environments.

Dealing with Numerous Responsibilities using knowledge and skills

In 1981, the Managing Director and CEO, Mathews P. Mathew established ePROMIS primarily as a computer software and networking services company for local Texas businesses, but now the company provides complete ERP solutions for small, midsize, and corporate businesses. Today, as the CEO of ePROMIS, Mathews has many levels of responsibility like making business decisions, managing the board of directors, implementing new notions, creating dynamic products, refining their existing services, and managing the overall operations. Mathews has over 25 years of experience and expertise in various skills like business process, business process improvement, and business intelligence. The CEO enjoys leading and achieving the everyday operations of his business as well as tries to improve himself. As an enterprise solution provider, Mathews helps companies of all sizes and industries to do better business. Though, Mathews and his team members rejoice their achievements, the CEO also reminds his employees that they are not finished yet and have many more things to achieve.

Equipping Various Industries with Latest Technologies and Innovations

The Houston, Texas-based company offers Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, ERP consultation, industry-specific ERP software solutions, software maintenance & support, and training services for construction, oil & gas, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) and trading. ePROMIS enterprise solutions are integrated with cloud technology and packed with in-built applications. The enterprise solutions come with functionalities like getting real-time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, managing enterprise mobility, document management system, document attachment system, and audit trail system. ePROMIS’ business solutions run on smartphones and tablets with devoted applications and even on the web browser which makes it accessible from anywhere. Utilizing the latest technologies and innovations, ePROMIS carries out new developments and upgrades its software solutions with new features from time to time. The company offers an array of multiple products and services from which Construction ERP solution and ERP Consultation are its best-selling product and service respectively.

Aiding Organizations to Become Competitive in Nature and Responsive towards Customers

From many years, ePROMIS has been serving several industries to understanding the present challenges and issues faced by companies while performing their business operations. The company’s solution aids organizations to become more competitive in nature and reactive towards consumer needs. The ERP solutions support and enhance organization in various sections like increased productivity, data-driven decision-making, well-organized business operations, and regulatory compliance. ePROMIS also has expertise in ERP Software, Cloud Security, Fully Integrated Software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Industry Specific Solutions, Customer Experience Management  (CXM), Cloud, Web Based & Client Server Technologies, and Manufacturing Softwares.

Using Innovating Strategies and Products to Transform Businesses

ePROMIS utilizes innovative strategies to enhance their clients’ businesses as well as optimize their business processes. These innovative strategies are:

  • Internal development: An organization can achieve internal development when it is expanding its own operations without relying on takeovers and mergers. These operations are developing and launching new products, increase customer base through marketing, finding new markets, and transforming the existing system by investing in new asset & technology.
  • Customer and partner co-innovation: The organization cooperates and collaborates with other tech giants to develop new products and services. The benefit of co-innovation is that customer issues can be solved quickly leading to increased business agility. In turn, partners can create new businesses and escalate their growth, which can be helpful to build future alliances.
  • Acquisitions: Through acquisition, an organization can easily expand its business portfolio, eliminate market competition, and focus on the most productive providers.

Presently, ePROMIS is planning to introduce its next-generation cloud ERP system, which focuses on mobility, analytics, and social. The cloud ERP system is a one-of-a-kind enterprise system designed and developed as per ePROMIS’ dream for constructing technologies that can produce new possibilities. Its innovation lab is also working on the potential use of Artificial Intelligence in business, i.e., AI-enabled ERP solutions. This AI-enabled ERP solution will renovate the entire ERP software environment, transform business operations, and increase productivity standards. The company is also expanding and investing in multiple areas such as cloud computing, IoT, Blockchain technologies, machine learning, AI, big data, and enterprise mobility to produce innovative solutions that can further transform businesses.

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