Enstoa, Inc.: Transforming Capital Projects By Enhancing Communication, Streamlining Processes And Deploying Data For Fact-Based Management

Jordan Cram, Co-founder & CEO, Enstoa, Inc.

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Oracle PaaS enables companies to leverage important emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT. Such innovations are attracting forward-thinking organizations, many of which already have a huge amount of Oracle tech and applications. US-based Enstoa, Inc.supports companies worldwide with advanced Oracle technologies like Oracle PrimaveraP6, Primavera Unifier, and Aconex for capital projects.Enstoa is a gold partner with Oracle’s Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit (CEGBU) to advance capital projects building.

Founder and CEO Jordan Cram established Enstoa with a vision of bringing evidence-based decision making to organizations in capital projects and construction. The company is built on the core foundation of helping organizations use advanced technologies to reduce risks, speed up performance and deliver on strategic objectives.

Driving Clients’ Capital Projects with Technology

Great projects are built on a solid foundation of evidence and data. It’s common to hear about ambitious and well-resourced projects that fail due to a lack of comprehensive and reliable data. Enstoa fills this gap and offers an evidence-based approach, with high quality industry expertise in capital projects and a proven, repeatable way to improve project portfolio performance. Enstoa also provide clients with the insights and best practices needed to move forward confidently.

One CEO, Many Facets

As CEO, Cramprides himself on not having a static role, instead being where he is needed most to drive value to clients and support the Enstoa team. For example, this quarter Cram is working with the product innovation team to help the company launch new AI-based products in 2019.

He was honored with the 2017 Smart CEO NYC award, and Enstoa has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for seven years. Prior to Enstoa, Cram was co-founder and principal of the Cram Group.

Cram emphasizes the booming potential of technology and the changes it will bring in the future. He believes that technology is an essential enabler for organizations to continuously innovate and optimize performance. For more than 20 years, Cram has used strategic business consulting and smart technology solutions to assist leading organizations navigate the digital journey successfully. His advice has helped clients to spend more strategically on improving their operations in leading markets like China, the Middle East, India, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Recently, Cram announced that he and his colleagues have implemented a new model to help engineer culture and team performance. He calls it the science and technology of Evidence-based Team Design (EBTD), which uses individual and team data to optimize project teams for their given tasks.

EBTD is enabling a unique business strategy at Enstoa, taking the science-based approach to capital project improvements to a new level. The energetic CEO asserted, “We’re going to do big things.”Cram hinted Enstoa is on the verge of introducing new innovations into their product lineup.

Topping the Market and Leading Capital Projects Worldwide            

In the current industry environment, an organization’s efficiency is determined by its adaptability and effective use of digital solutions. With capital projects, their scale and resourcing levels require nimble integration and a cloud-centric approach. Enstoa’s technical know-how and agile implementation approach, the “90-day Sprint™,” ensures even the most complex systems integration. It also helps companies achieve true process transformation and 360° project visibility.

With thousands of configured business processes from Enstoa’s best practices database, its digital team brings relevant data to all its engagements. Likewise, the configured business processes serve as an invaluable resource for benchmarking and configuration.

Enstoa’s team of experts provides both industry acumen and technology-enabled accelerators. This helps clients to realize measurable value in as little as 90 days. The company offers unlimited support to its clients, which includes quick access to its experts, proactive support, reliable performance, and peace of mind. Clients can streamline data gathering, identify trends, and quickly communicate KPI-level performance with Enstoa’s suite of battle-tested capital projects and facilities management reporting dashboards.

Growing with Specialized Capital Projects Improvements

Today, Enstoa has become a key player in the capital projects market and is the leading systems integrator for capital projects worldwide. The New York-based tech company is expanding worldwide, with a radically growing client roster across a range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, construction, and public infrastructure.

Enstoa has a history of collaborating with world-class clients, teammates, and partners.The company grew 35% in 2018 and aims to go even higher in the coming years.Such dedication, passion and commitment to quality drives Enstoa as they realize a better way to build.

Enstoa, Inc.The Secret of Enstoa’s Success

“Pursue self-realization relentlessly. Dig to know what you want and then go out and get it. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.”Jordan Cram

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