Elemica: Cloud Service Magnate Transforming the Supply Chain Market

Elemica Cloud Service Magnate

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Digital transformation is at the top of the hysteria cycle. It is one of the many reasons, why people attend meetings and why they search the web. Digital transformation not only has financial hard Return on Investment (ROI), but also the soft ROI that the end users are looking for.

The soft dollars that the finance teams in the past would have rejected are now being accepted as a basic component of the projects such as an Always On-24×7 order acceptance window, end-to-end customer engagement, innovative business models, better decision making, and improved customer service. Users are now going beyond the basics and are focused on obtaining exception-based analysis and dashboards in real-time with respect to their orders and shipments. Elemica leveraged the need of the market and built an exception based real-time dashboard.

Elemica, Integrating Cloud Technology to Supply Chain Solutions

Elemica, founded in 2002, and based in Wayne, Pennsylvania is the leading digital supply network for process manufacturers. Elemica solutions connect the world’s leading process manufacturers to thousands of their direct material suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers. Their clients use the digital supply network to automate and see the products they buy, sell and move.

Their cloud-based network ensures the participants an efficient, scalable, and secure connection. This cloud platform is the result of years of innovation in B2B integration and has evolved into a network that is agnostic to any data source and capable of complex data enrichments. By using the combined solution of platform, the features to buy, sell, move, and see accelerates the digital transformation by introducing frictionless business processes that enhance revenue growth, support new business models, reduce operating costs, and free up working capital.

Enthusiastic and Resilient Leader behind Elemica’s Success

The CEO and Member of Board of Directors of Elemica, John Blyzinskyj is an exceptional leader who with his leadership has imparted significant and immediate positive influence on the company’s financial results, employee motivation, and board/shareholder satisfaction. He holds a BSc degree with Honors in Electronic Engineering from Kings College, University of London; and an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management, England.

Since the beginning, he was attracted to Elemica for the growth potential and strategy that is focused on continued profitability while expanding market share. He got the company over 75% of the companies on IHS Chemical Week’s Billion Dollar Club list and most chemical companies on Gartner’s “2018 Supply Chain Top 25: Chemical” rankings. Under his leadership, the material value of transactions on Elemica’s network has more than doubled over the past two years to above half trillion dollars, with tens of thousands leading process industry trading partners leveraging their collective activities to capture real market opportunities. In addition to his multinational experience, John has also guided small companies through his work with the Boston based Beacon Angels Investment Group. John also currently serves on the boards of local community and educational institutions.

Elemica’s Unique Services Offerings

Elemica has significantly reduced the difficulties that bog down traditional supply chain services. As a leading supply chain solutions provider, Elemica, has a bundle of solutions to ease the automation and connectivity of supply chain processes. These solutions include:

  • Platform: Provides fast and frictionless onboarding of network participants at any scale. Platform helps connect to and collaborate with all of a client’s customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers for the products they sell, buy, and move.
  • Buy: Helps obtain collaborative supplier relationships, so products arrive at the right place at the right time, driving ideal balances of inventory, working capital, and service levels. It leverages the benefits of digital procure-to-pay process automation.
  • Sell: Increases customer satisfaction while generating more profit and revenue by automating and providing visibility from customer order through invoice/payment. It provides methods to automate the order capture of thousands of the customers in a omni-channel approach.
  • Move: Connects to and collaborates with all logistics service providers for logistics execution, visibility, site logistics, and freight cost management. It leverages an integrated network of carriers, forwarders, terminal operators, and warehouse providers that provide customers with digital shipment data, regardless of region, mode, or capabilities.
  • See: It provides real-time monitoring and exception-based management to access world events and apply them to supply chains, so managers can understand the orders or locations impacted.

Finishing First in the Global Supply Chain Race

Elemica continues to grow exponentially in multiple dimensions. But, that has not stopped the company from treating their employees fairly. They want to encourage a healthy debate and hear new ideas, which can come from anyone or anywhere. They try to encourage a fact based, visual and active debate which has been proved as very positive. The company’s executives want to create an innovative culture. Being said that, they want to hear all perspectives before making the final call.

This perspective of Elemica to value all its employees has helped them build loyalty among employees, which helps the company grow in the long haul.

Future Agendas to Fulfil the Vision of Company

Elemica has expanded globally. Its clients now represent an equal split between North America and Europe, and rest of the world. The company has expanded vertically within the process manufacturing industry and encompasses petrochemicals, oil and gas companies, specialty chemicals, plastics, rubber and tire, agri-science, paints and coatings, and CPG to name a few. They are continuing to expand the product line from integration technologies to a suite of transformative supply chain applications for the products the clients buy, move, and sell. Recently, the company is focusing on enhancing the solution suite with visibility solutions to help mitigate risk and improve supply chain performance.

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