EasySend: Solving the Paper Ambiguity in Insurance and Banking

Tal Daskal

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Today, customer data collection is essential for financial enterprises to fuel core business processes. However, it is often managed with primitive digital tools – such as PDFs or even paper documents – that require extensive manual data entry and processing. These traditional methods result in out-of-control operational costs, high error rates, and average customer experience that may result in lost revenue opportunities. Today, enterprises are seeking digitization; however, coding and maintaining customer data collection forms at the enterprise-scale is challenging for a majority of IT departments. 

Established in 2016, EasySend is a company that is helping enterprises with its innovative solutions. EasySend’s vision is to transform the way digital transformation is managed at the enterprise-scale by building a digital culture in enterprises from internal processes to external, customer-focusing ones. The company envisions being the go-to solution to manage digital transformation at scale, providing full visibility, transparency, and optimization of client-faced processes for organizations. 

Simplifying the Digital Customer Journey

EasySend is a no-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys in insurance and financial services. The company is leading the charge to a digital future by helping enterprises transform paperwork and PDFs into digital journeys, allowing them to create digital forms within a click –without a single line of code. The primary solutions offered by EasySend include, 

  • EasySend for Insurance: 

EasySend empowers insurance companies, brokers, and MGAs to replace unavoidable paperwork with digital solutions. The solution covers numerous insurance use cases including car accident claims, customer onboarding, disability benefits, standard insurance forms, B2B insurance onboarding, policy administration, supplemental documentation, pet insurance claims, and more. 

  • EasySend for Banking: 

Banks cannot avoid paperwork, as core processes from new account openings to loan applications require the collection of data and signatures from customers. Today, three out of four of the world’s largest banks pledge themselves to some form of customer experience transformation and EasySend’s banking solution is helping such banks minimize the need for paperwork. The solution covers any use case across several business lines including—digital mortgage, customer onboarding, lending, compliance paperwork, COVID-19 government assistance, merchant onboarding, and more. 

Companies using these solutions gain full visibility into their customers’ workflow activities and behaviors. Moreover, they can identify where their customers dropped out of workflows so that they can optimize their form completion rates, drive revenue growth, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction rates. 

Innovation and Digital Transformation Leader

All the operations at the company are helmed by Tal Daskal, CEO and Co-Founder at EasySend). He is an expert in all aspects related to digital transformation in insurance and banking and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector. During the initial stages of his career, while working at one of the largest insurance companies in Israel, Tal noticed the extent of the problem that paperwork and manual processes create in insurance. To combat this, he, along with Co-Founders, Omer Shirazi and Eran Shirazi, incepted EasySend in 2016. 

Within few years since its inception, EasySend has seen unprecedented growth. The company has transformed from a bootstrapped startup to a thriving company with over 70 employees in three countries. Moreover, it has gained over 90% market share in Israel and has launched go-to-market strategies in North America, UK, and DACH regions. 

Approaching the New Normal

The increasing importance of digital transformation was further highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for secure, efficient, and easy to use digital processes has been on a rise since the pandemic outbreak. Regardless of the industry, enterprises are moving towards a more digital future and seeking digital solution providers. 

EasySend is helping organizations create a digital culture at scale in record time and at a fraction of a cost. The company has managed to thrive in these unprecedented times. Particularly, the phenomenon of remote working confronted numerous challenges for organizations. EasySend, however, was swift to adapt to the changed remote working style.  

Broadening their Verticals

After achieving a 90% market share in the Israeli financial services market, EasySend is focusing on active expansions in the United States, EMEA, and APAC. The company aims to expand its footprint to include verticals such as, government, telecom, medicine, and more. It has also planned to strengthen the four layers of its solution including,

  • Build – a no-code platform for building digital journeys 
  • Optimize – data-rich dashboards, insights, and analytics to bring visibility and improve conversion rate and customer experience 
  • Integrate – seamlessly integrate data from any database, system, app, or third-party service 
  • Manage – enable easy and efficient remote management of digital journeys through a variety of tools, including co-browsing, auto-reminders, agent portal, bulk-sender, chats, e-Signature, and more.

As digital becomes the new normal, Tal has predicted some digital transformation trends that will be pivotal in the insurance industry. One prominent trend includes no-code development in enterprise IT. Normalization of no-code or low-code development in enterprise IT is one of the most pronounced trends for the future. No-code tools already became a norm in the SMB segment. Enterprises, however, for the most part, rely on traditional development projects. These tools owe their growing popularity, as they can solve major issues facing IT teams, amplify overstretched internal resources, reduce backlogs, and improve productivity. 



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