eBizDocs: Digitizing Records While Offering Cloud And Premise Software Solutions


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On a mission to “save paper”, and believing in ‘doing’ things than just merely making resolutions, eBizDocs is an award-winning electronic document management service provider.

eBizDocs is committed to help companies, state agencies, local governments, and other organizations find electronic solutions to otherwise inefficient record management systems. eBizDocs believes that by reducing reliance on paper, your business can reclaim valuable work space, recover lost time, and – most importantly – cut costs associated with inaccessible information.

So, here comes eBizDocs to help you digitize your records, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of your paper documents!

eBizDocs, an Award-winning Electronic Content Solutions Provider

Active in business since 1999, located just outside the capital of New York Albany, eBizDocs is led by its Founder and current President and CEO, Howard Gross. It is the “hard work” and the “team work”, spontaneously incorporated by Howard and team that fetch the success for the company. eBizDocs is an award-winning electronic content solutions provider that offers cloud and premise software solutions, paper and microfilm conversion, scanner sales and service, and process consultation.

eBizDocs offers much more than simple file storage. With eBizCloud, the company provides its customers with a feature rich, cloud-hosted content management system. eBizCloud makes accessing business documents – including media files of any format – quick and simple from any internet ready device via browser or app. And along with the basic features of any good content management system, eBizCloud comes bundled with advanced features like workflow, document versioning, and file retention.

The company serves private and public-sector organizations from a variety of verticals including government, healthcare, law, financial institutions, education, construction, museums, libraries, and other not-for-profits.

One of the key differentiators of eBizDocs is its workforce. “We truly reflect the community we live in. One of the keys to our success is long term employment of our team. Many  employees have all been at the company for more than 10-13 years and for a company that was started in 2000 and didn’t have employees until 2003 that’s saying something,” asserts Howard.

eBizDocs hires people based on the ability and skill  they bring to the table. The company hires a significant number of people with disabilities and sculpt jobs that they can be successful at. “We don’t see these teammates as disabled we see them as very abled. Being an inclusive and safe place for its employees is what has and continues to drive Howard,” adds Howard.

eBizDocs, Simplifying the Documentation

It is always about the clients! Every company tries to serve the best to their clients and eBizDocs goes one level up than the others when it comes to satisfy the client’s needs. Howard says, “Respect for the customer and the quality they need. Many times a customer will not even know where to start the conversation. They have rooms filled with Documents and are looking for us to host them. They typically have this idea that we just wave our wand and they end up in the cloud and they also think that the quality of the images is always going to be perfect and takes no effort. That’s not the case.”

eBizDocs is willing to put in the upfront time with the clients, so that they can have a high quality product when the product is over. The company also maintains control of the product and the process from beginning to the end. “While many of our competitors have shipped work offshore (with and without customer knowledge or approval) we have chosen to keep everything in house. All aspects of the projects are handled by our team and that means the documents are only processed by a member of the eBizDocs team,” adds Howard.

Over the past 17 years, the team at eBizDocs has developed scalable, “proprietary” processes and guidelines to successfully execute projects of any size or complexity in a timely and manner without compromising quality or confidentiality. eBizDocs is thoroughly customer-focused, and treat each customer and their documents with respect. That means tailoring its methods to accommodate client’s specific needs. eBizDocs also employ the latest, state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure that the speed and quality of their services exceed the customers’ expectations.

Connect the Digital Documents

It’s a constant challenge (but a good one) to stay on top of an ever changing environment. But eBizDocs is having an other opportunity and that is to get deeper into a customer’s business and connect the digital documents to the meta data of the legacy systems to ensure that the information that the customer needs is all presented at on time when it’s needed.

Howard believes that the next generation needs to be able to connect with its customers physically. He advices the next generation – though currently the next generation likes to connect through all the social media and virtual types of connections. There is nothing as powerful as a handshake and a face-to-face meeting. People like to know who they are doing business with. It’s important that effort is made to establish a relationship not just a customer vendor connection. It’s easy to lose a customer its harder to get out of a relationship.

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