Dr. Marisa López-Teijón: Aiding Families with the Gift of Parenthood

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón

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Excellence is an important facet of effective leadership in today’s world. “I believe that excellence is a state of mind that involves determination, ingenuity, and fun. Excellence is to exceed expectations,” states Dr. Marisa López-Teijón (Director of Institut Marquès). Dr. López-Teijón is a well-recognized leader and researcher in the healthcare industry. Alongside being the Director of Institut Marquès, she is also a member of the Governing Board of Sterility and Infertility Section of the Spanish Society for Gynecologists.

Having pursued a degree in Medicine and Surgery, Dr. López-Teijón specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She divides her time between Institut Marquès’s General Management, Consultation, and the Research and Development Team. For her invaluable contributions in the sector, a scientific platform ResearchGate has ranked her among the top 10% of the Most Influential Researchers in the World.

Fertilization Services and Personalized Care

Institut Marquès is an international center renowned in gynecology and assisted reproduction. Led and managed by Dr. López-Teijón, the institute treats patients from over 50 countries. Adding to the value of being a reference in the study of male sterility, it has its sperm bank and a broad donation program of oocytes and embryos.

Institut Marquès offers a wide range of first-class fertilization services and personalized care. A specialized assistance team, fluent in different languages guides the patients step by step during the treatment. Its portfolio of services obtains the best success rates, reaching 91% per cycle in In-Vitro-Fertilization treatments with donor egg. The institute specializes in solving the special hardship cases of patients with fertility issues.

Additionally, the institute uses state-of-the-art technologies to benefit the well-being of the patients and to protect the assisted reproduction techniques such as PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing), pregnancy control, and fetal stimulation. “The use of the latest reproductive biology technologies in our labs allows the selection of the most suitable oocytes, spermatozoa, and embryos to obtain a pregnancy,” adds Dr. Marisa López-Teijón.

Music at the Beginning of Life

Dr. López-Teijón is particularly interested in certain areas of medical research such as music at the beginning of life. Under her helm, Institut Marquès has developed a world pioneer innovation project to improve IVF by implementing music in all the embryo incubators in its Assisted Reproduction laboratories. The scientific studies at the Institute have demonstrated that music micro-vibrations produce movements similar to those that fertilized eggs experience in their journey through the fallopian tube and the uterus.

The use of music represents a significant advance in order to reproduce in our laboratories the natural conditions that embryos would have if they were in the maternal uterus. It is also a key factor of the increase of our success rates,” says Dr. López-Teijón.

Furthermore, Dr. López-Teijón has led the first study on fetal hearing—“Fetal facial expression in response to intravaginal music emission.” The study explains that beginning in the 16th week of pregnancy, the fetus responds to the music delivered intravaginally—expressed through specific movements of the mouth and tongue. It showed that a fetus can hear starting at week 16 of the pregnancy. Heeding the study, Institut Marquès designed a device that would emit music intravaginally—Babypod. Babypod is the only device that allows the mother to communicate with her newborn baby. Its use during the pregnancy has important medical application such as discarding fetal deafness, facilitating ultrasound scans, etc.

Prominent Interests

Alongside the research related to the use of music, Dr. Marisa López-Teijón is also interested in studying male infertility. She was the lead researcher of a population-based study examining the quality of semen in Spain. Since last November, she is working on a new study—The Long-term Impact of the Coronavirus on the Male Reproductive Function. Besides this, disclosure is also one of her prominent interests.

A few years ago, Dr. López-Teijón wrote a fertility guide—“I want to get pregnant now.” Available in English, Italian, and Spanish, this book has helped thousands of people to achieve their dreams of starting a family. Moreover, Dr. López-Teijón loves to write about her day-to-day consult. She started her blog “fertility-experiences.com” which presently has more than 850, 000 readers.

Filling Hearts with Hope

Though the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world severely, Dr. López-Teijón’s experience with her patients through the crisis was wonderful. The lockdown made many of her patients realize the importance of ‘where and whom they live with’, and that they have missed a baby. “I am struck by how the pregnant women and those who wanted to get pregnant have been least afraid; they knew that COVID-19 does not affect pregnancy and they have bet on life more than ever,” asserts Dr. López-Teijón.

On the other hand, the fact of having to wait to carry out the treatment, the uncertainty of not knowing for how long, the fear over time in women with their advanced ovarian age, etc. has caused anxiety among them. Dr. López-Teijón states, “With my colleagues, we have discussed about how you have helped us by encouraging us to restart treatments and how the excitement and love for the little one can fill a heart with hope.”

According to her, the pandemic has taught the world a lesson to be prepared for continuous changes in all aspects. She believes that in such times, businesses have to bet on different initiatives, stand out from the competition, and be agile in making decisions. As Institut Marquès many of its patients during to the pandemic restrictions, Dr. López-Teijón spends half her time managing the current crisis and the other half getting ready for the growth crisis anticipated in the future.

Attributes to Success

Having successfully led Institut Marquès to becoming one of the best in the business, Dr.Marisa López-Teijón believes that determination and passion to achieve success is imperative for today’s leaders to achieve success. She also lists creativity, discipline, and curiosity among the attributes to be successful leaders.

I try to keep my child curiosity, asking myself all the time why do things happen, not taking anything for granted, as well as declining the established norms,” she adds. Dr. López-Teijón further adds that the ability to work with the team and good communication skills are also needed as nobody does anything required on their own today.

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