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The 3D printing industry offers great market potentials to meet the design and use needs of different people and to bring technology into millions of homes. 3D printers hold the potential to influence the future by their ability to prototype and create 3D structural objects. 3D printing technology has been widely used in countless research fields. Consumer-level 3D printers have secured a huge position in the market, with the selling price reaching a mark of million.

With high regard in the global market, ELEGOO Inc. provides internationally acclaimed consumer-level 3D printers, STEM kits, and robots. The Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry, maker communities, and STEM classrooms have constantly accredited the company for its quality standards and approach. It has been remarked by the 3D printing industry as a near-perfect initiation for anyone looking to try their hand at resin printing.

Harnessing the Possibilities of STEM

ELEGOO was established by Chris Hong in 2015 as a medium to harness the different possibilities offered by STEM technology. He had just started to explore the possibilities of STEM when he realized how ubiquitous the applications are. However, there were two major problems with open-source electronics during that time. Primarily, a majority of people were not aware of STEM education. Meanwhile, the beginner-level users also lacked access to appropriate technology tools.

Secondly, most enterprises and makers in the STEM industry only focused on the hardware of open-source electronics. They lacked the tools to create a complete product by combining electronic hardware and structural shells. These factors inspired Chris to fill the gap in the industry. He initiated a business module that is completely reliant on Shenzhen’s sophisticated supply chain and technical talents. Presently, ELEGOO provides access to suitable electronic hardware and 3D printers for the creators.

An Encompassing Vision

The name ELEGOO has a distinctive meaning that drives the vision of the company. ‘ELE’ is derived from the word electronic—implying open-source electronics and ‘GOO’ comes from the word googol—representing the 100th power of 10. The company represents the combination of open-source electronics and structure that creates everything. ELEGOO is dedicated to providing global inventors with truly practical kits of electronics and necessary structural tools to the students, enthusiasts, and veteran geeks.

As the CEO of ELEGOO Inc., Chris has an encompassing vision to take the company to new heights. Quoting himself as the “CEO of Products,” he takes on the responsibility of communicating the vision of the different products throughout the company. He focuses on the development and performance of the ‘product managers,’ in turn their respective products. Chris believes that a product manager plays a vital role in the development, marketing, and sales of the product. Thus, he empowers the product heads in ELEGOO with a vision for the growth and enhancement of the product. “My objective is to find the best way to describe the 3D printing market requirements in order to create and position a product that will attract the right customers,” asserts Chris.

Offering a thorough 3D Printing Experience

Currently, several enterprises are offering expansive 3D printing benefits due to its growing demands. However, a few prioritize offering a thorough experience of using 3D printers rather than just selling them. ELEGOO does not only sell 3D printers but also provides a thorough experience of using them. It has transformed from an e-commerce company to one that integrates R&D, production, and sales. The company focuses on research and development to help develop its customers’ designs with high print success rates and results.

ELEGOO also focuses on supply chain and product control to ensure high-quality products for customers. With an eloquent customer service staff and customer service system, the company ensures that the customer’s post-sales service is swiftly resolved. It diligently tests the resin and accessories’ matching for customers to buy and use peripheral products. It also aims to solve adaptability and cost performance issues while allowing the extension of the application.

Overcoming Unprecedented Hurdles

The COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges such as shortages of supply and product transportation. However, it also brought several opportunities for 3D printing companies, and their role in emergency response to the shortage of medical materials was highlighted during the crisis. The unprecedented situation revealed various potentials of 3D printing in managing shortages.

ELEGOO supported several clubs and schools by teaching them to leverage the benefits of 3D printers to develop personal protection. It helped them procure 3D printable masks, face shields, and personal protective equipment (PPE) devices. With a rapid surge of market demand and supply chain shortages due to the epidemic, ELEGOO executed the following to meet supply demands while ensuring high quality:

  • Expanding the R&D team, optimizing the products, and making the product easier;
  • Bringing in the professional production management team to increase production capacity and ensure quality; and
  • Working with the supply chain on stocking, as well as adjusting the design to ensure the supply of raw materials.

Adhering to Changes in the Digital Shaft

As 2020 brought a major shift to the digital world, ELEGOO aimed at adhering to the changes by launching no less than 5 products throughout 2021. It is leveraging the ease of use, accuracy, appearance, and functionality offered by 3D printing project sales in the next 2 years which will cost more than a billion. This further amounts the total shipment to exceed about 50w units.

The company further plans new launches of products in May and June, including FDM equipment and wash & cure machine, resin, etc. The company is also planning to launch a large printing size 12.8” 6K Jupiter Mono LCD 3D printer on Kickstarter in Q3. These latest products will improve the ease of printing, accuracy, success rate, and material performance, offering new applications and expansions of the industry.


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