Entrex Carbon Market: Legitimizing the Carbon Offset Marketplace

Entrex Carbon Market

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Over the years, carbon emissions have immensely contributed to climate change and global warming. To reimburse its hazardous impacts, the concept of carbon offsetting was introduced to the market. The idea of carbon offsetting revolves around the balancing of mechanisms so as to compensate for the carbon footprints. It is regarded as a potential solution to the daily carbon emissions—such as the emissions generated by large industries or the ones caused due to forest fires—which are irreversible and unavoidable.

Through carbon offsetting, people can compensate for these emissions by funding projects that provide sustainable development to communities around the world. These projects offer equivalent reduction in emissions, either through counteracting or absorbing carbon dioxide and bringing balance to the environment. Carbon offsetting supports or executes projects that have a positive contribution to the environment.

In addition, the increased funding received by carbon offsetting projects can change lives—bringing economic, social and health improvements to whole communities. With a lot of carbon offsets available in the market, it is hard to choose one with promising policies and secure outcomes. Entrex Carbon Market was incorporated in the year 2019 to address the traditional environment underperformance. The company believes in the promising aspects of carbon offsets and the carbon neutrality it aims to deliver in the near future.

An Ingenious Mastermind

Entrex Carbon Market was founded by Stephen H. Watkins (CEO). It is a majority-owned subsidiary of its parent company Entrex Inc., (OTC: UNSS) which was founded by Stephen more than 20 years ago with a mission to improve access to capital for entrepreneurial companies.

Talking about the company’s inception, Stephen asserts, “We’ve successfully built two companies that grew to over one billion dollars in market cap and have brought similar leadership to Entrex Carbon Market.” Entrex has assembled an experienced and talented management team with a track record of building and leading world-class businesses in multiple dynamic industries. Stephen believes that it is his duty to decipher client demands and lead the technology team to create efficient solutions.

Holistic Services

Being the only regulatory-compliant trading market in the carbon offset industry, Entrex Carbon Market offers various potentials to verify and secure carbon offsetting. The company provides numerous benefits on buying, selling and retiring of carbon offset securities and securitized futures. It aims at building frictionless methods to supply registered offsets to the global market.

Furthermore, Entrex Carbon Market provides simple, safe and regulatory-compliant solutions. With these solutions, it ensures to help the new administration attain carbon neutrality while maintaining its industry-leading position. The company offers offsets which are registered under the United Nations and World Bank carbon offset processes. It believes that an idea as good and as promising as offsetting carbon emissions as part of the organization’s carbon neutrality program deserves higher attention.

The First Regulatory-Compliant Carbon Offset Marketplace

The carbon marketplace had a maligned reputation during the early times. Numerous schemes were sold out with false promises of carbon emission reductions and enhancement of the green environment. Over the past few years, the carbon offset marketplace has undergone a drastic change. Government introduced scrutinized carbon offset policies and paved the way for carbon offset projects.

Entrex Carbon Market operates with the sole purpose of legitimizing the carbon trading market. The company is the first ever regulatory compliant marketplace where one can buy, sell and even retire carbon offset securities and futures. Entrex Carbon Market aims at addressing the traditional environmental underperformance and frauds that previously existed in the carbon offset industry. It focuses on offering schemes and policies which fall under the government’s legitimized and verified regulations.

A One-stop Shop

The Entrex Carbon Market has been built on the IBM nominated technology platform that can manage offset supply to worldwide carbon neutral buyers at scale. It has a proprietary technology platform at the core which has been continuously developed and refined over time. The advanced technological platform was even featured in a case study authored by IBM on innovative applications of their Domino and Hyperledger technologies. The Entrex Carbon Market was first of its kind to be designed to comply with all applicable United States Securities and Exchange Commission rules for private transactions between regulated parties.

Entrex Carbon Market is consistent with its purpose of bringing clarity and visibility to the carbon offset marketplace. As a purpose-driven company, it is unique beyond its regulatory compliance. It offers a single-source solution for carbon offsets, securitized carbon offset futures, and carbon offset registration programs. Simultaneously, the company also acts on creating and maintaining predictable and credible supply and demand in a regulatory-compliant manner. In a nutshell, Entrex Carbon Market offers a one stop shop for global carbon neutral companies.

Evolution of Carbon Offset Marketplace Over the years, the carbon market has transitioned into a legitimate and more secure version with the help of government assistance and fundings by large enterprises. Numerous organizations are switching to sustainable methods of business operations and functioning which are driven by climate change concerns. Likewise, the carbon market has evolved from speciality to mainstream corporate citizens following regulatory protocols. Entrex Carbon Market provides partnership benefits to both carbon offset producers or organizations seeking to purchase carbon offsets as part of their carbon reduction or neutrality initiatives. As such, one can imagine how the supply and demand requirements have changed significantly through that evolution.

Entrex Carbon Market

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